Saturday, July 04, 2015

A walk aon the Inman River walking trail

John has been asking me to do this walk for ages. We didnt do all of it, just a loop and I have to say I was rather disappointed as the billabong was dry and there was a lot of grass and weeds. Still it was a walk and I put together a small collage. The red gums were rather tortured looking, they had been killing introduced trees with a fascinating collection of holes bored at the base. I rather like the bridge over the river but not nearly as nice as my beach walks.

Friday, July 03, 2015

dressed dollies

Here are some not at all good photos of the dolls who are now dressed. All varieties of Raggedy Anne. I like the large one the least. Walking yesterday before I had to see my shoulder specialist, we went over the Inman River trac and I took this photo of the tide coming in at the mouth. It was very cold and is even colder today, a nice day to do the shopping and now do some sewing by the fire. I had a cooking afternoon yesterday, no photos, silly me but I made pea soup, shepherds pie and a boiled fruit cake to take with me up to Mambray Creek on Monday. We had the soup for lunch today and it was pretty good and the remains of the shepherds pie will be for tonights dinner, it tasted pretty good last night. So sad that the coach of the football team I follow was murdered in the early hours of this morning, a terrible loss. I do hope all of those in the northern hemisphere are coping with the heat, or that it has got cooler.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

More skies and burning dead pine trees

The sky from a different angle, across from the base of the Bluff to the town. More interesting clouds. No seals and it was very cold and windy. We came home and went up to see what John had been doing abut a line of radiata pine trees that had died a few years ago in the drought, they were unsightly and some were falling over. They are so unpredictable it was decided to try and burn then from the base and see what would happen. It was dry and with the wind in the right direction today. but I think it is going to be a long job. Rather interesting shapes against the sky.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

More wintry skies and the little plovers are back.

I am having problems with a ligament in my repaired knee apparently. Went to the dr yesterday and there appears to be nothing wrong with the knee but it is probably the ligament that is giving me the burning sensation. Not all that easy to live with but I am still walking and trying to get things done around the house. More pansies went into a pot this morning and when we walked the little plovers are back on the beach, to my mind a bit early but then I may be wrong. There were five of them but they scuttle up the beach so quickly it was hard to focus on them. double click the last photos and you may get a better view. I love these little birds. The skies over the sea have been wonderful but the big seas have made the beach difficult to walk on with all the sea weed that has come ashore. Still it is winter so what can you expect. What I would like to expect is rain, we seem to have days with little wind, grey grey days and the washing wont dry, and not because it has rained, the fire is going flat out too. I like winter mostly but would love to see the sun.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Making simple dolls and walks on the wild side

I have nearly finished dressing these little dolls, all because it is Raggedy Annes 100th birthday. I had fun trying out different body shapes. Yesterday we went walking over at Pt Elliot and in the middle photo if you double click to enlarge it you may see a kyak and some surfers by this huge rock, every so often a surfer would take an enormous wave over these rocks looked terribly dangerous to me and it is quite a way out. This morning there were still large waves around by Petrels and the sand was on the move, whether it was going in or out I am not sure. Apparently there has been a huge low to the south between South Africa and Western Australia, nestled right next to the Antarctic and although the weather here has been relatively windless there are huge waves coming up from the south. Wild and wonderful. I am having a lot of pain from my now almost 2 year old knee replacement, cant see my GP until the 13th of next month to start something, anything to see what the problem is. Perhaps I will take to drink!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Love winter skies

I love these skies, this is this mornings walk between showers. I didnt think we would get one but it cleared for about half an hour. I like the shots over the sand dunes. It then rained for most of the day, not terribly heavy but we have had about 8 mm last night and so far today. I need comfortable rubber boots. double click to enlarge.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Odd weather

In our walks we have had calm seas and sunshine one day, wild weather the next with huge seas and everything in between. A lot of kelp washed up on the beaches. This morning it was beautiful, now we have had a change and its cold, wet and low cloud. Not a lot of wind although we had that early this morning. We have been amazingly dry for June but are slowly catching up to our average. I moved pots around yesterday and then ached but went to the nursery this morning and came home with a couple of the lovely coloured ornamental kale, just hope the caterpillas dont find them. Pictures when the sun comes out again. We had taken a couple of trees by the back door whose roots had gone miles under the cement and made a mess so this is what I had aimed to put in their place. I am out in the cold here where my laptop is but I will go back and stuff another doll body, yes I am making a couple of dolls in honor of Raggedy Anne's 100th birthday. A nice thing to play with on a wet afternoon. Then I am off to make a fish pie for dinner Yes Virginia it is Oscar that we lost, he was a bit older than your Nikko.