Monday, March 31, 2014

My week in stitch

This has been a busy week, on Monday we walked and I bought a new skirt and top. Very reasonable but useful. Tuesday I started to do some free motion embroidery, I didnt finish it until the end of the week! Wednesday I went to a friends place for lunch, it was a lovely day and we all sat outside in the gazebo. Thursday we walked again and then John had to fix a leak in a hose, he got rather wet and muddy. On Friday we had an early walk and saw a lot of birds on the reef as it was low tide, there was a large grey crane. After that we went shopping. Saturday John went fishing and on my lone walk I saw a ray of some kind in the water, actually only the tips of its 'wings' but I knew what it would look like. Sunday I went up, with the girls and their ponies to the Led day for Welsh Ponies at the Adelaide Autumn Royal Show and spent some time there, it was hot but our Welsh Mountain stallion, Rivington Ascot was a star and came home with Supreme Welsh Pony as well as champion ridden welsh pony so we were very pleased. I found driving up to Adelaide and back pretty tiring, am I getting old or am I just a wimp these days. Today it is back to housework.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A glorious walk

This morning things almost seemed to be floating it was so still and then every so often a wave rose up out of almost no where, it was warm and humid and beautiful. John was fishing so I went in to the farmers market early, did a couple of other jobs and then went out to walk, not as much fun on your own but I did see something wonderful, the twin tips of a ray breaking the still surface as it swam over the shallow reef. Go to my other blog (on the side bar) for a little more on this.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blue wren and a Pacific gull

Yesterday I went to lunch at a friends place, a lovely day and we sat out in her gazebo where this little male blue wren came to eat some of the crumbs. Knitting was going on hence the ball of wool, He was such a friendly little chap. This morning we went walking and this large Pacific Gull was wandering along the beach beside us. I had to take his photo. It was a lovely morning, the waves were thumping and the surfers were taking a few hours off from work (or school?) An oily looking sea and then suddenly the large waves rolled in. A morning to remember.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

WOW and walks

Workshop on the web had a how to by Gina Ferrari, I love what she does but some how I dont think I am Gina, this has taken ages and looks really messy, I suppose if I practice it might get better. Free motion on my machine. Practically I think I need a new chair as I am not terribly comfortable. Just love the tutorials on Workshop on the web, Maggie Grey does such a great job.. We have walked the last few mornings and here are a couple of photos I took the first was this morning and the second was yesterday when we walked down along the cliffs at Petrels and to the next little beach, I liked this lovely piece of seaweed caught in the rocks during a very low tide. We are still cold, not a lot of rain, just the odd bit of drizzle today but really cool, I have had to find some warmer clothes! Almost time for a fire, although they say that the week end is warming up again.

Monday, March 24, 2014

My week in stitch

A pretty hum drum week. On Monday friends came to stay, lots of chat and food and wine drunk, we took them for a walk on Tuesday and they left on Wednesday. Thursday I washed and John had a hip x ray. Friday it blew like mad and I did the shopping. Saturday I walked for an hour and found some shells and sea urchins while John went off fishing, he did come home with some fish. Sunday we walked, it rained, I painted and John fiddled around in the garden. Lovely having friends and although I havent recorded it I walked all days but Friday. Hasnt done any thing for my weight though! I think it was the eating and drinking at the start of the week. It has been cold and damp for the last few days and I have been playing with making some small books which is satisfying and trying to alter a skirt which isnt. Max is telling me it is feed time, better go or he wont be happy.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Today, a bit of this and a bit of that.

I have finished this other little mermaid, it took me ages to get her hair and embellishments done, mostly because I need to sit quietly and do it. John had gone fishing this morning, cold and rather windy but the wind has now dropped so I hope they catch some fish. I went into the market and bought some olives and lovely small egg plant for pasta tomorrow night, also collected some pies from my lovely pie lady and a tart for to nights dinner. I wandered the streets a bit looking for some seed heads for a friend and found this lovely spray of flowering gum (eucalyptus ficifolia)and wondered if the caps would be any good, in the mean time it is a lovely flower head. I went along to walk on the beach, I dont usually do this on my own but I didnt walk yesterday as it was so windy and felt I really needed to today, the tide was very low again and it was a bit cool and windy but lovely never the less. Home and my chickens are out and until John gets home I cant get them back so I hope they will be alright. Off to make another small book and work out how to put on some paper on the covers, I have to think about these things! double click the photos to enlarge.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

This mornings walk

Absolutely glorious morning, after yesterdays surges the sea was clear and relatively calm. a warm sun on our backs and a pleasant breeze when we turned for home. I managed 35 minutes!! John had to have a hip x ray goodness knows when we will see what that is all about. Better go and do some house work.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Walking the Bay

We walked along to the little jetty by the Bluff, and saw a couple of seals, magic weather. Have had friends staying so only photos today, back to normal I hope tomorrow.

