Monday, November 20, 2017

Early mornin g beach walk

It has got hot again today, slowly I am working out how this air conditioner works. No dont leave the back door open John!! Any way there were a pair of hooded plover on the beach, did the wandering dogs get the last pair of chicks? Such a busy beach to try to raise chicks on. I am glad it was so cool while we were there, although it did get quite a lot warmer as we walked back to the car. A reasonably productive day, washing done, vacuuming done, George nearly being sucked up into the vacuum cleaner, he and John have a lovely time playing. I am back doing some hand sewing and rang friend J to see if there is any latest news. I havent rung for a couple of weeks. Fish for dinner tonight. Have been spending time looking at Pinterest and trying to work out if I can afford a lovely on line class with Roxanne Evans Stout. they are so expensive (US dollars) but I can take a year to do this and she has discounted it. I need to keep the brain going. Hot again tomorrow, I really dont much like this weather but lets face it, it is almost summer and actually I think our summer goes for 4 months not 3.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

As I get older, I think about what I should do to keep my mind sharp as I have become a bit more forgetful. Oh just forgetting what I came into a room for and things like that. But it can become worrisome. Any mindful activity except watching TV all day should be good, don't you think? I hope you can take the class you want to. We have to continue to participate in activities we enjoy.
xx, Carol