Monday, March 30, 2015

A bit of sewing and some flowers in the garden

More autumn crocus and some of the self sown cosmos in the garden. I have finished the second cushion for the show and sale over Easter, and all four of my little goddesses are also now ready. Slowly I am getting things done but unfortunately I am not sleeping well, I am not sure if I cant wait until my shoulder is replaced on 15th of April, or I am dreading the thought of the whole thing.Probably the latter. I am trying to get things done, especially as I leave for Ballarat on Easter Sunday for a week at Fibre Forum. I am a bit worried about how tired I will be, but then again, it should take my mind off things.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Morning walk

After a messy sort of week our walk this morning was lovely, low tide and some wind but rather lovely. I never tire of this walk as the beach is always changing. Yesterday John decided to take me for 'an airing', a trip to Adelaide as I needed some things from spotlight before next week, drop eggs off to P who wasnt home which was sad, then back to Victor and we had a nice lunch at The Anchorage and on for me to have my CT scan at the hospital. Not the nicest or most comfortable things to have and I came out feeling a bit shattered. it was the way they put my shoulder to scan it. So today I am being a bit slow, although some essential house hold stuff has been done, boring things like dusting, washing and making bread. Sarah is off with two ponies to show at the Adelaide Summer Royal, not sure how we will go but it is good to get them out. At the moment my shoulder doesnt cope with a whole day standing around so I didnt go.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My first blue egg

I bought a couple of Auricana chicks a while ago and finally I have an egg, they lay blue eggs, the brown ones are from my brown layers, the small white one from my silver laced pullet and the slightly larger from the australorp. It is fun to have a few different types. We went for a walk this morning, took photos of some flowering gums and came home to clean out ONE drawer, it is the one I stuff all sorts of things in including bank statements and John needed my interest. four hours later!! Any way it is sort of done. A lot of wind this afternoon which meant the small amount of rain we had got blown away but we have just had a bit more now. Oh if only it would rain all night.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Collection of photos of Halls Gap.

If you double click these photos should get bigger. I am still trying to get the house in order and making myself tired by doing so. I thought if I put these into a collage I would get more up. Generally these are views of Halls Gap from a walking trail, the Barumbuk cultural center where we had our class es and a few of the class photos, in particular making watercolours from what is basically dirt. All fascinating but I feel a long time ago now! It is much cooler and we have had a bit of rain, and a long walk on the cliffs this morning, but I forgot my camera and although I took photos with my phone I am not sure how to transfer them! My friend P is home from hospital so I had a long chat this morning and my youngest daughter had an arthroscope on her knee this morning and she rang me sounding dopey but I think all ok. I am finding it all a bit stressful but with another room to try and tidy tomorrow it is all go here.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Six days with Sandy Webster

Totally exhausted but it was worth it. The drive over and back, 6 hours each way is a bit of a killer but the town of Halls Gap is delightful ! I stayed in a lovely peaceful cottage. We made pigments from earth's that we had brought with us for the first 2 days, fascinating, and then made boxes and books for the last four. Our main box was a field box to carry with us, with smaller boxes to carry things in and a hand made journal. All absolutely wonderful and it has really enforced things I sort of knew but had not used for ages. Boxes and books here I come. My normal computer has jacked up and John is off fishing today, so I can't put up the photos I took while I was away. It has taken me for ever to unpack and wash so more I hope tomorrow. Sandy lived up to my expectations and it was a great class.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

For Joy

A friend asked to see some of the bits of hand stitching that I had done. Of course I cant find any where the ones I was talking about and I have run out of time to look as packing for going to the Grampians tomorrow seems to have taken longer than I thought as well as the odd interruption. Any way these are four small pieces of hand stitching using scraps of material that I just happened to have put into a more or less pleasing pattern. I mostly use running stitch with a bit of other embroidery sometimes and on the last one some couching. Will be back in a week with I hope lots of exciting things to write about. Wish me luck for a nice easy drive. I dont think I will be able to connect to the internet but it may happen, you never know.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy surprise this morning

In the mail was a lovely surprise, Kerry Keyes arrived all the way from America from Penny of' art Journal blog '. She is great and I will take her with me, as well at Matilda to the Grampians with me as she would love to see some of the country, but slept all the way in her box so didnt see anything of her long trip to get here.Matilda is very well travelled, around the world and lots of other places. Another cushion I have made and am in the middle of making an autumn themed one. Probably wont get done before I go but it is under way. We walked this morning, a lovely calm sea that every so often threw a large surge at us and we had to jump up the beach in a hurry. I went over to Goolwa today and at the shop that has cotton Indian stuff bought on special 3 tops and a dress, I like to wear the cotton ones around the place and when they are half price are not to be sneezed at. Not totally sure of the dress but I think I can find a place for it. Better do the feeds, animals are not pleased when I am late.