Monday, March 17, 2014

My week in stitch

The weather was good so we walked a lot, usually mornings so we could collect mail and papers at the same time. I made a small mermaid based on the Sally Lampi design I had from Coffs Harbour, although I gave her a cloth face not a clay mask. Tuesday was the memorial party for a friend who had died, lots of faces I havent seen for years, all a bit depressing though, you think of those who have gone before you! Wednesday I made a small fabric container and then we went to see the Doctor, a bit depressing there as well! Thursday was a trip to Adelaide, collected a few things I needed, called in to see P and went back up to collect John from his meeting in the hills and home again. Friday was a walk, shopping and an old scholars dinner (John's) which was good food but noisy. Saturday a walk and a black snake near the chook house, second time I have seen it, lovely shiny one with a red belly, more frightened of me than any thing. Sunday one of those days, I hadnt slept well, the election wasnt going our way and John was off to a lovely lunch with friends. I was too tired to go, but thats ok, so a bit of a wander on my cloth. today we have very old friends to stay for two nights, busy so probably no blog for a day or two.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Walking and stitching

I dont know where the days or the time has gone. I seem to be back to the normal flat out me. Having just seen my GP who tells me my insulin levels have gone up I need to lose the weight off my tummy and sorry I gave you cortisone so that is why you have said tummy and to walk an hour a day. Who is he kidding? I have given up alcohol, no snacks, eating boring food and after I have walked 1/2 an hour my knee doesnt like me and nor does the rest of this tired old body. All so depressing. John has to have a hip x ray, that will be the next thing. Stop moaning woman, you are alive and I did lose 2 lbs this morning, but I bet it has gone on again! So I have been making these great fabric boxes that are rather addictive, oh dear my brain has gone to mush and I cant remember who put them up with the link but if you google fabric containers I think they come up. The little mermaid is my version of Salli Lampi's one we did at Coffs Harbour, I gave her a fabric face instead of a paper clay one. I am in the throes of making another one. So yes I am busy, went to Adelaide yesterday briefly, hoping to have my sewing machine given the once over before Ballarat, I didnt know I had to book it in, never have before, but now it goes back just before we go and I will hopefully get it before we leave, its all go. We have been walking but honestly it is only about 1/2 an hour, we dont have time to waste an hour, I do walk down to the stables most days and it is up hill on the way back, that may help, and more medication!!! We have friends coming to stay on Monday, an election tomorrow(State) and the house is a tip, out to dinner tonight which might be nice, its for Johns old school sometimes they can be pretty boring but it is a new venue so with any luck the food will be ok. Better go and do some more shoving of things in rooms I can close the door on.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A abit late, my week in stitch

A not very exciting week, we walked, I cleaned the house, really boring! I spent quite a lot of this week sewing, I made some more small dolls, I had a go at trying to work out how to make some folded books, and won! More walking and shopping, a visit to the market and some gardening,and then up to Adelaide for my older sisters 80th Birthday, we had a lovely lunch and then drove home again. All sounds a bit boring but then we dont do a lot of exciting things these days, we do manage quite a few walks which is lovely but even if I think I didnt do much I dont know where the time goes and it takes me forever to get stuff done. We went to a celebration of life this afternoon, so many faces I havent seen in years! They all look so old, oh dear.

Monday, March 10, 2014

More small dolls and a walk

I have spent more time than I would have liked trying to get photos to load on my blog, any way this is an unedited version of three small dolls I finished this week and a lovely walk we had this morning, warm, humid and decidedly tropical, I almost felt as if I didnt need to go to Queensland. The dolls keep me amused, the first one is Liz who had been feeling the cold and although she was wearing her favorite elephant dress was so pleased when she found a matching scarf and bag to go with it. Then there is Moira who has been beach combing and finding shells to add to her collection. She also likes to wear them on her clothes when she is not near the sea. Jen felt that her woollen scarf was all she needed to go shopping as she was wearing her favorite dress and her newly styled hair. No dull days for her. We went to my sisters 80th Birthday lunch in Adelaide yesterday, and would you believe no photos, I came home and decided I was having too good a time to remember. It was a lovely day and thank goodness I had made a cake.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

