Saturday, October 10, 2015

This morning

A few photos I took a little while ago, some early roses I picked this morning, this early burst of heat has brought them out, all old ones. A Yacca moth that came in on Max's food bowl, there have been lots of these on the windows at night. I am not sure of their proper name but that is what we have always called them. The moth orchids are still flowering, I just think they have finished and new buds appear, They really are a great I door flower if you can find the right spot. Part of my collection of bird houses made by the wonderful Wendy on Kangaroo Island, every year buy one, we will be late this year so I hope there are still some when we go. I love the way she makes each one different with little metal blue wrens on many of them. Then there is George, in his favorite place on top of the back of my chair. The vet thinks he may be 4 months, not 3, perhaps like all my cats he will just be big. He certainly has settled in and likes nothing better than sitting on your lap, not conducive to knitting or hand sewing!!

Friday, October 09, 2015

From removing a triffid to a large branch down over the road

We came back from shopping this morning (and George's first inoculations) to this. A very large branch down across the road right over the bridge so no way around except through the paddocks. No wind although there was a bit yesterday, and quite warm. This is the trouble with gum tree branches they can fall at any time and this was in an awkward place. Council were short staffed so John and one of the work men had to cut it up and pull it away while John also had to warn drivers that it was there as not easy to see around the corner going the other way. Back to triffids, as Jo said in her comment this probably is showing my age as it comes from John Wyndhams book The day of the Triffids published about the 1950s. Worth reading if you can find it. My triffid was actually a type of native grass (I think) planted long ago in the right place, that grew into being too big and invasive and now in the wrong place. If it wasnt so hot I would be out there filling in the space that is left with some plants I have waiting but if we can get some rain and cooler weather, that will be the time. It might be early spring but it feels more like mid summer. More and more I dont like summer heat.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

removal of a triffid and other things

Today a large plant that I didnt like was removed from the garden opposite the bedroom. tractor and 2 men were required. They actually managed to do it without making too much mess. I am pleased as it has annoyed me for years and has got larger and larger. Yesterday I went to Adelaide and had lunch at a friends place, lovely to catch up with people I havent seen for ages but the drive up and back which once I did regularly I now find rather tiring. We also walked along the cliff top and as usual you get a photo of the sea, it was a lovely morning. George is finding he can get into trouble, pitiful mews came from the kitchen where he had somehow managed to get a front leg stuck under the frig, as he had shot John's glasses under there yesterday and we didnt find them for ages, it has become a favorite place. He might think twice after I rescued him. tomorrow he goes for his first innoculations that might be interesting.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Out and about on my birthday

I dont like to think how old I am but I have had a lovely day, a walk on the cliffs, lunch and bubbles out, a visit to an art show and a wander around my garden. It was very summer like, warm and a bit muggy, no rain but the garden seems to like it. Most of the children contacted me one way or another so that was lovely. Now for a salad and I think an early night. We have gone onto daylight saving time and that is always a bit confusing for the first few days.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Yankalilla Agricultural show

You see strange sights at some of our agricultural shows. This is the first of the local ones. We were there early as They can become very crowded as the day goes on. We saw both our daughters, one selling her heritage poultry and one showing ponies. I bought some wool and olives, went through all the pavilions and then came home. It was getting rather warm. Have friend P staying for the week end, its my birthday tomorrow so nice to have some one to celebrate it with, all children are busy, The sudden burst of heat and a long week end dont make it easy for the family. I really wasnt expecting to see camels, but there they were and I only managed to photograph their back sides! Not much in the flowers or vegetables, it is a bit early in the season but there were a few around. Lovely drive over and back but the dreaded hay fever has got to me.Off to watch the football finals.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Huge waves this morning

They probably dont look as big in my photos but there was a very disturbed sea, lots of sand moving and some of it back onto the beach. White water all along by the shore. We walked the cliffs at Petrels cool but not much wind. A lovely walk and the purple mallows were in flower, not liked by the local greens as they are not local but such a lovely thing to see. I am trying to do a sort of spring clean in the house, I feel very back achy and when I look at what a couple or more hours of work has produced, it doesnt look like much. My great grandsons seventh birthday tomorrow so I am making a chocolate slice, low fat but probably full of sugar which seems to be the latest no no. Would like to sit and rest my back but still lots to do.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

I have been away

Still recovering, we left at about 5 am on Monday morning and drove 11 hours across Victoria to Upper Lurg to stay with our friend Mark Bullen, tired but arrived safely. A lovely dinner party that night with old friends we dont see very often any more. Tuesday was a rest day, sort of, I wandered Marks garden and took some photos of the views, Mark has the most lovely ponies and we were there to pick up a lovely Section B stallion we have on loan for we hope 2 years, he is such a lovely boy I cant believe we are so lucky. We went to have lunch with another friend Sally, at her lovely Nilton Park Stud, I havent seen those ponies since her mother died quite a few years ago, a lot of them and rather fat but a beautiful house and property. We had a fun lunch with her son and grand children and then out to see the ponies, the paddocks run down to the River Oxley. Home to Marks for a rest and then out to the Glenrowan Pub for dinner, Tuesday is $10 night and we had a very nice meal.Caught up with friends again but home relatively early as an early start the next morning. Some chat and I fell asleep on the couch. Up and off by 5 am again, dropped off and picked up a pony along the way and another 11 hours to home. We were both quite exhausted by then. Thank goodness John made dinner and I fell asleep in my chair. We had Popped the new stallion in with 4 mares when we got home, he looks lovely and at least 3 of his mares were in season so that worked out really well. We had also had a foal while we were away but I didnt see him until the next morning. I was disappointed in the pony we had picked up(not the one from Mark, he is a beauty) but with a mane trim he now looks less depressed and if he will put on some weight might end up ok. The bloodlines are good. Thursday ponies came and went, a colt arrived from NSW, payment for a stallion we leased out, he is very small but again good bloodlines and he is only a yearling and a late foal to boot. We will see how he will go. two geldings went as well.It is Agricultural show time here and Sarah is washing ponies for one tomorrow, then we have a few but these are ponies under saddle. We did so well at both the Royal and Champion of Champions with ponies bearing our prefix under saddle, it is a credit to Sarah and I suppose me too as it was our home bred ponies of several generations, all credit to them.Oh and the last photo is of a pony I bought, I dont often buy these days, from Mark a few years ago, awaiting her first foal, she is gorgeous and I am so pleased with her. John is off fishing, I hope to do a bit of house cleaning, but it is a lovely day infact the whole week end, blue sky and warm, Hope yours is as good.