Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Pea hen abd chicks

My pea hen has had chicks, they are about 5 weeks old now. Amazing so far she hasnt lost any. Very low tide for our walk this morning. I feel rather tired and full of aches. I did a silly thing yesterday, I pulled out a plastic container from under the bed to get some felt and forgot to put it back. Not wanting to wake John up last night I didnt turn on the light and basically fell into it as I went to bed, Talk about a mess, he was half asleep, I couldnt move and trying to get me out of a very confined space was not easy, I have a nasty scrape down my left arm where I collected the bed base and a lot of other aches and pains and bruises. I can laugh about it now but then!! I really wont go into any more about it but golly gosh it was not nice.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

57th wedding anniversary

We do look young, 19 and 21, and John with no beard, he grew it later that year as the sellers at the elders markets thought he was too young and wouldnt take his bids. We were buying sheep then. We had a lovely morning over at the Goolwa markets and then a walk on the beach, trouble is I had a dreadful night because my new knee was playing up, I dont think it should be as its over 2 years since it was done but it sometimes doesnt like lying in bed. We have organised a take away pizza and a bottle of bubbles and some strawberries and we will sit on the saddle of the Bluff and eat them. It wont be a late night. Once upon a time!!!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Thursday and Saturday walks

double click to enlarge the collages. Thursday was windy and rough and we walked along the cliffs from Petrels, lovely noisy walk and then this morning it was very muggy and not terribly clear and after going into the market we walked along the beach at Hayborough and watched little sails going up at the Yacht club. They look lovely. Yesterday it was shopping and a friend came out in the afternoon, which was great, a nice long chat. It is still relatively cool but when the sun comes out it suddenly warms up. I am doing odds and ends around the house and a bit of painting, hung another cloth fish that I embroidered, it is only made of denim as George has taken to leaping at things so i thought it didnt matter what happened to this and its mate I did a while ago. Anything to keep him amused. I am getting to the stage of wondering why I do these things, there is a pile of odd sewing, things I have made, and what to do with them? I love to do them as they keep my hands occupied but no one in my family is really interested in what I do. I suppose there will be a huge bonfire at some stage to get rid of it all. I just hope I am not here to see it.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The last few days

We have had around 80mm of rain since the 29th, wonderful although some of it did come down a bit hard and fast. At least the garden has had a good soak and the rain water tanks are full. We did have one overflowing gutter which flooded part of the kitchen and I am still drying out cushions from the miners couch, I had left a window open but it has mostly dried up now. I have been having on going back aches from digging a hole in the garden, something once upon a time I would have done with no problems at all. ridiculous. I have been sewing these little patches, not sure what I will do with them but they are in my something useful basket, maybe brooches, maybe not. We walked on Monday morning, the photo of the boats and again this morning but not yesterday as it was teeming, roads flooded, water all over our road but this morning it has miraculously almost dried out. I am trying to sort out one of my work rooms, I think I shut the door after Christmas and havent been back in. Still quite a lot of work to do in it but at least a start has been made. Had a lovely short visit from a friend this morning, she was collecting some wool tops I had no more use for. I dont felt and she does. It really was nice just to see someone other than John!! Sometimes I think I am becoming a bit of a hermit.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

This morning in the paddock

we were checking water in the dam, loved these clouds, looks very brown and dry and it is amazing how the rain just soaked in. OOps I hadnt realised my hand was in the 2nd photo, taking photos from the car, lazy woman. I am paying with an aching back for trying to plant a canna in very root bound soil. At least it was damp. I just hope I havent done something silly and it (the plant ) survives. Not sure about my back.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Pt Elliot this morning

We had a wild and blustery night with some lovely rain, we had about 30mm over the last 2 days, wonderful for the garden and it has topped up the rain water tanks so having to wash in the dreaded dam water is now further off and with any luck we will get through with what we have, or get in the future. This morning we walked around at Pt Elliot, the surf life saving boat was out practicing but there were still large waves coming in near the steps, straight from the southern ocean. A lot warmer than yesterday. I have been searching for rabbit patterns to knit, but I think I may have to buy one as the free ones are not quite as nice. I need to keep my arthritic fingers moving as I am determined not to give in to them and knitting is a good way of using them.Wish me luck.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Its raining and its cold.

We are having a lovely rain, not too heavy but wonderful. With it it became cold so we have lit a fire. George isnt sure what to make of it. Probably silly but with all my metal bits I find I get cold really quickly and this old weatherboard house tends to leak air like a sieve, I have gone around and closed all the windows. to think a few days ago I was moaning about the heat. It will be back though, summer is not nearly over. With any luck the rain water tanks will at least get a top up. I have been drawing and sewing little things.