Friday, December 22, 2017

Walking the beach this afternoon.

Lovely to take Max, and ourselves to a beach with no one on it. I love e these very typical Kangaroo Island beaches. Max is a rescue dog and had a very hard life before we got him. Loved the farm but changes unsettle him although he has been very good. We went out to the pub last night for dinner, very good food,there must be a new chef. Trouble is we must be getting older, we seem to get tired so easily. We were given a magnificent snapper last night. John is cooking it, we have friends coming in to help eat it. My gorgeous little Robin and nest is made y my favorite KI artist Wendy Leoni me, I love her bird houses and this my present to myself.Sorry that should be Leonhime


Robin Mac said...

I love that bird too Penny,what a super gift to give yourself.
I find we are not only getting tireder as we get older but I can't eat nearly as much so I often struggle with pub sized meals.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Cute birdhouse. Perfectly earthy. Rescue Dogs will usually accept change as long as they are not separated from their "person". I'm sure your pooch will find his favorite places in your new home and adjust. Terry and I tire more easily too. Going to the grocery store takes longer and tires us as well. Often times we split a meal when we eat out, or take home the leftovers to eat the next day. My grandson and his family are staying with us til the end of next summer which has caused us to really be out of our routine including meals. but just like our rescue dogs, we are adjusting, lol.
xx, Carol
Merry Christmas