Saturday, September 22, 2018

My crazy big bird.

Not the best light but here he/she is. I have struggled with her. Still not madly keen on her feathers, I may do another one. This one looks a bit louche. Great fun to do, typical of Jill Maas quirky ideas. Today we walked twice,a lovely one this evening

Friday, September 21, 2018

Wandering at Pt Elliot

I have had a bit of a struggle the last few days, a bit of stitching, some reading and the odd walk but some rather short. This morning we had a lovely walk, going in a different direction. Along the beach and then through the dunes and inland. It was quite warm. We found a couple of quondong bushes with ripe fruit on them. A butterfly near a bush on the sand at the back of the beach. I walked further than I have for ages. I feel better when I have done that. I just wish I was sleeping better and that my stomach was behaving. I hate the foul taste in my mouth. But it was such a beautiful morning.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Playing around with this little miss.

Another of Jill Maas patterns, I have been working on her for ages. A slightly shrunk Denise. Had to make do with the scraps of leopard skin fabric I had. Really pleased with her. Haven't had her story yet. Probably something like getting lost on her safari holiday Love Jill creative ideas.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Freezing cold, wind and hail.

My plants look quite good, but not a day for a walk. I spent time on my big bird, still a way to go but getting there, now the duck is finished. The sea was well up, we drove around to have a look but it started hailing so home. We had a roast tonight. At least it tasted OK, the last few weeks I haven't much liked the taste of my food. All those pills I am taking I suppose. Oops, thought I had put this up. Dolores duck is finally been finished.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Not finished yet.

I finally found a jumper that was the colour I was looking for and got it sewn up. Not as easy as you would think. She needs socks from the same jumper and mad hair wires. I am being terribly slow. We had a lovely walk this morning along the cliffs, weather was stunning and huge waves rashing in every so often. Washing done and back in. Really warm today. Love spring when it is like this but no rain for a few days and we need it.I worry that summer will arrive too soon. Not looking for ward to real heat. The new pills make me wee a lot. Awake half the night. Dammit.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

More flowers.

Not a lot to pick but a bit in the garden. Over at Tabs these donkey orchids were by the side of the road. Hard to photograph as it was windy. Trying to put a white background to them. We have walked and I am doing a bit of hand sewing. For some reason we are both tired. I have just started a new pill, we will see what that does. Oh and I saw Lachy today to, bonus.

Friday, September 07, 2018

Freesia and a needle case.

Yesterday John took me out to pick some of these feral freesia, they smell divine. They are in spots on the side of roads and are a lovely free bonus at this time of the year. I also finished another needle case, I have a lot to do but some how not doing a lot. Saw my GP today, there is a plan in place to manage my diabetes but slowly does it, can't see the educator for a week or so which is a good thing as I have 2 workshops coming up finishing in mid October and need to be home while we work out dosages. So So slowly does it. Today I was back to walking, a reasonable distance.