Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The girls

Here are the girls, as I said I wasnt madly happy with them and I may have to pull a couple apart when I get home as the stuff I put in them to hold them up isnt as good as I had hoped..
Still they are fun and I am sure they have hasd a great time gossiping.
Robyn said that she had to squint to see them in the collage.
Blogger seems to have done something to my photos, the double click to enlarge didnt work last night, I only hope this is not permanent. Does any one have any ideas?
I had to put the red boat in, I may try to sketch this but the days are going fast, such a beautiful one today, sun and a gentle breeze.
Today with friends we went over to the very good but strange little coffee, pancake place on a pig farm (with antiques as well)! I didnt have pancakes but soup and very good coffee as last night for dinner we had far too much, oysters, calamari, chips and salad and then baked apples and icecream, far too much! Just as well I had a long walk.
Tomorrow we are going to Venus Bay to see where our grandson was drowned, I have no doubt it will be a long emotional day  but I really want to see what the area looks like so no blog tomorrow.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Todays walk

 A long one! I came home so tired. I walked for about 1 and a bit hours.
A lot of it uphill and quite steep, so much for a gentle slope.
The red bit on the sign, I had hoped to call in and have a coffee and a loo part way back but the coffee shop opens tomorrow!
I saw a lone kangaroo, had hoped for an emu, lots of poo but no birds.
The views were fantastic as usual.
I am not madly happy with "the girls" I may have to tweek them when I get home, not sure how 2 photos got in, they must have been doing sneeky things behind my back.
The white egret had moved over to that part of the bay.I took a quick photo of him, they are remarkably tall.
I loved last nights golden sunset and had to race out and get it, and of course another boat, may get around to drawing one if I can get my act together, amazing the bits of one that can hurt.
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Morning walk

 I went out early this morning to get the papers. Went further along the oyster walk and took lots of photos.
Came home to discover I have missed a walk on Golden Beach, but I think I enjoyed my walk so much I dont mind.
The lovely parrot beak bush was out, some one had planted some lovely Banksias, full of quarreling honey eaters, there were pied oyster catchers on the shore looking for who knows what and a lovely cormorant. Then there was the ever beautiful views of sea and boats.
The oyster boys were coming in and loading, I must confess to a sad moment as I thought of Stewie and the life he hoped to have in that area. It wasnt to be.
I even found a lovely lump of rusty machinery by the wharf where a rather disconsolate fisherman had 'only two salmon trout'.
Click to enlarge the photos.
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another stunning walk

 This time towards the channel.
We have been a bit lazy today, I had to finish my book, bought on the trading table for very little, Rosamund Pilcher's 'Winter Solstice' a lovely book to read on a holiday and one I hadnt read before, cold and snowy Scotland, I want to go there.
I wonder if I am getting old, I havent felt like doing a lot, but then a few aches are not helping, coudnt even really get around to finishing the dolls, too lazy but then again there is not a lot to do, after all today IS Sunday!
I love the weather beaten rocks and the odd trees and stumps, and the glorious look of sea and sand. There were a lot of sea urchins today, perhaps there was a very low tide this morning and the oyster catchers had been foraging, or Pacific Gulls.
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Todays walk

click to enlarge the photos.
Still damp and cool, showers for most of the day and odd bits of sun.
We went into Pt Lincoln to shop yesterday, today a long walk, and now a sore toe! I also have three headless bodies, heads almost finished.I will be glad!!
Lots of fish are being caught and consumed.
Lovely just to sit and enjoy the scenery.
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Todays photos at Coffin Bay

Once more I have lost a post. So annoying.
This egret was on one of the pontoons, peering in the water I presume in hope of catching one of the small fish that were there.
Lovely views across the water as I walked back home.
Not a lot being done,washing fishing clothes is a challenge, well drying them is as there has been about 2 inches of rain in the last few days.
This morning we were a bit social at the big morning tea, which even in this small community raises money for cancer research.
Such a great thing to be doing, we all know someone who has had it.
The dolls are a bit slow, I have 2 more under way, but I will stop at 4. There are other things to do!
Despite the weather the fellows have been out every day and we are eating plenty of fresh fish, and yes, Coffin Bay oysters. yum they are the best.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Some how I lost Flossie's photo from my last post. Here she is!
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Yesterday and today

I wrote a very long post and then lost it!
Yesterday was windy but not wet, today it is both, after a lot of discussion and computer radars consulted the fishermen have left after lunch. It is not sheeting down with rain as it has been.
The top photo and the second were taken when I had a late walk yesterday. Some one was cleaning fish and all the pelicans were around for a feed.
J and A showing the booty of half a days fishing, we have enough left over for tonight but as they did well yesterday and it was sheltered they hope for more today. I crumbed all of those fish last night.
You cant really tell how heavy the rain was, taken through the window of the shack but normally you can see very clearly across the passage.
Then there is Flossie, I have nearly got a second one made,  but this one I was trying to finish yesterday when we went to join the ladies at the local craft group, a very bright lot, they were dying and felting, we sat and sewed, although I did buy some rather nice wool someone had there.
I have set up a nice corner upstairs where it is bright and warm as we have the fire going. I brought lots to do so am enjoying hearing the rain. Just hope we are getting it at home.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


You have probably seen variations on these Coffin Bay shots before.
Coffee with a friend and the Pt Lincoln parrot that comes to be fed, the view across the inner bay, from the oyster walk, various lovely views and  oyster boat roaring in against the wind.
Not a lot being done, walks, visits to friends.
I am managing to do some sewing and this morning we joined in with the local craft group, a lovely collection of ladies we see about once a year.
Interesting weather, clouds, bit of rain and sun.
A lot of computer problems!! emails not coming through and the computer fix is not quite right so J has been tearing his hair. I am operating on the tiny notebook which means I hit lots of wrong keys and my spelling can be more interesting than usual.
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sorry but my computer had a problem.

