Saturday, May 30, 2015

small stitching and Oscar

Back to feeling tired. I have new exercises to do and they are pushing things a bit. I seem to be back to reading and hand sewing, although I did a short paddock walk and got very wet feet. we were going to walk the cliffs but it rained. I had shopped and gone to the market and nursery to get some plants so perhaps that was enough exercise. I have finished the hares and have now begun some chickens like the ones Sue Spargo does, just a bit of fun and nonsense to play with I found a piece of blanket and some wool felt. We have had showers most days but not what I would call decent rain. I made a yummy fish pie last night using some smoked cod which added to the flavor, odds and ends in a white sauce and mashed potato, there is enough for dinner tonight so I only have to do vegetables, I rather like it when I don't really have to cook.

Monday, May 25, 2015

This and that

I feel that I have not been a good blogger but with each day that goes by and I feel better, so I do more and then feel tired! I am slowly getting these little hares that Dijaane Cevaal sent me embroidered. She did the printing on hand dyed fabric and I have been having fun working out how to go about it all. I like the second printing the best and will leave his face as is. The Sue Spargo book arrived last week and is a lovely adjunct to my other stitching books. I don't know why I hadn't got it ages ago. I am about to try stitching some of her lovely chickens and leaves, found a wool blanket that I will have a go at dying, when I find my dyes. Another clearing up job, yesterday I cleared out pantry she es that had ants in them, I only managed to get everything back this morning, so frustrating when any thing you do makes you tired. In trying to find things to photograph with my tablet I did this corner in my workroom by the window, I did the other side too but the light was wrong. It is, finally a lovely sunny day so I had a walk around the garden, this lovely deep tree dahlia is flowering, I really must take some more cuttings and find a place for it where the wind won't get at it quite so much. We have had a couple of walks and on Saturday John took me over to Murray Bridge to see the lovely exhibition curated by India Flint. I did take some photos but didn't like to put them up. loved the one Imbi had in and we both loved the two of Dorothy Caldwell, so nice to see the actual work of someone who I have had a class with and loved the idea of the little cards with notations of when and where. The whole exhibition was small, intimate but well worth the visit. I have only mentioned those two artists as I am getting achy writing this. Trouble is even that drive left me tired and a bit tremulous but it was so lovely to also call in to see P in Adelaide and see the country looking green and beautiful. We did a big circle, out to the river, through the hills, a bit of the city suburbs and then down south to home and a late lunch (and a painkiller and a lie down!!!) Oops, looks as if one of the photos didn't load, sorry

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yesterdays walk along the cliffs

We had a short walk yesterday along the cliffs, so much sand has been washed away and where there is normally a sandy beach it is now all rocks and the well in the last photo is in danger of being exposed to the sea, the sand hill it is on has been almost washed away. We walk here quite regularly and I havent seen it like this before. we have had some quite strong winds and a reasonable amount of rain, which is good infact it is almost like a normal winter, we are beginning to be almost mud bound. We need wet winters to fill up the soil moisture, and our sandy soils can be quite vulnerable and so can our springs which here we rely on a lot for stock water, as well as emergency water in the house. I am still progressing, slowly, one day at a time, sometimes I think backwards but then the next day sees a bit more of a leap forward. Trying to help John with the house and doing dinner, again sometimes more easily than other times. I hate not being able to do stuff and I have a habit of falling asleep at the drop of a hat still. Loved that walk yesterday but we didnt have one this morning as it was too wet. Perhaps tomorrow.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Another small stitchery and the back road home

I finished this little sttichery off yesterday, it is a little different to some I have done and was fun to do. The piece of scrim had odd marks on it from being dyed and I tried to make them a bit more important. This morning we drove over to Yankalilla (dont you love that name) to deliver a baby doll and I hoped to collect my stuff from the exhibitions but it wasnt to be. we drove home slowly along the back roads, I love driving on these un made tracks, well they are roads but are hardly more than a track. I took photos as we drove along, very slowly as they are pretty rough. Found some blackboys or yakkas to photograph. I am thinking ahead to a class I am doing with Peta Lloyd next year, we have to have a theme. I am not very good with themes. I thought I had hay fever but am now coming to the conclusion that I may have a cold, lots of sneezing and a runny nose, not much else but that is w\enough. I am trying to work out another small stitchery and am also reading a good but old book which I am enjoying. Ngaio Marsh 'Death in a white tie". Amazing what I am finding when I tidy out the bookcases.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Collage of the last few days

