Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hot, hot.

A trip to Adelaide to have hair cuts, call in to see my sister and friend P. Buy a new cat carrying cage, an electric lawn mower and come home. Thank goodness for airconditioned cars. All after I locked the keys in the house!! Thank goodness the agent had a spare. Home and fell in a heap under the air con. Drew my wonky little trees. That's about it for today.


A Heron's View said...

That's really very nice of you to tell us about your heat! To we who are looking at the frost slowly melt :-)

Robin Mac said...

I have finally found time to re-read your post and make some comments! Your stitch a day is looking wonderful, and the photos of your walks are just as good as ever.
I am sure you will have a garden in posts in your rental home in no time at all as I can't imagine you without a garden.
I have so far ignored the suggestions I so the b/w challenge as I don't know where the button is in the software i am now using either! Yours are interesting.
I hope you are both feeling really well again soon and survive the heat. It has not been too bad here, we have had quite strong breezes most of the time. Cheers