Monday, January 23, 2017

this mornings walk, calm still hot and brooding.

It is now raining, this is semi tropical weather, hot and sticky, I am in a sleeveless top. It was quite hot while we walked and the sun came out but on the whole the sky was impressive.I have mended 3 pairs of Johns shorts, nice ones that just seemed to tear near the hem at the front on the bottom. Now to be used for around the house. I have fans on to keep the humidity on the move, and it is rather nice to hear the dripping of rain. I know the garden will love it, and the orchard lawn that Sarah mowed only a day or so ago will grow madly again. Such a different summer to the last few we have had.

Day 23 of my daily stitch

I have laced yesterday's running stitch, now perhaps to branch out a bit.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 22 of my daily stitch.

Not sure if you can see a yellow line of stitching. That is it for today.

Around the garden this morning before it heats up.

Itis warming up again. John has gone fishing, hope they catch something and after the excitements of the last 2 days I am having a quiet day. Went down to the yard and came back taking photos of what caught my eye in the garden. Still things doing relatively well, we have been so lucky this year having reasonable amounts of rain, 23.4mm in the gauge yesterday morning. The garden is loveing it, but then so are the weeds and the kikuyu grass. Will put up my stitch for today later when I have done it.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Days 20 and 21 of my daily stitch. New great grandsons blanket.

Today I met my new great grandson, he is beautiful, no photos as he was a cesarean and both mother and baby were rather tired., and I forgot my camera, silly me. I did give them the finally finished baby blanket. I have also put up 2 days of my daily stitch as it was the same, colonial knots and I did half yesterday and half today. I watched the Tour Down Under doing the McLaren Valencia Willing hill circuit, it shows how beautiful that area is, sea, hills and vines. Yesterday was a very tiring muddled day, I was worrying about the birth, finally heard all was well. Had to shop and both cars fell in a heap, mine needed more fluid for the power steering and the ute didn't have airconditioning. We went to Adelaide very briefly to deliver eggs and didn't manage to go to the sales day for the embroidered guild summer school. I was looking forward to catching up with Dale from The Thread Studio but coping with no airconditioning in the ute cab on even a relatively hot day just wasn't on. As it was I came home over tired.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 19 of daily stitch

Just added a stitch across my wiggly chain. Looks a bit like a centipede.

Busy morning Tour Down Under past our corner.

wow what a morning and early afternoon, We havent had the Tour go past the corner for a couple of years, but today it did, there was a break away, which was reeled in later but so exciting, helicopters, police, support vehicles. Home to watch the circuits around the town on tv. I had taken the photo of early morning sun on the plants by the bedroom door and we also had a walk on the beach. All go here today, we even had a tiny bit of rain. Off to do very belated dishes.