Saturday, October 23, 2021

This and that

HeaOspitallth wise life is boring lyrics predictable.L hospitalget pital spitals over one thing and another rears it's ugly head. Enough! I have finally sewn up my badgers clothes. Once on a time it was easy. Not now. I think this David Austin rose is Abraham Darby but I could be wrong. This is the first year it has looked happy, I hate to think what the soil is like here but I am happy with this lovely flower I think that aso annoying but we seem to have had so much wind lately.Upt the moment I am as usual suffering from a bad case of hay fever. This coming week is going tobe a bit fraught, John has a colonoscopy on Monday, which means odd food and then as he says taking poison to get rid of it at least that is in the local h only a few hours but on Thursday he has to at the QEH by 7 am and in for them to do something about nasal pOlyps and hopefully, all going well out late the next morning. Thankfully our youngest daughter has taken on all of that as I couldn't manage it these days. Sorry I am having problems with this posr so I will stop.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Cold and damp

So I don't have to water the garden. I do enjoy rain. the first photo is taken from my chair in the sitting room and the view I see. I love it. We walked the cliffs this morning between showers and then went out to our youngest sons to fill the car with petrol, all looking damp, silage in and where it hasn't been cut so lush and green. No photos as by then it was really pouring down. I have finished Brock, the badger, still to do his clothes and rather sad that with my deteriorating eye sight and arthritic hands I didn't do a terribly good job of knitting him. I do love doing the patterns that Julie of Little cotton rabbits does. Very well written. Now to find a jumper pattern to do.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

This morning

Walking the beach this morning I found these shells. I don't collect a lot anymore and for most of the winter there hasn't been much of interest but I liked these. It was a lovely morning but cold and wet is for cast, not sure if we will get it as what is for cast and what we get can be two different things. The garden would like a drink though. I cut the first roses yesterday, just in case we do get rain. They smell gorgeous. Chicago Peace. I am being very slow and my hands don't much like me but slowly I doing some stitching. I need to sew up and stuff my badger too but at the moment am having fun with my pods from Dijanne Cevaals class.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

A drive over to Parsons Beach and Waitpinga

I have felt a bit off today. Very tired after yesterday's trip to town. I have done some sewing but a drive up the coast sounded nice. Lovely to see the surf beaches. Not much wind either which is great, it has been such a windy year. Love where I live.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

A wander around Nangawooka.

Just a few photos I took yesterday at our local flora reserve. Overcast and cool and not as many flowers out as we had hoped but still a nice wander around. Quite a few new plantings and the Lori keeps were having a high old time overhead in the big gum trees. Today I am tired,an early start to Adelaide for haircuts and to see old friend P and then my sister before going down to the sea, catching nearly every stop light as we went. So home and a short nap. On Monday week I will be another year older, perhaps that is why I feel more and more tired!

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Around the garden

Spring has sprung and my front garden is looking fine. Considering it was only lawn and gravel and some nondescript bits when we started renting now it is much more cheerful.

Thursday, September 02, 2021

Horrid day

What a day, over 30 degrees and high winds. My sinus are killing me, hay fever I suspect. A fire over near Parawa, and this is the second of September, I hope I survive the summer when spring is like this. I picked the bunch of nasturtium to cheer me up. Yesterday I drove over to see the foals at Sarah, three beautiful section a fillies, 2 out of mares I bred. So proud of the legacy that Sarah now has.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

This and that

I am not sure if I have used these photos or not. We have had a blast of winter lately and my body doesn't appreciate it. I seem to be continously tired. I am doing two on line classes, one that opens every month which I would be enjoying, yes I do, but at the moment it is about making clothes, from old clothes and since we left the farm and had a big clean out I don't have much to play with. The second is an 8 week, take at your own pace one that I am enjoying but am being very slow about it. The photo of some collage and drawing is from that. I am not terribly good at collage, never seem to get my head around it but I quite enjoyed doing this. We have walked but the tides have not been very cooperative. Went to see a whale, too far off to photograph and quite a long tiring walk for me. The garden thinks spring is not far off, a few sunny days with very cold mornings but there are flowering prunus in the streets near us, daffodils are nearly over and I treated myself to a small flowered yellow cymbidium orchid at the local orchid show. I have applied to another on line course which I hope will keep me sane, sewing pods with Dianne Cevaal. What would I do without on line courses at the moment. This wretched virus is not going away and although we are not in lock down in this state, those around us are and I have the uneasy feeling I is just waiting to hit us again. At least we are fully vaccinated and don't live in a large city. It makes me feel uneasy.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Drive over to Parsons Beach

We did a late drive over to Parsons Beach this afternoon. I unbundled my book I am dyeing in India Flint class. Quite exciting how they are turning out. I think I will make another one. Very windy but sort of sunny. I felt very tired but I am excited with what I am doing. We are both feeling tired, not sure why. Have had a hiccup with my blog but nthink, hope I have sorted it out.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

What to do.

We are in lock down again and it is all rather depressing. I think we can just drive down to the beach for our walk if not it will be around the block which won't please John. On top of that I have just heard that a very old friend who now lives in Germany but I have known since we were babies has had a bad stroke, we have stayed in contact for all those years , going back and forth but are now to old to travel. She lost her husband earlier this year and quite honestly if it was me I would not want to keep on living. Another dear friend in the UK has just died. Met through ponies and she stayed with me and then John and I stayed with heron our last trip to the UK. So sad so far away, she fed John the best whiskey. Now we are locked in for a week I think my age is showing as normally,y this would not worry me. Freezing cold, wild weather too. I was going to colour these mad birds with water color but the paper I used, from an old calender would not hold the paint so I am going to use markers instead. A lot of fun doing them. There were people. Pelicans sheltering up the river when we walked to look at the river this morning. Then the wild water around the mouth. Trying to keep occupied. I do wish people would be sensible with this virus. It is raining again a d the trees over the road are being tossed about madly by the wind.

Friday, July 16, 2021

It's winter and my arthritis aches

Pots by the front door. I liberated some geranium cuttings from the school we were staying in at the last Fibre school I was at,not happening any more I am afraid. They look so nice together. I have to have a pot of pansies and violas with their little cat faces at this time of the year, it is winter here, cold and windy and at last wet. I am not exactly enjoying myself, can't get stuck into anything. I really am fed up with aching. Still I have things to do, a doll to stuff, a badger body to knit, head is done, and sketching to do. Trouble is my hands ache. I had my eyes checked yesterday and was told I was doing well for my advanced age and the fact I am diabetic, I did confess to not doing as much and feeling tired a lot. Still I am doing better than my older sister who has had 5 days in hospital with severe anemia and heart failure plus a few other things found on the way. She sounds remarkably cheerful.I don't think I will walk today but hope we can get out for a drive. This wretched covid is out of control again in NSW and Victoria so borders are closed again. I really don't know when we will see the Victorian family and if we will be able to travel if and when the borders open again. We are both finding things get a bit much at the moment. Thank goodness we have the house for another 12 months, and we have both had our 2 covid jabs, not that means a lot at the moment.