Saturday, November 01, 2014

A tiny bit of the Sandra Brownlee workshop

When I look I have so few photos and yet I thought I took so many. This was absolutely the best workshop I have been to, fun, laughter and tears, readings, poetry from books and some of our own, sewing our notebook covers, filling the notebooks, wonderful food from the shed (India and Ros), the lovely surroundings in the old Brewery in Goolwa. It was mind blowing and mind filling. We painted on brown paper with huge sticks, we walked to listen to the sounds of the river and sketch them and then write about it all. I am not much of a writer but even I began to use words to weave a bit of magic. A lovely collection of different but like minded women. I loved it. But I am now so tired I need a small nap as I really pushed myself for the 5 wonderful days. More to come.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A day of thunder and no rain, so far.

We walked around the bay this morning, the sky was interesting and there were almost no waves. I thought it would be hot but there was a lovely breeze off the sea. There were a lot of live green turbans washed ashore, John keeps collecting them and throwing them back, goodness knows if they survive or not or if it is some weird life cycle thing. Today there were absolutely tiny ones, I have never seen such small ones still alive. We came home and it was quite hot and oppressive. Now it is rumbling and grumbling, the black birds are singing and oh I wish we would get a decent rain out of this. I really hate dry thunderstorms as they can start fires. Trying to get stuff ready for my 5 days workshop with Sandra Brownlee. I am trying to pare down what I have and not take the whole workroom! Really looking forward to it.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Around the garden this morning

A lovely morning this morning, it is amazing how so much suddenly appears out and flowering in the garden at this time of the year. double click to enlarge and see the photos larger. I am sorry there are so many but I really couldnt help getting them all into the collage. dont you love my little pullets? A black Australorpe and a spangly silver wyandotte, such nice little people. In to the market early this morning, no walk as well I didnt really feel like it. John has gone fishing, a lovely day for it I just hope they catch some fish.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Been a busy week

The weather has been to say the least, interesting, hot and windy, cold and windy, no rain. I am still feeling tired after the after affects of my lurgi, but slowly getting a few things done. On Sunday we went over to "the other coast" and collected shells, always more interesting there and the little abolone had lovely shells as well as their interior. a pair of cape Barren Geese flew up and onto the shore, we dont see them often as they are mostly on the grassy off shore islands but do occasionally come into sheltered grassy areas around this lower gulf shore. I came home and P's rhododendron is flowering, it is lovely but always seems to hit the hottest part of October to flower. We walked around Victor this morning and the pair of boats were moored and showing up against the Norfolk Island pines. Things are a bit topsy turvy here at the moment, foaling is going on, I am still trying to sort out books and getting into the occasional cupboard. If we are downsizing I should at least have some idea of how and what, all I know is that there is so much in this house, after all I have been here 55 years and Johns family before him, since 1909 and more has come in than gone out. It doesnt bear thinking about.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Morning walks

Thank goodness I now seem to have shaken the wretched lurgi that attacked me and I feel better. we have archery at the end of the valley, lovely to see that the oval which fell into disuse is now being used again, along with the old hall, or the joy shed as my father in law used to call it and the tennis courts. It would be nice if they played cricket on the oval again but I think a few trees have got rather large, it used to be a hive of activity but not any more sadly, at least this is giving some parts of it a new lease of life.. The mornings have been warming up and we are in for a few very hot days for October, 10 degrees above the average they say. We have hay down not a lot but I hope it is all done before or if we get any rain. John has gone fishing today so although we walked together yesterday, the cliff path near Petrels I walked along the Hayborough beach alone this morning, the river is dammed back so no need to worry about crossing it but an awful lot of large dogs with owners throwing balls in all directions which was a bit more than I needed so I cut my walk short. The wind has come up so I am glad John and the crew went down to the Murray mouth and Coorong to fish, a bit safer than the sea, they were all desperate to go out but wether they catch any fish, who knows. I think I may be on fire watch, total fire bans but there were burn offs around us last night, I do wish people would be sensible when it comes to fires.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A very special foal and more of the garden

I am still in the thrall of this wretched lurgi so only doing what I have to. This morning however a very special foal was born, I lost his grandmother foaling last year and we were quite apprehensive about this first time mother, She is my cream Welsh B mare Rivington Sunday Best and for a first foal we put her not to a section b but to a section a stallion, our very well performed Rivington Spring rain. This little colt will I imagine be a stunning little saddle pony, all well and he is a corker. i have muddled up the captions for the photos but I think you can work it out. While I was out with the camera I took a few photos around the garden, the rose zephryn drouin always has flowers on her, the first of the clematis are out, I loved the citrus yellow of the euphorbia against the grey of the succulent and the new leaves on the trees behind. Finally the yellow banksia rose is flowering magnificently, popped out the back where it could spread to its hearts content. It never fails to amaze me how lovely, however fleeting, the garden looks in spring.