The last day or so

We walked yesterday morning and it was a very low tide, about as low as it gets, lovely walk before we did the shopping. The night before I wandered the garden but as I am still having problems editing in picasa, well no, not editing but getting from picasa onto my blog in an edited form the only one not on its side was this one of a few of the Belladonna lillies. They are magnificent all over the peninsular except in my garden where they are now too shaded to do well. John has gone fishing and I have been into the market and came home and planted some geraniums which I hope will do well and not get fried like the last ones I planted, we should be heading into some lovely weather now we are in March. I have also pulled a barrowload of weeds so I must be feeling better! Now for a quick sit down with the papers.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Making folded books

I was up early and in for a blood test and from then on I have played! I was fascinated by a folded book that Carol McFee had put up on her blog and she kindly sent an email telling me where to find a name for it, The explosion Book. I have tracked down several ways to make it and finally have made two that are more or less what I meant them to be using the tutorials on them. Thank you Carol. While I was about it I had another play with the easy 4 page book we made in Velma Bolyard's class, so I am on my way but boy it has taken a while to get it into my head. I love books making although usually I go for the easy little concertina books but this has kindled my joy in all of this and I may well go back to even binding some. Very cold this morning, a lovely afternoon spent also sewing up small dolls. No beach walk this morning but I walked Max around and looked at foals, foolishly forgetting to take my camera, the last foal the little cream colt is growing well and at the moment is very smutty looking, he almost looks as if he would be a taffy with a dark coat and blonde main and tail. Must get a photo he is gorgeous. click on the photos to enlarge them.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Today, a lovely quilt, stewing peaches and a walk yesterday

Today this wacky and wonderful quilt arrived from Mary (needledmomma.blogspot) in Southern California, after the shenanigans going on with my hen and her chicks I thought it was quite appropriate. We are still trying to get on top of the peach crop from our little self sown tree, it produced wonderfully this year ans we are stewing and then freezing. Yesterday we walked on the beach at the bay, with the bluff in the background, a beautiful morning but today it was far too warm by the time John was ready to go, I had walked Max any way. There is supposed to be a slight change tonight. I still cant load photos through picasa so the quality isnt quite as good.

Monday, March 03, 2014

My week in stitch

Monday we drove home from Halls Gap.nothing very exciting in either stitch or what I did. Tuesday I washed, cleaned and stewed a huge pot of peaches I had peeled and cut up (now in the freezer). Wednesday we had a lovely walk along the cliffs and the rest of the day was spent doing pretty mundane things. Thursday I couldnt even think of anything exciting to stitch, I felt tired and as though I had been going around and around in circles. I must have done things but I think the week end caught up with me. Friday was a lovely sunny day after quite a lot of cloud and I went shopping in the morning and did a little bit of gardening. Saturday would have been my sisters birthday so we had a lovely walk along her favorite beach to remember her and collected shells. Sunday John went fishing and I decided to clean out the green house that has been neglected for quite a while, the iron used to make it is rusting out and the shelves were falling down on what plants had survived so I tired myself out cleaning the whole thing out, a zillion empty pots, found some orchids that need resurrecting,and generally hoped the whole thing wouldnt fall on my head. I am finding that trying to do this every evening hard to keep up with now the weather is so much nicer. I seem to do the same things each day and I am not being adventurous enough with my stitching. I will keep going but it doesnt seem to have the freshness that I feel it should.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Just to make P jealous

After weeks of either bad weather or very few fish today John came home with a sink full. Oscar is happy, fish for him, I am happy, gar fish, whiting etc, a few lovely meals. Fishing mate A who hasnt had a good run of catching fish wasnt there, he had his wifes sister and brother in law arriving from the UK, but worse than that he fell off a ladder while picking figs and has broken his ankle, 6 weeks of inactivate for this 80 year old wont go down well.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

A special walk

My younger sister would have been 70 today and John and I went over to the gulf side of the Peninsular and walked along her favorite beach, it is mine too but we dont get over there very often but F used to walk her dogs there a lot. I even found two cowries amongst the shells I picked up. the wind was blowing sand along the beach and the tide was very low but the rocks and sea were a glorious colour. A lovely morning, a special morning, for a sister who I miss a lot.