Sunday, November 05, 2017

Finally a walk

I am still feeling a bit wizzy, too long and of course my computer has suddenly become John's computer so things are not as they should be. Any way after over a week of trying to sort things out and feeling decidedly unwell we did get out for a walk this morning on the beach. Very low tide and almost no sea weed, so different from our last walk. I didnt manage to get to our All Welsh Show yesterday, a 4 hour round trip is just too much and John had gone fishing. He needed the break and they did come home with a good number of fish. The first time I have not been to the show in all the years it has been running. So how did we do? Sarah took a section A mare and foal, Supreme Section A and then Supreme of Show Woo hoo!! Tab took a Section D Cob mare and foal. Supreme Section D. So thrilled as it is many years since a locally bred pony has done that. The interstaters tend to come over and take the honours. So thrilled for both the girls and for the Stud I founded. So much going on this year with the farm sold, our move, Sarah and her family moving and Tab run off her feet trying to get us moved with me being so sick in the middle of it all. The internet is a bit slow here at the moment, supposed to be being connected to NBN but that is taking time. Still trying to sort out "stuff" but hope we get back to some form or normal soon.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Congratulations on the show wins. Too bad you couldn't go. But you did get a walk!! Are you walking in the same area as you did where you used to live? Take it easy with unpacking. I think you need a bit of a rest.
xx, Carol