Saturday, November 30, 2019

Book launch

This morning we went to the launch of this book, it looks interesting but I haven't had a lot of time to do more than a quick look through. I don't get out and about much any more so it was interesting to go but speeches always seem to go on for longer than one hopes. The trouble is that my lovely trip away has set off my arthritis and I am not exactly enjoying my body at the moment. We have managed a few short walks but I come home so tired and I must say, a bit bad tempered. With any luck things will settle down again soon. The weather is mild to cool, we had a bit of rain yesterday and was promised more today but so far nothing. So nice not to have to water for a few days. I bought some plants this morning and hope to be able to plant them this afternoon. At least there is no heat for a few days.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

A great few days away at the International Welsh Show in Sydney

I feel a bit as if I have been run over by a bus, 3 am Friday, 4 am Saturday, 8 am Sunday and 2.15 am Monday were all rather tiring. I havent been to Sydney for years and years, had forgotten how big it is. We stayed with M and D who live out in a lovely valley in the mountains at Wyong Creek (near the big bushfires but luckily the weather had cooled and they had all slowed down a bit) . From the airport to their home seemed to be a long, long way. Beautiful area but oh needs rain. Sarah was helping to wash the mares and foal and then lead the foal at the show. I didnt do a lot as for me this is a long day. M and D had other friends staying too so not a very early night. An hour and a half drive the next morning to get to the show grounds, early morning, looked lovely, loos a fair way away and that made my life a bit interesting. Found a seat, bit far from the rings but under cover with a group of New Zealanders on one side and young Welsh people on the other. I caught up with people, not perhaps as many as I would like as I cant stand for long, my stick does help a bit. Some really lovely ponies there and it was great to hear our Rivington prefix over the loud speaker every so often. Congratulations to those who made it. I didnt always agree with the judging but it is always ones own opinion on the day. My other daughter Tabby and her daughter Celina had made the very long drive over with the Cob stallion and a filly. We were so pleased that the stallion was 2nd in a class of five, and good ponies at that. The little filly was 3rd in her class. A very long day so much so that they tried to judge the Supremes in the dark and finally sense prevailed and they went up to the indoor arena. Although we had paid for dinner as Sarah was leading for someone and we were so tired we just wanted to get home. Nearly midnight when we did. Next morning we headed off to see Stud that seemed to be a million miles away, some lovely ponies when we got there, more New Zealanders visiting too. A great day but I was in bed by 8pm. Next morning the early start to get the 6.20 plane home. Felt so sorry for M and D as the amount of driving from their lovely place too and from the airport was huge. I got home and after unpacking and washing collapsed. I am still doing that today although we did do a cold walk on the beach this morning. I think another couple of days may see me back to normal. I hope but I am left with memories of lovely people, beautiful ponies and a brilliant if exhausting few days.

Monday, November 18, 2019


I have some very talented daughters. Tabby has been doing some weddings on their property and has been doing the flowers. That talent comes from her grandmother, not me. She told me she had some flowers if I wanted any so we called in today on our way home from an Adelaide funeral and these are my flowers. I really love to have fresh flowers in the house. The funeral was for Johns 2nd cousin, I think, his cousins son, aged 95. A dear man who I enjoyed very much but he had had enough. Sometimes I think we live, or are kept alive for too long.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

All a bit disturbing.

I I'd this little painting last week while listening to the latest on the worrying fires on the east coast. Having lived through a lot of bad fires in my life, but luckily not been burnt out, I still find bad fire days disturbing, in our younger days on the farm John was often out fighting them leaving me to look after things at home. Always watching for smoke and feeling rather helpless. Now we live in the town but still close to paddocks and as I get older the more worried I become. So stupid. At least for the moment the weather is cooler, although another very hot day is for cast for next week.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Walking the beach this morning and the cliffs yesterday

The wind has stopped and this mornings walk on the beach was lovely but yesterday on the cliffs I thought I would be blown over them the wind was so strong. My hay fever has made walking for too long rather difficult but this morning all was calm and lovely. I am still hand sewing little things I do like to give a little hand made Christmas ornament to friends. Keeps me busy too.

Monday, November 11, 2019


She has taken for ever but finally she is finished I got a bit fed up with her and put her aside butyes I did get shoes on her.A worrying day with strong winds and heat. Hoping our pony friends in the Eastern States will be OK over the next few days.Too tired and so glad we will have cooler weather tomorrow.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Walking today

No wind so a lovely walk on the beach this morning and an even better one on the cliffs above Parsons Beach. Love my walks there, but also the beach ones. Make me feel alive. Warm but not hot and so lovely to have no wind. My heart goes out to those who are attempting to cope with the bushfires. I cant believe that people have been allowed to build homes in some of those areas, I suppose we are all too aware of the dangers here in the southern states. NSW and Queensland are not normally as dry as they are this year but even so.

Saturday, November 09, 2019

Hay fever

I took these photos when we were in Adelaide, the lovely buildings on North Tce and the basket woven fish at the museum. I am having a bad attack of hay fever. I tend to forget I get it and blissfully wonder why I feel so awful until John reminds me. We have had days of high winds and high pollen counts and I dont dare go outside for long. My nose runs, my eyes are sticky and on the whole I dont feel well. So much to do too. Back to feeling sorry for myself.

Monday, November 04, 2019

A busy few days

It has rained, about 1/2 an inch, fabulous. In between we went to a nieghbour from Back Valleys 100th birthday, so many things to remember. We have walked, this morning to Pt Elliot and around the little bay that always fascinates me. A few days before we had walked the beach at Kent Reserve and a small flock of corellas had sat like a crown on top of a Norfolk Island pine. I was supposed to drive up to our South Australian All Welsh Show at Mt Pleasant but just couldnt face the 2 hour drive and back again. I felt very sad but Sarah kept me up to date with my/our Section B mare who was Champion mare and the judge did look several times at her before giving the Supreme to the stallion. Her foal was best foal of show so very pleased. Tabby did well with her cobs as well and several of our Rivington ponies owned by others won or placed on both days. So pleased for their owners. Its what breeding is all about. I seem to have been very tired, probably the weather going from very hot to cool and then damp and lovely rain. I havent had to water the pots for a couple of days. Just wish I didnt feel so tired all the time. Better get back to beading the dolls wings. I am much slower than I used to be too.