 Just as I was in the middle of getting ready for the Coffin Bay trip, with interruptions like trips to Adelaide and meetings and a whole morning of Drs appointments, my laptop which is to come with us had a big huccup and had to go to be fixed, I am still not sure it is fixed but is here but I am laboriously using the little note book at the moment.
Any way, after a long few days organising food and leaving half J's stuff (clothing, not fishing gear!) behind we are here. He has had to rush off and buy a polo top! In a way a good thing as the old one was disgusting.
We managed to have a clear run through and arrived in good time but D had a flat tyre and A and M who were travelling behind stayed to help so a long day for them.
Thank goodness I had made a smoked salmon impossible pie for what was a very late meal.
The clouds on the 10 hour trip across were fantastic and we had showers for most of the trip. All these photos were taken from the car so a few blurry shots.
The smoke stacks were taken as we drove through Whyalla where they do things to the iron ore taken from the huge deposits in the area.
The blurry one was of the bluebush plains, the rain storm clouds are not showing up well but a few minutes after I took this the heavens opened..
I hope our house sitter is coping with Max.
The last photo was taken just a little late as I couldnt open the door to take the sunset at its best but just to prove we arrived safe and sound.
I am still in bed typing this with one finger, the fellows have finally left to go fishing and it is safe to have a shower, cant believe how late it is.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Up to the quarry

We have a small private quarry where stone for farm tracks is available.
We went up the other day to look for a suitable stone to put near where we scattered my mothers ashes.
It all takes time but funerals seem to get you into the mood again.
I think we have found one, now for someone to collect it and put it in its place, and then I can get a plaque for it.
Such a lovely place at the base of the hills, but we did discover a rather nasty weed has developed, it is an area we dont often go to these days, once we spent hours walking all through this area but wobbly legs dont make for a lot of exploration these days.
I am busy baking today, and getting together some of my stuff to take away with me.
My toe which was comfortable was redressed and is now uncomfortable agian. We have pulled it apart and redressed it twice but ...
Oh well one day it will be ok.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers day walk

 We had organised to have breakfast out, with a walk first, but as you can see the walk was cut short by a rain squall coming in.
Usually we have lunch but are a bit broke at the moment as we are going away at the end of the week so a very nice breakfast with John and I, called in to one daughter who gave me a lovely owl, I collect owls, so a lovely morning.
I love the Kings Beach walk, and it was so rough this morning, waves crashing in on the rocks and everything has greened up.
I am being a little hap hazard with my posting at the moment, still feeling a little 'off', not sure if its the new meds or not, and I seem to repeat photos and stuff, having to sort what I take away with me is also taking up time.
Happy mothers day to all.
click twice to enlarge the photos.
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Sea and sky

 A few of the photos I took last week end when we walked.
Since then walks have been few and far between, so has doing any thing constructive with my hands.
I seem to have spent a lot of time waiting around and missing appointments and not feeling terribly well, a bug I think.
I have almost finished another pair of fingerless gloves, not that I have needed them, one cold day and then back to shirt sleeves. They keep promising rain but it doesnt happen.
I have left towels on the line perhaps that will make it rain!
Oh but I am reading a fascinating book, 'Water for elephants' by Sara Gruen. So far I am enjoying it immensely.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

 I was in Adelaide yesterday, J had a meeting so I went to see P who decided that we needed an airing and so we went to the Botanic Gardens, a lovely too warm day for May, our first stop was the Santos Museum to see Pattersons drawings from the Joseph Banks Exhibition, most of which I have seen before but what interested me were the plants and fibres used commercially, all in lovely collecting boxes with old wavy glass lids that are also held in the museum.
We had a cup of coffee, looked at the Garden shop, I have to say not nearly as interesting as the old one used to be, and on the way back to the car walked through the new rose garde near the conservatory.
I say new because it hasnt been there terribly long and I remember meeting a very young Queen in the old one. I was about 12 at the time I think.
Any way the new one was full of flowers and looked lovely, even at this late time of the year and the two rosellas against the back drop of the conservatory were gorgeous. (please click to enlarge.)
An on going saga with my toe, they now think I have an ulcer there, so back to lots of visits for dressings, the cortizone has shot my diabetes up, so I may have to go on pills and need assesing (tomorrow) this really annoys me as I have kept it under control very well up until now, and the annoying thing about the diabetes is that it was caused by a virus in/on my pancreas.
On top of that J has to have a colostomy, I will worry until we get results on that.
Dr forgot me this morning, another appointment this afternoon, after a physio as my knee is not doing what it should.
I am not complaining!! Oh no, just stressing.
We leave for Coffin Bay next week too, so I am having to organise that.
Just hope no one takes my blood pressure, it is sure to be up.
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