Saturday, May 31, 2008

This mornings foggy walk

We havent walked along from the Bluff to the Kings Beach car park for ages so this morning that was the decision. It was surprisingly foggy and no one was about. We even picked enough mushrooms to have for lunch, very yummy and quite hunter gatherer feeling!
I am not sure what this little bird is, I thought a skylark but now I am not sure. Any way he sat on top of a post for me very conveniently.
You can see John walking along to the little beach, I cant remember what they call that one, with foggy headlands in the background and the first photo is of the Bluff with fog on top.
Quite big swells were coming in and being very noisy as they broke.
Forgot to say that the last photo is of Petrel's Cove where when I was about 16 I very nearly drowned.
We had a coffee at Whalers and met one of the four remaining ex Mayors of Victor there, a very sprightly Joy Beer who is well into her 80's.
So one of the other ex Mayors and I went home to do some work.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Something different

I am hoping my friend Virginia can tell me what this is all about. It is Turkish and I bought it in a museum in San Diego. I love hands and that is what first attracted me to it, and the metal, and the bit of weaving, but I had no idea what it was for, some sort of good luck charm perhaps? I do know that in some countries glass bead eyes are tucked into babies shawls for good luck.
The house is clean, for 5 minutes, I have done nothing productive since I got home and am feeling I need to get on and do stuff.
I have got the first part of my lesson from Angela Jerecki today which I am about to start and am now finding fabrics. I am really looking forward to it, this is a mermaid and I havent done a doll for ages.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Walking at home

The seeded paddocks are growing, it is green and lush and the big dam is overflowing and there is the chuckle of water to be heard when i walk over to look at the weaned colt foals near there. I seem also to have managed to take a photo of a Murray Magpie on the post.
I am still trying to get the house sorted, there is dust every where but no time for vacuuming.
I will probably get it done over the week end.
I feel terribly tired and a bit brain dead so am mindlessly knitting Millie a jumper, that is all I seem to manage to do although I am thinking, mostly about the embellishing class I am taking with Dale, although I also have a doll class that I think starts tomorrow!
Oh dear, taking on too much again and the Fibre & Stitch Vol 4 has just been downloaded as well.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The last day

We woke up to fog, this was taken just as it was lifting around 9 am, before that it was so thick you couldnt see a thing, then it lifted and the fellows went out and immediately there was a huge thunderstorm and a lot of heavy rain, apparently they could see the thunderstorm but only got a bit of the rain. They did get some fish.
After it had all stopped this sail boat made slow p;rogress down the channel as there was very little wind.
At about 4 ish in the afternoon I went walking, it was getting a bit dark but I still managed some photos, the shags (cormorants) love this rocky headland. then I took one of the rain coming again with some sun behind it. I walked for an hour and only just got home in time before a very heavy shower came down again.
Yesterday we were up at 6 am and left by 7.30 and didnt get home until about 7.30, we had a very slow trip across Adelaide, called into see Joy at Mambray Creek, and then called into Tabby to collect the mail and she wonderful girl had made a chicken thing so we could eat and I didnt have to worry about thinking about that.
Home and unpacked and unpacked and so on.
Today John had a 9 am meeting, I was going to lunch but thankfully that was cancelled so I washed and washed and tidied and made bread and finally when he got home I shopped and got the cat and now he has gone to another meeting!!
All animals fed and put to bed, and now I can relax a little.
My dear friend P said I should stop painting and just take photos, well I am afraid I am still going to do both. Actually I need to get more textile stuff up and not photos but I am being very slow doing that.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Yesterday's walk

A few more photos that I took yesterday. It was foggy this morning and then it got very wet for a while.
I have only just got back from my evening walk. A lovely evening and I took a few more photos, but it began to drizzle again before I got home.
The top white bush in the photos is a coastal melaleuca, and then the entrance to Almonta beach, more of the red correa that was flowering every where and then the rocks at the Point Avoid lookout. You can see why you would avoid this area.
Golden Island is in the background.
A very rugged coast.
We will have a very long drive home tomorrow.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Coffin Bay National Park

