Friday, August 01, 2014

From my bedroom Window.

This fellow was on the tree next door. The weather here is fantastic, linen pants and a t shirt. It is due to change but we are enjoying it while we can. Out to lunch with Phyllie, at 101 she is amazing. Jill is doing really well but John driving her is proving to be a bit frustrating for both of them. John and I walked this morning to get a paper, along a busy highway, not great but a walk. Working out how to get this tablet working. Off to do a bit of knitting the rest are having a zizz.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Another week in stitch

A bit of a mixed week this time. We did quite a bit of walking, I had rather a miserable week, I know why but I am keeping it to myself at the moment. Oscar had to go to the vet to have his immunisation and the poor old car broke down! I made a delicious chicken and leek pie, then a couple of not much happening days. We walked but I felt so tired I did a lot of sitting and sewing, trying to make some stuff to take to the Melbourne retreat next month and dont have a lot of time between Queensland and Melbourne to do it in. Off to see my specialist for my 12 month review of my knee.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Walking Pt Elliot

It was relatively mild this morning, although there was quite a strong northerly blowing. We went over to Pt Elliot to walk, down the steps and along the path, the wind was blowing the waves back on themselves, quite big southern ocean rollers coming in. It is always a little different. The aloes are well and truly out and look magnificent during our grey winter weather, always lift my heart. I am slowly getting things done, very slowly it seems to me but it is nice to nearly finish something. Trying to be positive!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Glorious morning

For all my moaning yesterday, and for some reason my hip ached (not another thing!!) We had a shortish walk along the cliff tops at Petrels and were passed by fast dog walkers but my excuse is I was taking photos. I know I take this walk often and put up photos probably just as often but it is always a bit different, today the sea was incredibly clear and you could see the bottom with the waves breaking. I am wearing a skirt at the moment, not something I do often but this was a really nice Carla Zampatti, lined wool one I found in the op shop, I cut some off the top and turned it over and now it is very comfortable to wear when my back aches, and I really dont care what I look like in it, it pleases me. I think I am getting more and more like my grandmother the older I get. I seem to remember her wearing such outfits, long line tops to hide my cortisone tummy too, not that she was ever on cortisone. I have fiddled today, making tags out of manilla folders as I couldnt buy any ready made ones, stamping them and then placing fabric flowers on them to take to give away at the Melbourne retreat. I have run out of pin backs and forgot to get more this this morning, a peaceful thing to do on a lovely sunny afternoon in the sun room.Off to cook cabbage, I quite like it if its almost stir fried, I bought pies for dinner tonight and a naughty raspberry tart for desert. I am not sure I walked enough today but there is always tomorrow.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Miserable week

I dont like to post that I have had a miserable week, but I have, the body doesnt like me and I am aching badly. Hope for a better one next week and that Queensland will be fun. I am trying to get things organised to go and set things up for the house sitter, a big job! The clouds this morning as I drove home from shopping were quite spectacular. we did actually manage a couple of walks this week one to Pt Elliot where the track to the beach looked lovely with the wattles starting to come out. Our walk along the beach at Encounter Bay produced this lovely big, live rough turban, he got thrown back into the water and I hope he survives. I have seen smaller ones of this shell often but not the really big ones on the beach, we used to see them in our diving days. The sun room is the place to find a few flowers at the moment and is lovely when the sun comes out, which hasnt been often lately. I have been playing with some tags, stamps and die cuts, I thought I had done the wrong thing buying these memory craft dies at the craft show as I couldnt get them to work on my cuttlebug but a bit of research on what combination of plates to use has meant that I think my going out to buy a sizzix in a fury may have been the wrong thing to do! Ah well it may have some advantages I dont know about. Off to sew some pin backs on my flowers as I have just discovered that it is expected that participants at the art retreat in Melbourne in August are expected to take something to exchange, not sure how many I will have or if they they will be the sort of thing but it is what I have a few of at the moment. Oh and I forgot about Oscar, he is spending a lot of this miserable weather curled up on the chair by the fire.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Stitched week

A busy week, infact I had to do about 4 days yesterday as I hadnt caught up with all my trips to Adelaide and back. I had my sister down so a trip up and back to Adelaide on Monday. Tuesday we went to look at a pretty distant whale and on Wednesday went over to our old stamping ground as children to Yankalilla and Normanville, very windy day and not the best for driving. Thursday it was back up to Adelaide to get R home to collect her dog and I spent the night with P which is always fun to do. Friday I went to the craft show and bought lots of stuff and then after 2 hours walking there drove home, tired. Saturday I shopped and then we went over to see my nephew and niece and partners and children, lovely to see them all but the whole thing got rather tiring in the end, after such a week, although we walked in the morning on Sunday and I picked up some new shells from the beach I then sat and stitched all afternoon and vaguely watched football. I think I am still getting over the week. Still grey and dull and not a lot of sun,. and although we walked this morning suddenly I think nothing is getting done (apart from lots of washing) and we go away in 10 days.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Three little girls in blue

Where have I been? I have been busy, my sister came to stay, that meant trips to Adelaide and home to organise her, then we did some car trips around as she isnt walking very far, making meals etc etc. Back to Adelaide on Thursday afternoon and spent the night with P who fed me well, then down to the Stitch and Craft fair in at Wayville, caught up with lots of people, bought stuff, a lot from The thread Studio, which was great, and fun. I walked for at least 3 hours, the trouble with these places is that I cant think until I get home what I want. At least with the thread studio I had made a list off the catalogue, but I also bought some dyes to use with the cuttlebug and some material, lovely bits to use on the dolls and some wool felt, wish now I had bought more. Home again feeling terribly tired and this morning in to shop and then after lunch a quick trip to see my niece and nephew and their children and partners and give them some letters I had found while cleaning out that their mother had sent me before she was married and had gone over seas. so yes busy but not feeling I am doing very much that is productive. Off to put some corned beef on so we have meat later for sandwiches, and perhaps some cauliflour in a cheese sauce would be nice to go with it all.