Friday, May 31, 2019

Walking today.

A difficult few days. My body does not Like this weather. Cold and damp, not good for my aches and pains. We have been a bit busy with an appointment with a nurse explaining a new medical scheme for those of us who are getting older, it is a trial so we will see if it helps. John has been on the computer a lot doing family research so I have problems accessing it. I took my tablet with me today to get a few photos as it is easier than getting my camera photos onto the main computer. We also seem to have toadstools on the front lawn. Walking has become a bit difficult. I am so sick of aching.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Yesterdays walk

Actually we did two but these are up on the computer. A cold walk along the cliffs. Today it is very windy, freezing cold and short sharp wet showers. May go for a look later but today I am knitting a bit complicated bit on my rabbit. My tin knee aches in this sort of weather. I dont know if the little yellow flowers show up on the small shrub around the rock. Click to enlarge. Sorry about the shadows on the path. Not always easy to get them out of the way. Winter is really here, I think I need more clothes on!

Monday, May 27, 2019

A cold damp day

Only about 11 degrees when we walked this afternoon. Then it rained but it was a good walk. We saw 3 hunched up pelicans and about 9 little plover with a sooty oyster catcher and lots of gulls on the beach as we walked. Big waves, typical wintry day. Loved it although I must confess that apart from making a frittatta for lunch I did a lot of reading. Sloth ful woman that I am. Any way there is a curry in the oven for dinner.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Flowers from friends.

Love these flowers that I was given by our Swiss army friend. Recovering today, cool and damp. I am knitting. We walked the cliffs this morning.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Walks, beach and cliff.

We have had a beautiful couple of days and our walks have been lovely. We expect more rain it to get cold in the next few days. Off tomorrow to Kangaroo Island for a funeral, a long and possibly damp day. It will be interesting. At the moment I am knitting a boy rabbit for the new baby, being very slow I am afraid. Made a really good pea and ham soup yesterday in the slow cooker, the very nice Christmas ham bone that I had frozen came up trumps. I shopped this morning and met an old friend I hadnt seen for ages which was nice. Really not a lot to write about although I have to say I was pleased about the outcome of our election but am appalled at the way opposition electors have behaved. So much nasty language and thoughts. I really think it is very un Australian. Perhaps too many people live in big cities and live in a bubble that doesnt seem to me to be what we are all about. I try to keep away from politics but sometimes I wonder about people one would normally think were sane and thoughtful.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

This and that.

My tags came home from NSW the other day, I had almost forgotten about them. Tiny tiny flowers on my little cactus. The first time they have flowered. Yesterday was a great day for catching up with almost forgotten friends. In 1974 we had three students who came to live with us and work on the farm. They were 2 boys from Switzerland and a girl from Lichtenstein known affectionately as the Swiss army. Life was hectic, we had four children and a big gist house but not huge. Not a lot of money, interesting times. Any way yesterday we caught up with them and his wife. On a 7 week trip around Australia after much searching they found us. Such a long gap it was so interesting to hear about what they do. 2 hours of chat and morning tea. So interesting to hear of their lives. Now we will keep in touch. Stunning day today warm and sunny. Friday we are going over to Kangaroo Island for the day. The funeral of an old friend, looks as if it might be wet. More interesting times.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

What a wonderful morning

I watched the election results last night and could hardly believe what happened. I am so pleased but unfortunately our lovely girl didnt get in, opposed by an independant and I am afraid I think that is a wasted vote. Well enough of politics, we all have our opinions. This morning we walked at Pt Elliot with a thunderstorm trying to grumble over head, Oh bother no photos. Then over to Goolwa to see two new exhibitions. One a wonderful glass one from the Jam factory. As we walked between the galleries there were some lovely kaka beak flowers out and also this lovely banksia. And my great grandson is walking. I saw him the other day. So sweet. Another grumble of thunder and it is raining again. Neither Max or George like thunder I am afraid. Off for a short nanna nap, I didnt go to bed until nearly midnight.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Morning at Waitpinga beach.

A stunning autumn morning and a beautiful one over at Waitpinga. One of our best known surfing beaches and only a about 20 minutes from home. I am not really good enough on my feet to get down onto the beach but this is taken from the walk way which has lovely views. My hip has been not terribly comfortable so it was lovely to get out into the sun and fresh air. I dont know aout any one else but I am fed up with our Federal election and will be glad when it is over, tomorrow we vote. Not exactly looking forward to the results but we have managed to go through worse ones before. People can be so rude and nasty. I planted out a couple of plants this morning, a chrysanthemum that I got for mothers day and some succulents but now I need some more potting soil. Again!! My new little camera is ok, no where near as good as my old one but as I take them to the beach a lot I hope this one survives, I have sand in my extendable lens, still trying to sort it out but at least at the moment I have more or less worked out how to retrieve my photos after loading them onto the computer. Too many options I think. One day I may be able to afford another good camera. This one is a little panasonic, tiny, maybe a bit too small but at least I can take photos.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Well here are some photos from today and yesterday

I cant believe it, trying to find photos is so stressful. This is from two walks, beaches and sea, the first at Pt Elliot and the second here at the bay. I have had such a stress ful day with my hip killing me, Tabby and her John with medical problems and now this with finding my photos. Oh and I have a new camera as well. Going to sit quietly and hope I am not making a disaster with dinner.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Late afternoon walk.

We have just come home from a lovely afternoon walk over at Pt Elliot. Beautiful day, sunny and warm. John handing out how to vote cards again this morning while I started to get the backing on the baby blanket. Poor Tab didn't get her surgery done until after 5.30 and at the same time her poor John was admitted to the same hospital with stomach pains. Talk about drama. She is home and he home and J is not.I think all will be better tomorrow. All a bit of a worry. You never know what is around the corner.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Having problems with photos.

We have a new computer and my tried and true Picasa which I have used for years for my photos is no longer compatible. I am using Google photos but it is awful. Clumsy and I can't get my photos onto blogger. Facebook yes, blogger no. I do wish these bright young computer Wizz kids would leave well enough alone. I am too old to come to grips with it all. At least on my tablet I can work it. My latest orchid. I seem to be tired again, and aching. A change to more wintry weather I am afraid.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Nearly finished.

It is cold, windy and wet outside. This is when I miss a fire. Not a bad day to work on the baby blanket. I met his brother and mother while shopping this morning. Such a delight. I have been trying to decide wether to add more embroidery to the chickens or not. I have another 4 weeks until I need to finish it. The garden is loving this weather but I think what I want are warming soups and things like that. Even Max and George thought they should be fed early. After so many dry months it is lovely to have what looks like the start to a normal winter.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019


Sunny and warm around my garden of pots, today it is wet and windy and a bit cold. We managed an early morning walk on the beach but then the latest front came in. I do love my pots and I can move them if I have to. We are definetly heading into late autumn. Better get back to my baby blanket.

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Around the garden

I was supposed to go to a foal show this morning, only up to Tabs and she would take me but I just couldn't manage it What a wuss. John and John have gone fishing. I hope they do better than I do. It is cold and I don't seem to be able to warm up. I shall do few domestic chores and then get on with a bit more of the baby blanket. I am adding a few red leaves, looking very cheerful. I do wish my body would get better. The trip to Adelaide for hair cuts really knocked me out for the next day. The orchids are starting to flower.