Thursday, April 17, 2014

My (late) week in stitch and a walk

I am very late with my week in stitch, I hope I have caught up by next Monday! So, last week on Monday not a lot done but there were birds eating seeds in the garden. Tuesday Max and I went for a damp walk, I am afraid Max doesnt look much like a big robust heeler cross, more like a pig, poor old boy. I had spent the day packing and he knew something was up. Wednesday was a long day, up at 4 am and over to W and left her at 6 and on the road for Ballarat, we arrived about 3 pm, in time to settle in and not stop until about 9pm when we slept like logs! Thursday was the start of our few days at Fibre arts, meeting old friends and working too hard. Friday my back was killing me but I did have some wheel bases done. Saturday was half day so we went to look at a coule of lovely old towns close by and junk shopped. sunday was back to work, all day, terribly tiring but getting there, I hoped. I went to bed early I was so tired. This morning we walked the beach, a beautiful morning, flat and lovely although a little warm. Poor John had to have one of the skin nasties he had taken off his neck re done, so they could take more so I hope all is ok, they seem to think it is a pre melanoma and this is just a precaution. I have been over to drop stuff in for our exhibition this week end. Now all I want to do is have a nap, but it really is too early.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

To Ballarat and home for Fibre Arts Australia

I arrived home yesterday after a wonderful but extremely tiring few days. It is about a 7 to 8 hour drive, more if we stop and op shop as we did on the way home. When you arrive it is non stop all day, from about 6 am to at least 9 pm and in some cases even longer if you are younger and want to party! We made little carraiges first, wood and varnish etc and then little houses, in my case a very little house as my machine embroidery skills are not brilliant and I found the height of the tables and chairs gave me a hck of a back ache by about midday, its old age and the body falling in a heap but I did manage to get everything to the put together stage now I am home. Mine is the little red house in the first photo, then our wonderful teacher Christine Atkins demonstrating one of the houses she had partly made, such a lovely person. we had a fun class but it really was very full on. We have an exhibition of all the classes on the last evening. I wont put up others as I dont have permission. On the way home we stopped in to look at this place, we have passed it so many times, the fellow who runs it uses reclaimed wire and you name it, he makes it from it, this is a not very good photo of the 'thing' he has on his roof. It truly was amazing and great fun. We did op shop on the way home, I didnt buy a lot but a few bits that I will use, I am doing Samantha Bryan's fairy class next year, she does such glorious stuff and having seen her class I was so glad I managed to get in. it was fully booked and there had to be a ballot. I did buy some books and have a great one , not the latest but with a lot of useful knitting stuff in it by Loani Prior, she is such a nice person and I just didnt manage to catch up and get her to sign my book, damn it! The one I have is called Really wild tea cosies, I hope I have time this winter to do some fun knitting. I have now put 2 loads of washing on the line, more or less unpacked and hope to catch up on my week in stitch soon, at the end I really didnt have time, but I found some wonderful hand dyed threads from Cottage garden threads, I would have loved more but again, ran out of time. Off to have a small rest!!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Another week of stitch

Barry asked if I was going to make a book of this, at the moment it is a scroll and I think it will stay like that. I have shown what it looks like rolled, my year ends in August. I may leave it for a while and start at the beginning of the New Year, but it is rather habit forming quietly stitching my day. So what did I do? On Monday we walked, we walked most days, although there has just been a murder in the town, not something that happens often and one body was found where we go down to walk on the beach, a little off putting.Tuesday it was really quite warm, 36 degrees and we went in for our flu shots. Wednesday was a trip to Adelaide for hair cuts and Thursday not a lot got done as I was tired after walking for an hour, John thought it was an octopus but really it was just a bit of mindless stitching. Friday was a shopping and walking day, lots of leaves blowing in the wind. Saturday we went wandering to look at some art galleries which was lovely and on Sunday we walked over at Pt Elliott, it was sunny and lovely and another bit of mindless stitch to make up the room! Today is one of those hot breathy sort of days, we are supposed to have some rain, lots of rain in the next few days, I have washed and brought it all in and am trying to get through a mountain of ironing, the brown tree frogs are croaking so I think we might have some rain. I hope so as it is terribly dry out in the garden and the paddocks.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Visit to some art shows and a walk

Yesterday we drove over to Murray Bridge to see a couple of art shows that were on in their regional gallery, it is a lovely space and we both thoroughly enjoyed both lots of posts and India Flints textiles (and bones!)as we;; as the other exhibits. It was a lovely day so from there we wandered back to Strathalbyn and had lunch and a coffee and then on to Goolwa where we saw another couple of galleries including Dana Fatchens lovely photographs. All in all a lovely way to spend the day. This morning we went for a walk over at Pt Elliot, love those granite bolders and the sea was being quite spectacular. A longish walk and as daylight saving has now finished (Hooray! goes on for far too long.) we went to visit Tabby and family for a little while, they are weaning cobs so it was quite an interesting morning. Home and the last of the washing on the line. I am still trying to get my act together for Ballarat!

Friday, April 04, 2014

Autumn in the garden, and a walk

the leaves are dropping and turning colour but not a decent rain yet. We walked this morning and the sea was very stirred up out further but nearer the shore along the reef there were ducks and other birds happily feeding until a large dog came roaring into the water, a bird dog of some sort I think. I have been trying to get some sort of order into my work rooms, as well as getting stuff ready for next week at Ballarat, yesterday John had a meeting and I didnt walk but I think I walked far more by trying to get thins tidy. It is still not in the least bit in order. If any thing I think I have made more mess. I wish I had a huge bank of cupboards. So the shopping is done, and I am now back doing the clearing out.

Monday, March 31, 2014

My week in stitch

This has been a busy week, on Monday we walked and I bought a new skirt and top. Very reasonable but useful. Tuesday I started to do some free motion embroidery, I didnt finish it until the end of the week! Wednesday I went to a friends place for lunch, it was a lovely day and we all sat outside in the gazebo. Thursday we walked again and then John had to fix a leak in a hose, he got rather wet and muddy. On Friday we had an early walk and saw a lot of birds on the reef as it was low tide, there was a large grey crane. After that we went shopping. Saturday John went fishing and on my lone walk I saw a ray of some kind in the water, actually only the tips of its 'wings' but I knew what it would look like. Sunday I went up, with the girls and their ponies to the Led day for Welsh Ponies at the Adelaide Autumn Royal Show and spent some time there, it was hot but our Welsh Mountain stallion, Rivington Ascot was a star and came home with Supreme Welsh Pony as well as champion ridden welsh pony so we were very pleased. I found driving up to Adelaide and back pretty tiring, am I getting old or am I just a wimp these days. Today it is back to housework.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A glorious walk

This morning things almost seemed to be floating it was so still and then every so often a wave rose up out of almost no where, it was warm and humid and beautiful. John was fishing so I went in to the farmers market early, did a couple of other jobs and then went out to walk, not as much fun on your own but I did see something wonderful, the twin tips of a ray breaking the still surface as it swam over the shallow reef. Go to my other blog (on the side bar) for a little more on this.