I am finding that the new exercises I have to do are rather demanding, and just a little bit painful. So I havent been blogging much. My eyes are not seeing terribly well, a result of the anaesthetic I hope, and I should see better after the 6 weeks is up. We have been managing a few short walks although the weather hasnt been terribly good and there are a couple of photos I took around the house, including pumpkins and Jake with his crumpled ear. He worries when I dont come out. One walk over at Pt Elliott this morning, one near Petrels Cove and one on the beach at Kent Reserve. There have been some high tides and the beaches have re arranged themselves. John is still cutting down trees and we have some cut for firewood but today he has lit a fire for the remaining bits. He is trying to get things tidied up before winter really sets in. The fishing crew are all over at Coffin Bay, they made it safely although from what I hear there is not a lot of room in the downstairs area and I think I am glad from that point of view that we are not there. Still, it is a lovely place to be and I am going to miss the walks and views.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another little stitchery

I finished this little stitchery yesterday. I still can't do a lot of stitching but am slowly getting there. The weather here is still rather wintery, so sitting get by the fire is a luxury I am enjoying. I have a roast on for dinner tonight which should be ready for when John comes home from a meeting. Have to say he did get the vegetables ready.I am doing more, some tidying up but still fall asleep at the drop of a hat!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Autumn in the garden

It is damp and windy but things in the garden are looking very much as if autumn has come. The wisteria has gone a lovely shade of buttery yellow, some huge orange fungi around a dead tree in the orchard, a few flowers left in the garden cosmos always look so cheerful and another fungi, obviously loved by slugs or some other creature as it is a wonderful picture of the start of decay. I love these small things that I found this morning on my small walk around the garden. Good days and bad days! Mothers day, lots of messages from my children and a lovely surprise from the Melbourne family of a lunch out, but actually we are going to put that aside for a day when I feel better and just get a small pizza to share, possibly on the saddle of the Bluff. The new exercises are making life a little more difficult than I expected, but it is so nice to be able to sit by the fire and read or sew a bit. I hope every mother out there has a lovely day.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Small stitchery

I have managed to do this small stitchery, what will I do with it? I am not sure. I am now feeling tired, I had a busy day yesterday, I actually managed to go shopping with John, and made dinner but I also have new exercises which are more difficult and make me ache, so where I thought I would have a day of doing things both my body and the weather conspired against me. Just to say I am still here, it is a cold wild day outside and I have just finished a book I enjoyed, The little coffee shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez. Not a bad thing to do on a day like this.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Finding things to photograph

I am finding it very boring. I have walked down to the stables and it was quite warm and blowing a gale. Not a nice day to be outside. I have been prowling around the house trying to keep myself amused, a stencil in a sketchbook,, a few of the netsuke and the first one, the window in my work room. Yesterday we went to lunch with friends, it was lovely, but these days I find it hard to hear in a busy restaurant which is annoying. My food was great but I did get far too tired and slept for most of the afternoon when I got home. John has been hacking back large amounts of garden, it really has got out of control since I havent been able to do it, but I do have to grit my teeth and be quiet at times! We did quite well at the foal show, Best Welsh Exhibit with the C filly but I have to say I don't think it is the best run show which is a shame. Can't wait for some decent weather and a beach walk. Oh and to those who asked about my houses the latest ones are ceramic but there is the odd metal one and wooden ones I bought in America.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Part of my house collection

I love houses and my friend Rhonda of Mudmarks makes the most delightful ones. Last year at Fibre Arts I bought the little one with the owl on top and this year I bought 3, the little white one and the other two with birds on top. I have bought houses from around the world but these are favorites because they are made by a very talented friend.