Wednesday, June 26, 2019

slowly slowly

Nowhere near finished.I have very slowly doing this little Jill Maas pattern called Sophia. I imagine a few more weeks before she is finished. I have had a very bad few weeks with arthritis in my hands. Things have gone a bit wrong with her,one eye is definetly wonky but she does stand, so far any way. A lovely walk on the beach this morning and warmer than the last few days thank goodness. More soup making, it certainly has been the weather for it, and casseroles as well I have been going through some old is cookery books for warming comfort food.

Monday, June 24, 2019

A special 1st birthday

Yesterday was Matthews 1st birthday. We gathered at Kent Reserve to celebrate with a bbq it was sunny but very very cold. Lovely day and he seemed to enjoy it. This morning was a very cold morning, frost all over the front lawn and ice on top of the rubbish bins. Still only 6 degrees when we walked on the beach around 10 am. I havent really warmed up all day, I really dont like the days when the frost starts with a clear sky and then the clouds come in, even the clothes I washed early this morning havent dr4ied. Perhaps a better day tomorrow.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Walking yesterday

It has been very cold for the last few days, a slight frost on the front lawn this morning. I have had to have heaters on as it was so cold. We had a very tiring trip to Adelaide on Thursday, a long day and an early start. Hair cuts and seeing my sister and friend P gave us lunch. I was so tired by the time I got home I fell asleep. Luckily son in law John had been fishing and called in with a few fish, that was our dinner with some chips made out of the sweet potato we grew. Yesterday we shopped and this morning I was a bit late for the market as it was so cold. I bought a really lovely deep red daisy, now re potted and a few other pots moved to the front where they will get some winter sun. Lost a bit of my mojo I think. Reading, doing things in the slow cooker I have a doll to finish but I am being very slow. Slow!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Orchids and sweet potato harvest.

The first of the cymbidium orchids are starting to flower. This one has more than a dozen spikes coming and will I think be very spectacular. John planted a sprouting sweet potato in the gravel a few months ago. I thought it would be too cold down here but today John investigated and then dug them and this is the result. Incredible. A lovely walk in the freezing cold on the cliffs this afternoon. Washing inside on the clothes horse, almost but not quite dry. I am in the throes of making another little Jill Maas doll, Sophie, early days yet but I think she will be very sweet.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Hindmarsh Valley Falls this morning

A beautiful morning. John decided that as the tides were wrong we would go out to Hindmarsh Valley and walk to the falls and collect eggs from Tab on the way home. It is an interesting climb/ walk down to the viewing platform, especially for some one who uses a stick but I managed it. Going back up was a little more interesting as the steps are not of an even height but I made it. We have had quite a lot of rain so the falls were quite spectacular. When we called in to collect the eggs half the family was there so caught up with ;Gabby and baby Nathan and Lachie as well as Millie and a couple of her half sisters who had arrived. Not to mention people collecting hens from Tab as she sells point of lay hens as well as her heritage poultry. All go and I was ready to get home. Beautiful day, but I have certainly had my walk. Feeling a bit annoyed though as I had prepared soup and put it in the slow cooker, came home to find I hadnt turned it on at the switch. Not that it mattered it will just take longer.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

The last rose.

I am not having a good day with computer, photos and posting!! Enough. I picked what I think will be the last rose until spring. The other photos are lovely leaf colours and shapes that I have in pots. Cold and damp today. It is winter. I had to be up and in early for a fasting blood test this was just around the corner from the market so I had a wander around. Home for a late breakfast. Aching rather but surviving. We had a walk around the mouth of the Inman river, pelicans and lots of sea gulls.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Yesterday at Pt Elliot

We had a great walk along the flatter path above the track at Pt elliot, it was a lovely bright sunny day and a very lovely walk. I did run out of room on my little camera but that was ok. Today we have had rain, quite sharp cold showers. Maybe a walk if we dont get wet.