Friday, February 15, 2019

Yesterday and today.

I seem to have good days and bad, yesterday I did more than I have done for ages, today I have not felt up to much. Yesterday we went over to Yankalilla and called into their very nice little museum, these are the interiors that they have set up. I remember rooms very like those in the first photo. Today we went just to look at the sea and we havent been here, at the mouth of the Hindmarsh river for ages, so a few photos but not exactly what you would call a walk. No tuna boats in today. I seem to have slept a lot. The weather is heating up. Sick of not feeling 100%

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Pretty wild seas yesterday

We were nearly blown off the cliffs yesterday when we walked. Lots of froth along the base of the cliffs. Today, no photo we went over to Yankalilla to see if we could pin point my great aunt and uncles grave. We found the spot and with any luck will get it marked. We also called into the local museum, which is really well done, to see if there was anything on them in there, I remember a photo of Uncles team, he was one of the local carriage owners but not much there. I really dont even know if I was told when they had died. I do know that the little cedar chiffonier was theirs. It is terrible that we only started looking so late.

Friday, February 08, 2019

Various walks over the last few days.

apart from yesterday we have had a few walks, not very far as I still cant manage it but they have been lovely and relatively cool. I am a bit tired after all of yesterdays excitement but have just finished getting a doll together, I think I made a mistake and I just hope she will stand for me. I really dont feel like going back and trying to get it right. My camera is playing up again too. I think it might have some sand in it so I had better have a play with that.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Our 60th wedding anniversary

I really can't believe I have been married to the nicest best friend for that long. I was given flowers, roses and an orchid, .lunch and a glass of lovely champagne. Cards as well. Of course I was stupid and thought I was super woman and did the shopping first so paid for it by now being over tired and aching. I think we will have soup for dinner. In between all of this I have been unwrapping my bundles that I had been dyeing for the lovely class with India Flint and this is part of my unwrapped silk. Eucalyptus leaves and some metal I think. I am being so slow but enjoying every minute of it.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

George and a new project.

Here is George doing a big clean up. I am doing an on line class with India Flint and this is the start. Lots of hand sewing ahead. The weather has been awful, hot, windy and no rain. It is so dry and plants in the garden are struggling. I am struggling as well. I did have a short walk on the cliffs this afternoon after the cool, but windy change came in. No way could I get to the Welsh you no stock show. Far too hot but the girls went and did reasonably well. Tab had quite a detour due to a bushfire, luckily it didn't affect them but always a worry. I am tired but what is new.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Good days and bad days.

I have been slowly hand stitching this rather nice little needle case designed by Ann Wood Handmade. It is free. I had a lovely time finding bits of fabric for it. Yesterday the temperature went up to 46 degrees. Terribly, terribly hot. We broke records all over the State. Today it is cooler but my body is very uncomfortable and I feel so tired. A reaction I suppose. My poor garden is a mess crispy fried looking blossoms. I hope they recover but oh we need a good rain. Nothing to speak of for weeks. I feel tired, worn out and frustrated. Maybe I will make another little needle book.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A bit of sketching

Not a lot I can do, I have good days and bad days it is also hot outside and my body doesn't like the heat. I read., I sleep, I do a bit of simple stitching and I sketch. Just a few minutes each day to keep my eye in. I don't sketch terribly well but it is another thing to keep me occupied. Thank goodness I have plenty of shells to sketch. I am missing my beach walks.