Thursday, September 18, 2014

Altered book pages and an orchid

There should be one more photo from my altered book but somehow I didnt get it up. I am being very slow with this book and am not really liking a lot of it but it is a good exercise in using the stuff I have and trying to get a bit looser, not sure that is happening but it is keeping me amused, I think. The orchid is dendrobium aussie star, a hybrid native dendrobium, it has been looking stunning this year and is flowering well now it has come inside to the bathroom. Freezing cold and it drizzled all morning so no walk, perhaps later today.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sea side wandering

Monday we went walking at the bay and found this wonderful purple star fish, today we went over to Pt Elliot and I took photos of the sun and clouds, the native yam daisies and the wonderful jumble of granite rocks. It was a lovely morning for a walk and to blow away some of the tiredness I have been feeling. Some more ironing done and a bit more done to the house, it all takes time these days, and another page done on my altered book. I am not really enjoying it but am getting a bit less thingy about it and trying out new things, after all I have heaps of stuff I can use so why not try it out. Not ready for photos yet though.There has been a lot of chat about people stopping blogging, I miss bloggers who used to be regular and now are not, but I also know that I dont post as regularly as I once did, I think because I ache so much I feel that what I have to say is not really relevant any more.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A touch of Spring

John and i walked this morning, the tide was low and the sand firm to walk on, lovely. Although the weather is a bit odd, showers out to sea and quite humid, we had fog this morning. I dug holes and planted a couple of plants, really not such a good idea for my shoulder but it had to be done. I walked around a bit with max and found my tulips were suddenly flowering and the big plum in the orchard is in full flower and in hidden corners other things were out or coming out. I love this time of the year, apart from the hay fever but it was pretty still all day. Sarah and I were supposed to be going over to the far side of Victoria tomorrow for 3 days but she has called it off, I am not available at any other time and she had a very hard netball final yesterday, they lost, and felt she couldnt do the 11 hour drive. I dont blame her and as I have been having a run of the aches I wasnt exactly looking forward to it all either. John is pleased too, I knew he was worried about it all. not a good time of the year, ponies foaling and things start to get very busy. Off to gather in my chooks so the foxes dont get them, wish they would get the baby rabbits that have appeared by the back gate, although John did get one the other day.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Necklace , starting a new one and more pages

I am making more yoyos for a few more necklaces, I am being rather slow though as the weather is so changeable and I ache as well as having a bad dose of hayfever, there is pollen blowing every where and we have had hot dry winds and now wet squally winds, which might help the hay fever. I always forget how miserable I can feel at this time of the year. I am slowly plodding on with my altered book, I think some pages need a bit more, some the wash I put on took all the colour out of somethings, it is all a learning curve still not sure it is my thing but I am determined to finish it. Adelaide to the dentist yesterday just left me feeling terribly tired and just then i went out to feed the chooks and was nearly blown away with a very strong wet gust of wind. I am now back inside, and I would be by the fire and on my tablet but the internet is pretty iffy in this sort of weather so I am better out here next to the wifi! The girls are safely back from a very good Adelaide Royal Show with the ponies, ribbons in most classes I think and a couple of firsts, not that I have the full results but I suppose some one will eventually tell me. They were lucky with the weather while they were up there.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Necklace for a friends birthday and a walk

I made this necklace for W and gave it to her yesterday, she seemed pleased with it, it is like the ones we made in Ro Bruhns class and was fun to do. We had lunch with W yesterday and had a late walk earlier along the cliffs and it was a stunning day to be out and about. Actually it is a stunning day today too and I went to the market and bought a few plants for the garden. John is fishing and I am just generally tidying the house. We have so far done very well with either our ponies or those we have bred at the Royal Show so that is pleasing too, my information is a bit hit and miss!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Our walk this morning, love these piles of granite rocks over at Pt Elliot. Oh and the nanagi that we ate the other night, such a great colour.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Playing in my altered book and lichen

I think it will take me for ever to finish this book, I think it is gradually growing on me but at times I still seem to be making mud! A nice distraction from my aches and pains though. We walked this morning, I wasnt sure we would be able to as we had a very welcome 8mm of rain over night but it cleared up very quickly and although colder and windy at least it got me moving a bit. I rather liked this very orange lichen growing on a rock as we walked up from the beach. I have been over taking a few books over to the Yankalilla exchange, through the back roads, the wattle is well and truly out. I called in to see Tabby at the fodder store too, she has some nice birds for sale, but no point in me having any Oscar loves terrifying any bird I have ever thought of having.