Today John stayed home and we went walking in the National Park. well we drove in and then went down to Almonta Beach and walked. Just as you get down to it we stopped to take photos of the stunning sandhills.
We walked quite a long way and found an old whale shoulder blade sticking out of the sand and then on our way home stopped to photograph some emus. We saw another emu right in the township this afternoon, standing pretending to be a statue. I wished we had stopped and taken his photo.
This has been a week of incredible clouds, some rain overnight so quite damp and showers for most of the day.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

native pittosporum and our walk

I picked a few of the native pitosporum seeds as I walked the other day and this with some Westringia picked from the next door garden was our table centre piece the other night.
the Other photos I took this morning while walking around to visit Jean in her delightful cottage.
Jean is a very spry 82 year old who I have just met and the nicest person with one of the older style shacks although this one must be one of the oldest cottages here in Coffin bay with thick walls in the central bit.
I am not changing that bit above as I am having to stand to type this and it isnt always easy to see what I have done.
The weather has changed today, the odd shower and it is a lot cooler and windier.
I love the way these odd hills and hummocks pop up in the distance around the bay, the last one is looking towards kellidie Bay where there are more oyster leases.

Friday, May 23, 2008

More photos

the kangaroos by the side of the shack, D'arry with his huge flat head, the sunset last night from the balcony and this fellow travelling slowly in the channel this morning, we saw him on our walk.
this afternoon we went to sit with the spinning group out in the beer garden at the pub, a lovely day and sitting in the sun chatting was fun.
I sold some doll pins which made my visit worth while.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Morning walk to the biggest Morning tea

I went to the biggest morning tea this morning held in the Coffin Bay hall. Some poor fellow had his legs shaved instead of his head this year. I think they raised quite a lot of money as there were far more people there than I have seen before although the bids on the sale were a bit slow. I walked there and back and it was a beautiful morning so the camera was out again. The first of these is a coastal mallee that is in flower, then the spectacular cocky's beak.
I was rather taken with this collection of pelicans and cormorants and sea gulls on a boat pier near our shack .
The last is one of the oyster boats coming in at a great rate from one of the leases.
I had a lovely time getting some painting done while Mary went for a very long walk.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last night and this mornings walk

The first photo was taken just as the sun was setting from the balcony, I couldnt resist taking it.
This morning we went for a long walk along the aptly named Long Beach, I walked for about an hour and Mary walked further and longer. My hip told me I had done enough.
It was incredible, the clouds changing, the sun came out, the tide coming in and the distant views.
We were invited out for lunch with some friends who have a lovely shack right at the begining of Long Beach and we are now home, full of wine and good food.
It is their shack you can see in the third photo, a wonderful location. Click on the photo and you will see it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More walking alng the oyster walk

Today we went into Pt Lincoln to shop, visit friends, came back to Coffin Bay and had more tea with another friend and by the time we got home the fire was almost out.
A wet day again, while we were having coffee in Lincoln it teemed.
the first of these photos is looking towards Yangi and the National Park from the point on the channel and the second is the wonderful leaf litter on the track.
Suddenly we are becoming social, we are invited out to lunch tomorrow and have people in for Thursday night.
Bag limits are being caught by the fishermen which makes them happy.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Another wild woman and more Coffin Bay

I am having a lovely time thinking up new ways of embellishing my wild women, here is another one.
the photo of the pelican is interesting as you can see the sea floor if you look hard in the cropped photo. the other is of the actual Coffin Bay township which is pretty spread out around the bay.
we are now into fish eating mode, yum, I love fresh fish.
walking talking, sewing and reading, so beautifully relaxing.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kangaroos and wild women

I have been having fun playing with the wild women, nice and small to pick up and play with.
Last night these two kangaroos were on the vacant block one up from us and I took photos from the balcony.
The sun came out today and more fish were caught but not the looked for whiting.
We walked and called in for a coffee with some friends.
All very relaxing.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Coffin Bay photos

There will probably be lots of these photos as so far we havent done a lot, wet and very wild and cold weather and a fire and sewing seem to be more enticing than anything else and we are on holidays.
The fellows are out fishing and I hope they get some fish or they will have scrambled eggs for dinner, we dont allow for anything but fish!!
Our shack is just to the right of the two tall houses in the last photos, in a small group looking out over the channel.
The others were taken at various places along the Oyster walk. The one with the table would be lovely on a hot summers night, but it is late autmn here so not so enticing.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Coffin Bay

We arrived yesterday after a very long drive, up at 5 am and arrived here at about 5 pm, so pretty tired.
the weather changed in the night to wind and rain, and has been like that all day. I walked along the oyster walk just before lunch and took photos. the first is of the she oak needles on the walk itself, and then the beach before you get out of the sheltered bay and into the main enormous bay.
I am having problems getting a signal so this will have to do until this weather passes.
We are eating and drinking too well and the fellows have gone out in the teeth of the gale to see if the fish are biting around the rocks.