Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Walks around Pt Elliot

finally I am connected back to the world. Something to do with windows 10 and avast our virus protection agent. Any way all fixed now. I will leave you with the photos, winter along our coast.

Monday, June 27, 2016


I still can't access the Internet on my laptop so photos may be few and far between. I may be able to use Johns but he uses it a lot and we don't often have the time to work out who can do what. We argue as he does things completely different to me. Not really worth it. We did walk along the cliffs, no whales although there have been several around, including a couple of Orcas, among the surfers, might have been a bit interesting for them. George has had a bit of a tummy upset, but seems OK now, spent a lot of time curled up in odd places. Does love the fire, but then so do I. I am knitting a rabbit one of Little cotton rabbits patterns, so far it is nice to do but now I have to make the legs, might have to go in a quiet corner to do it.

Sunday, June 26, 2016


My lap top has been sick, I can't get it to connect to anything but my emails. We have both spent hours trying to work out what is wrong, and then how to connect my camera to a/ WiFi and b/to my tablet. All very frustrating and time wasting. So here I am with one photo I took this morning. Yesterday I had some wonderful photos as we went over to Pt Elliot and there were some spectacular waves coming over the rocks. It has been very cold and a bit damp, but I have managed to pull some weeds and knitted a rabbits head. Oh and a bit of news, looks as if, all going well, we will b e great grand parents again early in the New Year. Great excitement.

Friday, June 24, 2016

A very strange rabbit.

I had to take a photo of a bit of sun. We have had rain squalls all day very cold and when we actually got some sun I raced into the sun room for a photo. I have just heard that Britain is not wanting to keep with the E U interesting times ahead there I think.So to the rabbit, very strange !! He is a free bee from Jill Maas, a lovely cloth doll designer. I made him from a piece of of odd coloured pane velvet. I think maybe I should have put his head further back but I do rather like him, little monster rabbit!! Just had a visit from an old school friend, we were in kindergarten and then all through school together . It was fun to catch up, hadn't seen each other for ages.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The socks are finally finished

I finished the socks by the fire yesterday, I needed time on my own to concentrate on the final bit. So glad they are done. I do have other sock making wool but will give it a rest for a while. Forecast of possible snow on the Mt Lofty ranges and the Flinders Ranges for Friday morning, it will be interesting if that happens, it is quite rare and doesnt last long. I am making a free e pattern of a small rabbit from Jill Maas site, havent played like this for a while and it is quite fun. I have also started knitting a rabbit, I will see how they turn out. No walks for a while so I have to keep busy inside.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cats and photos from a walk

I have been very naughty and havent been blogging. It is so cold and wet and windy that going out here to my bedroom to use the computer is something I tend to put off. I use my tablet by the fire but dont always have the photos on that. I have been making more felt cats, mostly to see which ones I like to make and also to put away for presents. I have been having fun, lots of ideas on pinterest. We did manage a walk yesterday, in a very light drizzle, the road along the base of the Bluff is relatively sheltered and the sea was quite flat for a change so I took the photo of the reflections in the water below the jetty and on the other side where there was some rather nice textures in rocks and logs. I missed the seal though. To day it is pouring with rain so I am inside trying to catch up on a few bits and pieces it is cold too so I am about to sit by the fire and knit for a little while to thaw out..

Saturday, June 18, 2016

We walked this morning

I have on the whole had a busy week and tomorrow I go to Adelaide for a meeting so wont be home much then. We tried walking on the beach this morning but the swells were too high and there was no beach, just huge piles of sea weed so we went along to the cliffs by Petrel's instead. Bit windy and blustery and the waves were quite churned up. Not a long walk but enough. Home and washing done and a bit of gardening and I am back sewing for a while. I have a roast of pork on for dinner tonight, I think we are eating too much! Crayfish for lunch yesterday, Pork for dinner tonight.