Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas day

We had no internet on Christmas day, some of the family managed to ring but not all. We had a quiet day, our normal morning walk at Pennington Bay, this has been quite a Christmas tradition. John cooking lunch ( and dinner) scallops and salad for lunch and prawns for dinner. Then we took Max to the beach at Baudin Beach where he can run and enjoy himself without other people around. Ther ferry is stopped on Christmas day. This morning we were packed and off by a bit before 8 am. The drivers side window of the car wouldnt close so we had to take Max up with us. He wasnt too sure about all of this but was ok. It was a rougher crossing than we have had for a while and I felt quite queazy, not helped by a large sheep truck just below where I sit outside. Any way we are home now and most of the un packing is done. All very tiring. I do love the house on the island, so open and I can see the s3ea. Here I feel enclosed and it really is a hot little box.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Seafood for lunch AND dinner. I'd be in heaven. I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay on the island. Send me some of your heat please. I woke up to 0 degree temps this morning and jacked up the heat. The next week will bring frigid temps to Northern Indiana USA.
xx, Carol

Robin Mac said...

I have not had scallops for years, they are hard to get up here, but I love them.
Any idea when you may

Lucky you with scallops and prawns - I haven't seen scallops for years, they are hard to come by up here but i love them.
I know what you mean about being boxed in - no doubt your rental house has been built in the last thirty years or so, they are not nearly as open with cross ventilation like your old farm house - and our house here in Mackay.
Hope you have got over your queasiness by now. Cheers