Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Embroidery and a sketch

I haven't been feeling brilliant. Not sure what the problem is,a bit dizzy and feeling mildly sick. I will be glad to feel a bit more normal, whatever that is. I am still slowly embroidering on the baby blanket. I ran out of wool to use on the leaves. I still have a long way to go with it. I am also doing some sketching, using prompts from an on line free sketching course. I am not going to get all of the prompts done I enjoyed doing this one.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Found this today.

We had a bit of rain over night, not enough, about 1mm. While it is much cooler I tidied up in the garden and found these nerves flowering under the apricot tree. I nearly fell into the tree trying to pick a couple. This was the best one. The poor apricot is not well, it has gummosis and although we have watered it, and tried to look after it I think it is a bit of a lost cause. We walked on the beach this morning but the tide was coming in and the swells were taking the water high on the beach. Nice and cool though but a bit of wind. I am trying to get on with the embroidery on the baby blanket. Slowly, slowly.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

A very odd easter rabbit.

I suddenly had the urge to make a rabbit. A rather odd little easter rabbit but he was fun to make. I have not been feeling well and I am hoping this was the start of my come back. We have a new computer and so far I haven't mastered how to find my photos. When I wasn't feeling brilliant it was not the time to be searching. I managed the market this morning and a walk this evening. Unseasonably warm, over 30 degrees again and a horrid north wind. Thrilled to hear that my oldest granddaughter won the fashion in the field at the Oakbank picnic races today. We used to love going a few years ago. I wonder if she will from now on be called the glamor vet. Well done Fenella. I looked back at my blog in 2009 when we were in Europe for my 70th birthday, in particular the blog posts of our time in Paris, looking at photos of Notre Dame, I felt really upset when I saw photos of the fire and it brought back such memories. No big trip for my 80th this year. Just thankful I am still here! Looking back my blog posts have become very scrappy, I suppose not being on the farm and having my lovely garden hasn't helped. I hope every one has a great Easter.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

a not very nice few days.

I am fed up with feeling not terribly well. The weather hasn't helped either. Unseasonably hot and still no rain to speak of. I have read a lot but don't much feel like doing anything else. Oh misery me. The rose was picked from my garden and George, like me, does a lot of sleeping.

Monday, April 15, 2019

A bit of this and that.

I have just finished some pills and by going off them I have felt rather sick and a bit off for the last few days. I am rather fed up with all of this. Today I was supposed to go with my daughter to pick up a pony but after driving over to her place just couldn't face it and had to come home. I slept for a few hours. I hope I haven't put these photos up before. I finished Maisie off and she is quite sweet. Love the shape of the little elephant, I think it was a stamp I saw somewhere. John has been fishing lately and these are a few. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Love our walks, pelicans, sea, sand and a sea urchin

At the moment my photos say more than I do on this blog., Love our lovely big pelicans who are in reasonably accesable places to take photos. The tide was a bout half this morning so walking the beach was lovely. Have a thing about sea urchins too. Home now sewing up shoes for my doll, I have made her a hat, she is nearly finished. Lovely weather. I like autumn.

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Wonderful walk

Unfortunately you cant see them but there were huge waves on our walk on the cliff top near Kings Beach late yesterday afternoon. Huge double waves breaking all across to the island and some breaking to the height of the island. I was to late getting any photos and my camera is playing up a bit so all a bit far away. It was a fun walk and having been inside for most of the day, great fun. I am not walking as far as I normally do. I also bought a pair of walking shoes that I hope will work. My feet really are not liking me very much. So difficult. Aging feet are a pain. Much cooler today and we had about 5.8 mm of rain over night so I dont have to water which is always nice. I think we are slowly moving into autumn and perhaps this year the break is small and slow instead of a huge rain. I am still plodding along slowly with the baby blanket embroidery, I really have slowed up in what I am doing.

Sunday, April 07, 2019

havent been feeling 100%

Cliffs at Petrels, then Sandy bay at Pt Elliot, the explanation, expand it to see what it tells you and this morning just over the Hindmarsh Island Bridge. We went to a fabulous exhibition and called in n the way home to see the new Chiton Rocks new Surf life saving club house. Looks good. Home and tired. Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits has just put out a new knitting pattern for tiny rabbits and bears, I have to make one and soon for the new baby due in June. Love knitting her stuff. The weather has turned from a lovely morning into more wind but NO rain, this is all getting very worrying, so glad I dont have to worry about the farm any more. It is bad enough working out when to water. I think my feeling a bit off is that we had a dinner to go to on Friday night and getting out of kilter with what food I eat ( or drink) doesnt help. I hardly did anything yesterday. Not sure I am doing a lot today either. Do so miss my glass of wine but quite obviously it doesnt like me!! So boring.

Friday, April 05, 2019

Walking late yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday was quite pleasant, although warming up but today is awful. Hot with a nasty north wind so after a beach walk I am now I side with the air conditioner on. I do hope this is the last time until October or November. I watered out the front early. The wattle trees in the garden over the road are in flower. I here doves calling and birds are starting to think about nesting. No sign of rain yet on the weather reports, it is now months since we had a decent rain.

Monday, April 01, 2019

I am very slowly making this little girl. Another Jill Maas pattern, Maisie and her mouse. I made the mouse a few years ago but somehow hadn't got around to Maisie. I made her a bit smaller and am really annoyed with myself for getting her mouth in the wrong place. Still a long way to go with dressing her but at least she has knickers and a petticoat. ( cut from an old one of mine). John and John have unexpectedly gone fishing. I hope they catch something. I have been out with the watering can and the thrive and have done all the front garden. I don't know what the soil is here but it's dreadful. We did have a bit over 8 mm the other day but with it we has wind which dries everything out. Up until today we have had interestingly big swells out to sea too. But now the sun is out sand it is much calmer. I think a small Nanna nap is in order and then planting some geranium cuttings and perhaps cutting out some more clothes.