Thursday, September 28, 2017


Sorry but my posts will be a bit hit and miss, Adelaide and accountants on Tuesday, Wednesday looking at rentals today some of the Melbourne family arrive, in between cleaning, packing and making beds I have a doctors appointment today. So if I don't post it is because I have run out of puff.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Around the garden

Horse floats are very useful things, more went in after I had taken this photo. Another wander around the garden, thank goodness we had some rain over night and the wind has stopped. I think both John and I are wearing ourselves out packing and moving stuff. Just need to get through it all.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

This and that

Another dreadful day cooler, odd short showers and blowing a gale again. George is in by the fire. I did have a quick look around the garden. The wisteria is out and the Quince tree is in full flower, how I will miss that, thecymbidium orchid and the mock orange are doing well despite the awful conditions. I have packed up I don't know how much stuff today and we delivered a load to the container. Having to rest as my back is not liking all this bending, but every day I get more done.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

This morning at the market and a walk

A warm calm morning and now it is blowing a gale. Horrid and drying things out so quickly. On the beach the clouds were impressive and the boat seemed to float on a glassy sea. Boxes are being packed and moved. All so tiring.

Friday, September 22, 2017

In between packing I am making.

I get such a back ache while wrapping china and packing I have to sit down every so often and do something else, this little madam has been the something else. I love her Jill Maas. Found this odd knitting wool, well it's not wool but was fun to knit up into a little hat, and hid a bald spot on the back of her head. Shopping this morning and it is suddenly quite hot. Back to the packing and wrapping.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Along the coast

Yesterday we walked along the cliffs (last photos) and this morning we went looking at rental properties and saw these (all S09th African introduced) flowers along the coast near Middleton where we had gone to look at a rental property. At this stage we are just looking at what is available and what they look like from the outside. On Wednesday I go to actually look inside a couple, I hope. Trouble is what you see on the outside doesnt always translate to good on the inside. John is cleaning out the garage, I am still going through cupboards. I will need more boxes.At least at the moment although the sun isnot out, its been a funny murky sort of day, its not raining. Off to pack another box.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Not a good morning.

Well we did go for a short walk but we had also gone to a friend who does rentals for one of the land agents. I will see it next week, in the photos it looks OK but then John and I looked at it from the outside and I'm not sure. Ot many let you have pets, this has almost no garden, which could be a good thing. I do have lots of pots. Very close to neighbour's, feeling closed in. Others no pets allowed, too much garden. Not enough cupboard space. Feeling depressed and unsure. A new little doll who needs dressing and hair. My lovely Madagascar geranium is starting to flower. The house is full of boxes that are full and empty spaces. Unsettling.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

This little rat/mouse turned from a boy to a girl

There I was thinking this little fellow needed a coat when suddenly it morphed into a girl. You never know what will happen around here.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Odds and ends from the last day or so.

We walked the cliffs this morning, not a long walk but lovely non the less, a little Nankeen kestrel hovering over something on the beach, we were above him and although my little camera doesnt take brilliant photos I was so pleased to get this, Still a very noisy sea, love the flowers and post on the edge looking down. More treasures from my cupboard, now packed up. I think this noritake dish is probably pre war, was my mother in laws who I never met, (she died when John was 11) and the nice little set with orange poppies, says made in Japan on the bottom and another little set of cups and saucers and plate, fine china with no mark on them. It has been fun discovering things I havent really looked at for ages. My body doesnt much like this packing up lark but I am struggling along. Amy one tried the green drink before bed suggestion for losing tummy fat? I had my first glass last night, we will see how it goes, there are various recipes but so far I am trying the simplest. dont expect to see any results for a few days. Sun at last, I am enjoying it.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Making a rat/mouse while finding little treasures.

I am having a short rest from wrapping up China and looking up the marks on the back. I don't think I will make my fortune but there is some lovely old plates and other stuff. In between I have been playing with another (free) pattern from Jill Maas's website, slightly weathered ladies (don't you love it!). I think mine looks rather like a slightly battered rat. Any way, fun to do and when my back gets too bad eases it by sitting in my chair and playing. So far I have not really finished the stuff in the chiffonier. So much to do but I suppose slowly, slowly. Still cold and damp but not so much wind. Shopping this morning, so no walk, I think by the time I have done that and unpacked it and put it away that is a walk. Oh and we had a delightful filly foal this morning, could be a filly year.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Morning walk near the mouth of the other river, the Hindmarsh.

We havent walked on this beach for ages, coastal wattle in flower in the dunes and great clouds. This has been the year of clouds. Very rough weather this afternoon, scuds coming in hard and fast and it has been very cold again. glad of the fire. I am still packing stuff up, mostly epns silver, but old stuff. All needs a good clean, one day! An interesting exercise going through stuff, I didnt realise there was so much old English china either. I am making a small rat in between packing.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Around the garden

It has been a busy few days, sorting crockery, out to lunch with some of John's relations at Pt Willing. More sorting and researching what China marks mean. The weather has changed, two quite warm days, wind, now another change and rain.

Friday, September 08, 2017

The book I was making yesterday is finished.

I realize now that I haven't taken a closed book photo but I love the subtle colors of the leaves and flowers showing up, and the dog tin ends! Love making these dyed books but really need some good paper to make them.I shopped this morning, then made pumpkin soup for lunch, throwing in the bit odd left over butter chicken sauce to give it a bit of zing. I have ginger biscuits in the oven, must not burn them, my oven is getting a bit unreliable. Roast lamb for dinner tonight so John has cold meat for his sandwiches when he goes fishing tomorrow. Very sad, my tulips are dropping their petals. Now if only I didn't ache all would be tight with my world.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Making another book.

My tulips are still going, although probably for not much longer. I had another piece of paper left from the India Flint class and decided to make another book, drew on it, sewed on it, then couldn't find the Patti pans so had to cut ends off The dog tin to help hold everything together. Wandered the garde and found weeds and leaves to put in a saucepan and boiled it up, more leaves between the pages and in to stew. Now waiting for book to dry. Possibly a bit wet, will be interested to see it in the morning. Have really enjoyed doing this.