Saturday, June 24, 2017

spectacular scenes in at the Bay this morning

Very little wind and huge seas. My photos dont really do them justice. My eyes are not seeing terribly well still and I couldnt at first make out what were huge waves and what was cloud. It was so still so there must be some sort of disturbance way south of us. Some idiots were out in a small boat in all of this, lucky not to be swamped. Rather exciting but I just wish I could see better. My photos were quite definetly point and shoot.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Another stunning day, but still no rain.

The no rain bit is starting to become a serious worry. So far not a lot of frost as we would expect but heavy dew but rain is what we need. George likes to see what every one is doing and I happened to have the camera this morning. We went in and walked the cliffs this morning. I love these walks but I come home so tired. I think the forcast of rain has got to some of the farmers and this fellow was sowing his paddock as we walked past. I am once again throwing out stuff, it isnt really enough but it all helps. On one of the blogs I follow there was a recipe for ginger nut biscuits, I made some, they are pretty good. I just wish I could see my computer screen better, its hopeless so if there are lots of spelling mistakes that is the reason. I also feel mildly sick when I am trying to focus.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Morning walk, clouds over the valley.

It was high tide so not a long walk. John had an x ray of his hips so we didnt have a lot of time. clouds over the valley as we came home. We need rain but it doesnt look terribly hopeful Sorry but seeing the screen on my computer isnt easy and every so often I hit the wrong key.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Frozen fog

I was a little late getting these photos, the fog was starting to burn off. Very cold on bare feet. John off fishing so I am on my own today. Getting my drops into my eye will be interesting. We have had some frosts and the green lilies in the garden have been caught but they will return in spring.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Interesting walk this morning.

I am fighting this eye, so annoying. We did manage a short walk this morning to see what was happening to the mouth of the Inman River. From where we normally walk it looked as if it had filled in but what a surprise, it had moved completely over to the right and had quite high banks and looked very different. I rather liked the blue crane on the post and there were lots of birds, presumably with the new direction the river is flowing in there is a lot to eat. Oyster catches at the mouth. I keep feeling a bit sick as all my glasses are wrong but I need something to see at different focal lengths. Should be cleaning up stuff but cant see what I am doing.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Drive to Parsons Beach this morning

I have had my eye done, it is really weird, because of the hole in the macular I can see long distance quite well without glasses abut close up and reading is to say the least interesting. I have found a pair of old reading glasses which if I hold the page/ whatever close to my nose I can see but looking at the computer screen is very interesting, so there probably will be lots of mistakes. I am feeling rather old and tired, hope I feel better soon. I cant get new glasses for a month and I keep feeling a bit off balance at the moment. I am used to wearing glasses full time and feel rather vulnerable without them. Did remember a pair of dark glasses which help the glare. Just frustrating. One lovely bit of news was that we managed to see the latest great grandchild before I had the cataract op, a gorgeous little girl, 6 lb 14 oz who decided to come 2 weeks early, breach and an emergency c section to boot. She is beautiful. All in the same local hospital. Today John decided I needed an outing so we went through to one of my favorite beaches, Parsons. Of course I couldnt see through the led screen so a bit hit and miss, lovely to be out but felt a bit wobbly aferwards. Hope I can see a bit better tomorrow.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Bit of this and that.

I have felt a bit off today, I think it's a case of OK one day, not quite as good the next. I haven't sketched for ages but rather liked this little eche eria in the sun room. My sun room really comes into its own on cold but sunny days like this. Another frost this morning, a bit warmer, only 0 degrees this morning, then it got cloudy a bit of both sun, which was lovely and cloud. I picked the yellow daisies this morning, they are always the most cheerful thing in the garden in winter. Took two bags of books over to the 2nd hand bookshop, don't get much but at least they have gone.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Another short walk

I think, hope, I am getting over this wretched cold. I have my cataract op next Friday so hope I am over the cough by then. I havent felt like this for ages and ages. I just dont get colds! We had a short walk this morning after going in to the market, not my usual walk but it was sunnty and lovely on the beach with a slow gentle murmur of small waves. Very cold this morning, another frost. People out to look at the property (and the house) not expecting much.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

A couple of lovely orchids

I feel awful today, my nose keeps dripping,I hope this means I am getting over this horrid cold. I don't seem to have done much today, although a wheel barrow load of magazines went onto the heap to be burnt. I did make chicken soup too which we had for lunch, supposed to be good for colds. Much as I love our orchids I could have done without John deciding to bring some in today, of all day I had to find places to put them and re arrange the sun room. Still they look lovely. We had a frost this morning and it was cold, not a bad one but I haven't brought many succulents in under cover, always a worry if we get a really hard frost.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A beach walk this morning

Oh I ache! We walked the beach this morning, just a short one but it has altered since the last time we walked here, sand has been cut away, sea weed where it normally isnt and I found this lovely sea urchin with no legs. Gorgeous. We are tidying, will it ever stop? People coming to see the property on Saturday and Sunday, at least there are a couple of people who just might be interested. The more I look at what has accumulated in this house over the years the more I shudder. Still coughing and have to have a sit down every hour or so. So much to do.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bit of a wild morning, wetter and very cold now.

We chose to go walking early this morning, just as well as it has now got very cold with heavy almost hail showers coming through. I have been back in cupboards and drawers but trying not to do too much. I have just started an online cloth doll class with Angela Jarecki on doll Street dreamers. I have done several of Angela's dolls and love them, I just hope I can manage to do some of this one before my eye op and while I am turning out cupboards etc, Im afraid I am getting rather old for all of this. Still, on and forward. The for sale sign is up out the front and now to hope that the house looks alright if and when people come. I hate this.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Daily stitch update.

I don't think I will ever get this house sorted. I am in the terribly aching back stage but have managed to at least declutter and pack up some stuff. It is all rather frustrating. We have just had a thunderstorm but very little rain with it so far. At least I can sit and embroider every so often. My daily stitch is moving on but I really have very little idea of what it will look like in the end. Better get on with the baby blanket.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Would you believe that I have just spent two days, dusting, re organising and placing in a large plastic bin, and filling it with dolls that there were too many of, plus other bits and pieces, and it still looks overcrowded. Oh well there has to be something here for any one looking through the house to see. Nightmares.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Morning walk and a bit more of the garden.

we walked along the cliffs this morning, a bit of wind and quite warm but the threat of rain. Home and not much rain, although the wind has got up. I took the photo of the mulberry tree in the orchard, it was glowing, but after this wind it may not have many leaves left. The Gaura Lily in the back garden was waving its leaves around but probably doesnt show here. I am doing really boring stuff, and will be for weeks I imagine, packing the odd things up. I dont think I want to go there.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Around the garden

The evening light has made the trees in the orchard look rather spectacular, autumn at its best. I like my little arrangement by the back door but must plant those seedlings in a pot tomorrow, it is supposed to be sunny. I am cleaning out shelves and cupboads, not a nice job but has to be done. I think if I take it slowly it wont be quite so bad, but what to keep and what to throw out, having lived in this house for nearly 60 years it becomes a problem, especially as I have always been a bit of a horder. Love these photos.