Sunday, December 24, 2017

A beautiful day.

We went over to the market at the Bay of Shoals, then on to Emu Bay, our old stamping ground when the children were little. The house we used to stay in hadn't changed much and is on the market. Lots of photos on my camera!! Home for lunch and a short snooze and then off to find a beach to walk Max. The one we usually go to had people and dogs but we went on ro Baudin Beach, people, but found a staircase down to an ineresting beach. Shells to be found. Two tiny cowrie included. There were fishing boats anchored off Christmas cove this morning, more have arrived since I took these photos. I did a tiny painting of my flowers, water colour pencils. Not very good but a record. I usually do at least one small painting while we are here, although I think some of my get up and go has gone!. The weather has been stunning, very mild and pleasant.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Merry Christmas Eve. I'm so glad you have good weather to enjoy the lovely beach.
In Northern Indiana, USA, our weather people have been frowning as they have reported for the last two weeks that we will NOT have a white Christmas. Yesterday I woke up to a weather advisory that we are expecting to receive up to 7" of snow and below zero temperatures next week. Sheesh...where do these people learn how to predict weather, lol.

Many wishes for a good holiday.
xx, Carol

Robin Mac said...

Lovely to read that your weather is so good - very hot and dry here, but we will have fun anyway. Your KI stays always sound so peaceful. happy Christmas XX

Michael said...

Happy season greetings! Sweden had snow but is now mild and green. You just left your farm and we just bought one - a small one though! Not living there yet as it needs renovation.
Hope you´ll have a good 2018 in your new house!
Love from Ingrid