Friday, December 08, 2017

Not the best day.

I had every intention this morning of going for a walk, but I felt pretty rotten this morning g, a tally for a lot of the day. Friend W called in to see me which was lovely, she is working on a gorgeous bird quilt, or possibly a cushion cover. So all I could come up with was more pots. I am pleased my favorite bird bath is back with me. Pots and more pots. One more cake finished.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hope the ill feeling passes quickly. My birdbaths are turned bowl down due to the freezing temps winter brings. But I am watching the critters gather around the pond thawing snow to drink. I always worry they will fall through the ice.
xx, Carol

Robin Mac said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well again Penny, hope it goes away quickly. I love your collection of pots. Your birdbath is similar to one o ours - are the birds coming to it? When we moved one of ours to the back garden it took several weeks before the birds felt comfortable, but they flock to it now.