Friday, November 24, 2017

Two versions of the same photo.

I was tagged on Facebook to put up a week of black and white photos. Had absolutely no idea how to do this so the first was a very old b/w photo. After a lot of fiddling, and wasting time I found that on my galaxy tablet I could turn colour into black and white. Very early this morning while no one was around, but not in my nightie, I raced out and took a photo of the street. It is quite a nice, quiet street but I do wish I had roses too. Any way I turned it into a black and white version, as well as colour. At least the house over the road has a screen of trees and tall shrubs in front of it. Today I made a start on making the book for the online class I am taking with Roxanne Evans Stout called pathways and wandering. A different way of making a book, quite interesting. Have to wait for the glue to dry. Unpacking more stuff, some books, it is a lottery, some I want, some I don't. Also found my lino cutting tools. Another lot of stuff brought in, we won't be able to move in this house soon.

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