Saturday, December 30, 2017

Morning walk on the cliffs

Cool and blustery with the odd shower on top of the cliffs this morning. We have had a busy few days, but finally this walk, I am wearing one of Linda Jenkind (Kangaroo Island) lovely hats. Yesterday we went to lunch to celebrate New Year a little early and Johns birthday, a little late. Lovely lunch and lovely people. I have some photos of the lovely garden but as my camera battery was flat this morning and we took these photos on Johns phone and then I have the most awful trouble finding them on the computer. Upside down and not where I normally have photos. Any way this mornings pictures are done. I have taken down the front curtain, so much lighter and much nicer. We went to the market and I have been tidying things up a bit. No room for stuff!! I really need to get my act together.


Robin Mac said...

Love the hat Penny. Glad you are having a few showers - wish we could get some here. the weather is very hot with a scorching sun!
Happy New year to you both. XX

princess arwaa said...

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