Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Not a good morning.

Well we did go for a short walk but we had also gone to a friend who does rentals for one of the land agents. I will see it next week, in the photos it looks OK but then John and I looked at it from the outside and I'm not sure. Ot many let you have pets, this has almost no garden, which could be a good thing. I do have lots of pots. Very close to neighbour's, feeling closed in. Others no pets allowed, too much garden. Not enough cupboard space. Feeling depressed and unsure. A new little doll who needs dressing and hair. My lovely Madagascar geranium is starting to flower. The house is full of boxes that are full and empty spaces. Unsettling.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I can feel your unrest and uncertainty in this post. There are so many things to consider when you move. It's difficult to downsize anyway. I just have no words to make you feel better about these changes. I keep you in my thoughts and a thought is a prayer from me.
xx, Carol

Jo Murray said...

Oh Penny...I didn't realise you were downsizing. What a trauma. I dread the day, but guess it is relatively close. Thank heavens you have your delightful art, sewing, and imagination. Soon you will make the new place yours, and think of all the benefits, I could do with less gardening and housework myself. Love your naked, hairless, doll. It has such a sense of your present state of mind, it needs a hug.

Hildred said...

Is despair too strong a word to describe downsizing??? And moving? I do feel for you Penny, and have a great deal of empathy. Change is inevitable, and sometimes the results are a delight, but getting there can be quite dreadful. Chin up!!