Friday, December 01, 2017

Inside and out.

We had a resonance amount of rain overnight and big bangs of Thunder. It has drizzled a bit through the day and is much cooler thank heaven. I had a reasonably busy day a visit to the podiatrist, shopping, where I came home feeling tired and a bit off. Over to get some stuff out of the container, looking for Christmas stuff. The clouds were on top of the hills, and I didn't take photos so when I came home around the garden, in pots but the purple tradascantia (not sure of the spelling, and a couple of photos inside. Oh and John getting his little lawnmower together, it does have a 3 year guarantee, might need it it's very plastic!


Barry said...

Hi P - all the familiar parts of life. Glad you have had rain to cool and to grow. Be well. B

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I see your John is just like my Terry....putting the lawn mower together on the glass table. I made Terry put out a plastic picnic table so he would have a space to do this kind of thing and a place to leave his junk on. I swear, guys all read the same book, lol.
xx, Carol