Friday, September 08, 2017

The book I was making yesterday is finished.

I realize now that I haven't taken a closed book photo but I love the subtle colors of the leaves and flowers showing up, and the dog tin ends! Love making these dyed books but really need some good paper to make them.I shopped this morning, then made pumpkin soup for lunch, throwing in the bit odd left over butter chicken sauce to give it a bit of zing. I have ginger biscuits in the oven, must not burn them, my oven is getting a bit unreliable. Roast lamb for dinner tonight so John has cold meat for his sandwiches when he goes fishing tomorrow. Very sad, my tulips are dropping their petals. Now if only I didn't ache all would be tight with my world.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You've been creative. It's so good for the soul. Pumpkin soup sounds good. I love soup, but mostly NOT brothy soups. We had broccoli cheese soup yesterday.

Have a good weekend.
xx, Carol

Jo Murray said...

ABSOLUTELY beautiful Penny !!!!