Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Busy day

Cant say I really did an enormous amount but I am soo tired. Two walks in one day. One on the beach and another to see another new foal, that paddock is up a hill and far away and as soon as I got there she took off so only a baby in the distance, so took a photo the tree leaning over the fence, I also saw a fox who was too fast for my camera and Max gave chase but he is too slow. I re arranged the succulents in the sun room to get more sun.I am still working on my mouse, one arm to go and to cover his tail and add a bit more here and there, eyes. Oh and some washing done, I suppose it is a fair amount but I have got other things that need doing. Painted a mouse. Now to think about dinner. Or perhaps a quick snooze.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Gorgeous morning

Almost felt like early summer, but there is a way to go yet. Lovely walk along the beach near Kent reserve and then on the way home a photo taken from the road of the amount of sand washed around the shore of the Back Valley creek, could be good turtle nesting area later on. At home a few of the shells and an egg casing (ray?) in a bowl. I have no doubt George (cat) will probably take them all to play with later on. He loves playing with shells and then hiding them under the hearth rug. At last I feel like doing some cleaning and tidying, after what seemed like a long cold and wet, (normal?) winter the days are lengthening and its time to prepare inside and out. Have a lovely day, I intend to.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Walking at home this morning

We had the first foal of the season born this morning, not sure if its a filly or a colt but always exciting. John and I walked up the very steep hill behind the house, it was damp and a bit overcast. To think I once used to race up this hill with no problems. Now I tackle it with a stick and frequent rests. It was lovely to get up there and see the in foal mares and the green paddocks, even if some of them are now no longer ours. I have been sorting through some books and took some over for Millie and Mason, natural history books and references for birds and plants I thought they might find useful. Millie tells me she has glasses and it makes reading a lot easier. So glad they have sorted out that problem.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pt Elliot this morning

We havent walked for a while, not a decent walk any way, and I had missed it. The sea was quite spectacular too. We have had some wild weather and finally this is showing up here along the south coast.Those lovely South African aloes are in flower, always such a bright spot along the coast in winter. People have a thing about introduced plants but plants are always evolving and something to brighten up a dreary winter day is always to be appreciated. We came home, I put a load of washing on the line, windy and bright blue sky and then it rained! Not really a problem as they are now inside on the clothes horse. I am trying to make a mouse, its not working very well. Back to the drawing (sewing) board.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Almost finished.

Still not quite finished and to my horror she keeps falling over. Hmm will have to think about that. Just a few little finishing touches. She didn't want a bird in a nest in her hair, opted for a very odd hat. Still she is almost there, may need a stick. Terrible day today, warm and blow g a gale this morning g, with me having a bad reaction to pollen and feeling awful. An early start to the hay fever season. Now thank goodness it is raining g a bit so the air is fresher and a lot cooler Have an idea for a different mouse, perhaps a rat. We will see.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Doll, rocks and flowers

My little Miss is slowly getting some clothes on. Very slowly. We walked along the base of the Bluff this morning, very grey then, now its warmed up and sunny. I love the pink mallow although the purists around here think it is a weed. Felt like taking photos of rocks this morning. We didnt walk all the way to the little jetty, must have been some fish as lots of vehicles there.Home and some washing on the line, the weather has been rather odd down here, overcast and cold, low cloud, almost fog, now this lovely afternoon. We had over 3mm overnight too. Some of my prunus is coming into flower and looking lovely. I just wish my back didnt say, no gardening.

Monday, August 15, 2016


This lovely little quilt arrived today, I am part of Kate North's Another Little Quilt swap, and this one is by Pam Andrews in the Uk. I also had an email to say that the one I sent had arrived. Always a worry that they will arrive safely. Such a lovely idea and as the quilts are generally quite small they are manageable for non quilters like me. I have quite a lovely collection. One never knows exactly what one is going to get. This morning we went over to the King's beach car park and walked towards Depp's beach, I love going to Kings Beach but find these days the track a bit too rough for my shaky legs. We hadnt gone along the path we took for a long time and that path is now greatly improved. There was I think a whale far out to sea, I dont know what else it could have been, but rather far for my eyes to make it out clearly. So lovely to have sun, finally I have been out potting up some lettuce seedlings. Now onto that naked body I have to dress.