Monday, September 01, 2014

Playing in my altered book and lichen

I think it will take me for ever to finish this book, I think it is gradually growing on me but at times I still seem to be making mud! A nice distraction from my aches and pains though. We walked this morning, I wasnt sure we would be able to as we had a very welcome 8mm of rain over night but it cleared up very quickly and although colder and windy at least it got me moving a bit. I rather liked this very orange lichen growing on a rock as we walked up from the beach. I have been over taking a few books over to the Yankalilla exchange, through the back roads, the wattle is well and truly out. I called in to see Tabby at the fodder store too, she has some nice birds for sale, but no point in me having any Oscar loves terrifying any bird I have ever thought of having.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Morning mix

finally we walked this morning, a bit windy but very pleasant to get back on the beach again. I had collected a few shells and these were put in one of the two baskets by the back door. The lemon tree is suddenly being quite prolific and I had to take a photo, I still marvel that I have a lemon tree here that actually produces lemons, we are deemed too cold and frosty to normally have a fruiting lemon but somehow I got this one on the right base stock and it is wonderful. It has got much cooler suddenly and overcast this afternoon. I have finished my yoyo necklace and am working on another as well as doing more pages in my gook. Trouble is they take such a long time to organise, waiting for paint to dry. Perhaps I should have two on the go. I am slowly getting back to normal after all this gadding about. Oh and tonight we have fish, I must take a photo but John came home with a nice feed of what we call nanagi, they look a bit like a small red snapper.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Still winter but feels like Spring

I walked around the garden this morning and there were blue skies, its warm and we are still officially in winter. It has been a bit of a worry actually as we have had frosts and very little rain through August, but things are growing well and looking lovely. I just hope it rains through September or we will really be in a mess. John saw a fox this morning coming up the drive, so it was with a bit of trepidation that I let out the hens, they are not all here in the photo but my lovely young roosters look quite magnificent. The Cob stallion was looking over the gate at the bottom of the orchard and as you can see there are blossoms on some of the trees. Double click to see a larger version. A lovely day to be alive.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back from Melbourne.

We had an interesting going trip, two long drives and are home, the washing is being done, some shopping done and the cat is home, and I ache. I had to lovely days doing Ro Bruhns classes at art is you, nothing finished of course, only two of us in the first one which was her yo yo necklace class, beads, buttons and metal work. The other lass was Sally from Queensland and she and I and 3 others also did an altered book class, lots of fun making stamps from sticky backed foam and splashing paint around. I am looking forward to playing more with this when I have time.We also managed to see the absolutely magnificent Italian masterpieces from the Prado in Spain so glad we managed to get to the art gallery early and had almost no crowds. I bought the book, such wonderful faces. Off to hang out the next load of washing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An early touch of spring

I dont think there is much left of this poor flowering plum, nearly killed by the wisteria and the clematis but a branch is bravely flowering and I had to take a photo before we leave. Melbourne tomorrow for a week. house sitter organised, cat in the cattery, packing almost done. All sounds great but I am having a bout of aches which doesnt help. Not sure how much blogging I will get done while we are away but it will be lovely to see the family again and to do my classes at the Melbourne Art Event. As usual it will be a mad rush but hope to see the Italian masters at the Art gallery too. Have a great few days.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Last stitch, I have done 12 months

I have decided to stop stitching daily for a while. I may start again in the New Year but I have done 12 months and I feel that I need a small break, with spring just around the corner there will be much more to do outside. As you can see I cooked lunch for 10 people on Monday, we walked in the botanic Gardens on tuesday and then went out for dinner that night and had some unsettling news about a grand daughter, On Wednesday we had a huge day, flew home, had hair cuts and heard good news about our grand daughter. Thursday I shopped and washed. Friday I didnt do much I think everything had caught up with me. Saturday we went to look at paintings and had a walk and on Sunday we walked, the almond trees have been out and all look quite spectacular, it rained and that was the end of my 12 months. I will miss it but at times I felt I needed a break to be a bit fresher about the qhole thing. I still need to sew on the last few dates and put the last couple of bits onto my roll, then perhaps I will show some finished photos.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Goolwa to beach walking

I am being very slow getting things done, trying to get everything together to go away so quickly has been rather fraught. Any way we are home and yesterday we went over to Goolwa to look at a couple of art exhibitions for SALA (SA living artists)and this year the two we saw were particularly good, sometimes they are a little ho hum. This morning we went in for a rather difficult walk along the beach, everything has been re arranged and there were great lumps of seaweed but it was so nice to get back and see it all. A pretty gloomy slightly damp day and cold. After Queensland we are both feeling the cold.