Wednesday, July 29, 2020

We wandered around the Peninsula a day or so ago.

sorry about thge last photo, I cant see what the tiny ones are on the computer. My eyesight is getting worse. We had a lovely wander around Normanville and Carrickalinga and home on a back road at Mt Robinson. I am not getting out a lot, yes a morning walk but unfortunately I am back to bad arthritic aches and pains and my diabetes is playing up. I think this wretched virus is making me feel it is all a bit much. Cant see the Melbourne family, and although we are lucky here that so far we are not badly affected, in fact we have very few cases it just seems to go on and on. with no end in sight. I am knitting and although I enjoy it both my arthritic fingers and my eye sight dont make things easy. I really dont want to do anything and that is not a good way to be. Our walk this morning was lovely and although we need rain, it was warm and sunny, now it is cold and overcast. So far a very dry July which John tells me is not unusual as it happens according to his rain records about every 15 years. Max is woofing that it is dinner time, better go and feed him and George (the cat) as they get impatient if things are not on time.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

In the garden.

The Murray magpie was looking for food on the front lawn, love what birds we get. My azalea is flowering well. One of the green cymbidium orchids and the view foots under the silver birch. Beautiful day, cold night but lovely sun during the day. Trouble is I had to water the other yesterday. This is an unusual dry July, it is after all mid winter. John is baking sour dough bread and I bought some sardines at the market so looks like an interesting dinner. Love fresh sardines.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

garden plants and a small bear.

Still cold. Very windy. We have been walking most mornings. The daisies in front of the yellow flowering succulent. These and the marigolds brighten things up outside. Sometimes I think I am getting covid depression. There seems not a lot to look forward to at the moment. I have almost finished the little bear, I think he needs a scarf. I do have problems seeing to sew him together, the brown stresses my eyes. I did have my eyes tested the other day. As I am diabetic and have a hole in the macula I need to be checked regularly. Off to make a chocolate self saucing pudding for John. I haven't made one for so long. Hope everyone is well.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

garden plants and heads.

I have now made three heads, a deer, a big rabbit with a patch and a small rabbit. I thought I would just like to make a few to see how I was going.Then I will eventually make the rest of them bodies I mean. I would also like to get the cat pattern. A bear maybe next. Love doing them as they take my mind off the virus worries. I have family in Melbourne. A few of the pots that are flowering too. Mid winter here and cold but sometimes we get sun. Our walks vary a bit but I still love the beach but the tide is not always right. We were told this would be a cold and wet day but so far some sun which helps warm the house up and not much rain here although to the north it has looked pretty black. It is school holidays at the moment and the town is pretty full so we try not to go where there are people. Stay well everyone.

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

A grey day.

I have finished my little deer head. This is based on the fox head but with some alterations. I am making a few heads before I finish the bodies. Rather fun to see how they are developing. The small rabbit head will probably now get different clothes as Julie from Little cotton rabbits has just done some separate clothes. Wonderful. I am having fun with my knitting. So glad to have something to occupy my mind, this virus seems to be getting worse and worse and although we are not in difficult areas, in fact we are lucky but friends and family are not in such a good place and it all seems to become more worrying as time goes on. Entally this doesn't help the longer it goes on.

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Odds and ends

I suddenly found I had a post in drafts. Not sure how that happened but I will try and be more reliable in future. John is working on a "piece" he hopes to get published so getting to the main pc where the photos are is not always easy, or I forget or am too tired. The weather had been very cold but sunny days. Now it has changed again, a thunderstorm last night and just over 10mm of rain. Our walks are brisk and some have been lovely but I have been glad to get back inside to my knitting. My Mr Fox is finished but I still need to block his pants and sew them on. I have started a rabbit head but need some more wool. I think I may do a series of heads before making clothes. My tete a tete daffodils are out despite the fact that they had been in the crisper in the frig with apples which I was told was a nono. The oxalic in the lawn are valiantly flowering even when the lawn has been cut and the non quilt in the little round garden covering the water meter are also in flower. I am amazed at the birds that come to my bird bath too. I can see them from my chair in the sitting room. Little Matthews 2nd birthday was a great success last Saturday but I forgot my camera, not something I do often. It is cloudy and windy outside but I am quite OK here. Well back to the knitting.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Still winter, cold and wet.

Lots of clouds at the moment, very cold and wet but we are coping. We went over to Waitpinga to look at the coast there, walked on the beach here, looked at clouds. John went to a funeral today and caught up on the news of the valley, another death and a birth. I do miss the farm and the valley. John had to be invited to this funeral so they knew how many people would be there. The virus has made so many things different although here in south Australia we are lucky in no new cases for ages but over the border n Victoria there are more and more cases.So we cant go to see the children over there. Not that I particularly want to go any where at the moment, apart from my walks on the beach. I have nearly finished my little knitted fox, I can see a mistake but this one is staying with me. Just his clothes to finish.