Friday, April 29, 2016

The wisteria by the back door in its autumn glory

I shopped today, it has dripped with rain off and on and I have been sitting quietly trying to work out how to turn the heel of the sock I am knitting. I think I have done that but now for the slightly more difficult bit of getting all the bits together again. Would you believe I have 4 different sock recipes so I can try and work it all out.Cant go on u tube as the computer is running slow. Well with any luck I will sort it out, if John doesnt come and stand next to me and talk and takes no notice of my go away motions, sometimes he has no idea what I am doing. Perhaps he doesnt think I can concentrate. Frogs and crickets are out there calling, I do hope we have more rain. Although having said that I have to go to a foal show in the hills on Sunday, forcast is for cold and rain. That is about normal for the foal show. Leaves have been falling fast, the wisteria is in a sheltered place so its leaves may go this buttery yellow and stay for a bit longer.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Morning walks

We went to two different areas this morning, mostly because the usual one near kent Reserve was not an easy walk as the tide was higher and there were banks of sea weed making walking difficult, the sea and the sky was quite incredible very flat and washed out looking with streaked clouds. There was a young Pacific Gull trying to eat a dead fish but I was a bit late catching him. We then went around to the road below the Bluff and walked there, easier to walk in some ways. The same really odd sea and sky. The last photo is of the road and part of the Bluff. It has been quite warm and very still after the winds yesterday. There was a lot of blown dust yesterday, picked up from the very bare earth left after the Pinery bushfire and this may have had something to do with the slightly eerie atmosphere. Loved the clouds. Still not getting far with my knitting, and really not settling to much except reading as I still feel a bit flat. Must get my act together.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Very windy

It blew hard all night and for half the day. Leaves down all over the place and we stepped onto the beach, took a photo and raced back to the car with sand blowing every where, not that you can see it here. I am a little afraid we may have acquired another cat. This black and white one has been around the house lately and eating anything that Max leaves over. Oh dear.Obviously knows people as it stands at the door and meows and I can sort of pat it. Bet its an undesexed male. we are the right distance for people to either dump them, or in this case possibly the people who rented over the road didnt take it with them. I had stitches out of my ear today, a flu shot and was told that it was a cancer that they took off my leg, early and shouldnt be a problem. Those stitches come out next week.Oh well.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This morning on the beach

I had hoped to retrieve the photos John took yesterday morning at the dawn service, he had to lay a wreath for the local member of parliament, I tend to stay in bed, but we cant find what his phone did with them, so.. A few photos on the beach this morning, loved the bucket and spades, one very small very chatty little boy with his grandmother, but I on.y took the equipment not him. A lovely warm morning. I havent been feeling at all well, I think a reaction to having 2 different bits of me cut out ( one on my leg and one on my ear) and a thingummy burnt off my nose, I have been feeling quite 'off' so not a lot has got done. I seem to have slept and read and not even walked a lot, although I did manage to give friends lunch on Sunday, then fell in a heap again. Hate it when that happens, no obvious symptoms just not quite right. Feeling marginally better today. Now we need some rain, and lots of it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

art doll

I have been playing around with this little figure, not sure she is totally finished but is further advanced than she was. Her dress is paper, 2 different sorts of paper napkins and I am having fun adding things as I think of them. Sorry the photo seems a bit fuzzy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

todays walk and evening promrose

The first and last photos are of this mornings walk, over to Pt Elliot as we had to get parts for the motor bike from over that way, quite warm and lovely and this friendly magpie probably wanted a free hand out which it didnt get. Yesterday I finally got a couple of photos of the evening primroses that are lining the sprayed edges of the road. I think they were originally used as a feed plant but dont seem to like much competition and dont grow in the paddocks but look lovely lining the side of the road.It has certainly warmed up back to a t shirt and 3/4 pants today but the nights are cold. I had a visit yesterday from my sister and her son and family who were over from Perth, lovely to see them all. Today after a not good night I am sitting knitting my socks which are very slow going.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Flowers and maps

A few flowers from the garden, there is not much out there but I love these cosmos. I sort of made a map over the last few days , from home to the walk on the cliffs. I have a lot of photos of the middle bit but didnt want to bore any one. Amazing how when you sit down to do it you cant remember all the turn offs and houses. I have meant to do this for ages and now it is done. The orchids are really blooming in the sun room too. Warm days and cool nights.