Sunday, October 13, 2019

Home from Shelley Rhodes class at Fibre Arts in Adelaide.

Tired, but then when am I not. 5 days at fibre forum in Adelaide tested out the body and unfortunately told me no more I love the community of people and what I learn but age has definitely caught up. I struggled a bit on the first 2 days but loved the stamping and over printing and finally got my act together so I had something for our final day exhibition. I liked using the minimum palette that came from my theme of shells and the beach. What I had problems with was the amount of walking from boarding house to meals and classrooms. I was lucky in I was often ferried by kind friends and people. I arrived home early this morning as we decided we were too early for breakfast and my very good friend Wendy drove me home. The washing is done, although a disaster with an errant tissue. Most but not all tidied away. Not a lot else done, it is now raining, not a lot so far but I don't have to water, no rain for over a week so beginning to be needed. No walk either, trying to save my back a bit. My battery is low. More later.

Sunday, October 06, 2019

A bit of yarn bombing going on over at Goolwa

We went over to Goolwa this morning to have another look at the Winnie Peltz exhibition on there. I do love it. Then to the market to get some soap before heading home through drizzle. We had gone over to look at the Yankalilla show yesterday. Always like that ag show as there is a very good family feel to it. Ponies did well too. I seemed to walk an awful long way as there were so many cars and lots of people which is good. Daylight saving started this morning, but that didnt worry us. I will be in Adelaide doing a mixed media course from tomorrow until Sunday morning. Just hopeing my back lasts.I am busily packing and unpacking but still seem to have an awful lot of stuff. Thank goodness Wendy has a large car. Sounds as if this will be the last lot of classes here in Adelaide, such a shame as much as I like Ballarat it is such a long drive. I guess I have to decide that I am not getting any younger and perhaps I should give up. Be back next week.

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

It is warming up.

I am tired, struggling to get together the stuff for classes next week. Sewing up my doll. She will look better when she has clothes and hair!! The last of the cymbidium orchids, this one came many years ago from my mother. We have been walking and to explain about the heat on Monday we saw a large brown snake while walking to the beach at Pt Elliot and yesterday a very fast sleepy lizard on the bile way, too fast to take its photo. I even have a fan on today, it is so warm. Trying to sort out stuff for my classes next week. I just hope I survive. I don't like hot weather.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Great but tiring day.

Yesterday we woke and John cooked breakfast supplied in the B & B and then we went for a long walk along the beach at Pt Willunga. Havent been there for so long but it was wonderful, a hard sand with no slope. A few shells but not a lot. I think I managed about an hour which is great for me. Then after tidying up we left and headed up to McLaren Vale where we were meeting some of the family, especialy the Melbourne ones for lunch at D'arrys verandah. D'arry was supposed to join us but unfortunately he was in hospital having a stent put in, all ok so far as we spoke to him last night. We had a lovely lunch but I seemed to get more and more tired as the afternoon went on. The food was fantastic but I do find that things get a bit much at times. Too used to a quiet life I am afraid. Still a lovely start to my birthday week.I love the beach at Pt Willunga, the old jetty is getting less and less and the cliffs are eroding too. I remember climbing up them as a 7 or 8 year old. I took the photo of the cube with the umbrellas up. Some of our party went in to look. The dog and cat were pleased to see us home and felt a bit put out at not having had breakfast yesterday but at least we were home in time for dinner for them. A bit of a lazy day today.

Friday, September 27, 2019

A different day

All starting to come together. At the moment we are collapsed in a lovely B&B in Pt Willing. Set up for two people it has a fire!! Not sure we will use it but nice to think about. The Melbourne family called in for morning tea this morning and Evie took a couple of bags of books which is great. I love it when the young ones look on books I have enjoyed with cries of glee. Any way we are here due to one of our children thinking my 80th birthday, which is still to come, deserves it. I think we will have fish and chips for dinner. Tomorrow we have lunch with some more of the family.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Around the garden.

My peace flag is flying. Thank you Fiona and Barry. Not that there seems much peace around the world at the moment. Sometimes I wonder what we are coming to. The garden has some nice bits at the moment. Spring is definetly here but the weather goes from warm to cold, sunny and damp.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

This morning over at Parsons Beach look out.

A stunning morning, cold, showers a bit of sun and all these natural rock gardens with flowers just coming out in the scrub surrounding the car park. The sea looked magnificent. I love coming out here, reminds me of the walks at the farm. Not a lot out but enough and unfortunately my little camera doesnt show stuff up but with any lu7ck if you enlarge them something will show.