Monday, June 30, 2014

Stitch and a walk

Such a different day when we walked this morning, still lots of sea weed but calmer seas and blue skies. The beach has altered in the last few days, it is interesting and we saw the first of the tiny hooded plover today, their nesting beach may not be to their liking as a lot of sand has been washed away and re arranged itself. I am going backwards with the photos. I have finished the heart block I am making to go with others for a friends birthday, fun to do I just hope it fits in with the others. My week in stitch, cold and wet with high winds, trips to Adelaide for hair cuts, walks along wind blown beaches high seas and more wind and rain and a trip to Adelaide yesterday for the Welsh AGM, a long and slow drive up and a long and slow meeting, debatable if I will bother to go again. Winter is well and truly here, although i did go out and buy myself a new little rose to pot up, something to look forward to in Spring.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rain and huge seas

John had to take the umbrella out to measure the rain this morning, 28 mm and lots more today. We went over to Pt Elliot and the sea was incredible, huge waves pounding in and it was very cold and windy. These were just a few of the photos I took. The flowers on the aloes are just about out, another week I think, this was taken in the more sheltered area of the path around the corner from where we had been. Invigorating. I have spent most of the rest of the day hand sewing and cooking.

Friday, June 27, 2014

High seas and high tides

We only had a short walk after shopping this morning, it wasnt terribly pleasant with really high winds, waves roaring up the beach and dirty water. The wind was so strong it was blowing the waves back on themselves. At one stage I thought i was going to get wet through as a very big wave came right up the beach and I couldnt get up a high sand bank but luckily it stopped at my feet. Winter is here.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Storm tides and wild weather

We did manage a walk on a very sea weed filled beach this morning, so much stuff has been ripped from the sea floor and deposited up on the beach, so many different sea weeds, quite a lot with stones and sea squirts attached. It made for interesting walking. Cold and miserable for a lot of the day and more to come. I am sewing by the fire when not racing out to feed the animals wearing lots of wet weather clothing.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stitched week and wild weather

My week in stitch finally got finished last night but we have had such wind and wild weather I didnt have the computer on much yesterday. So the Birthday lunch on Monday, a coffee with a friend and the first of my new young hens laid her first egg! A walk on Wednesday and then an ultra sound on my shoulder on Thursday to be told I would have to try and manage my very arthritic shoulder, or have it replaced, not sure about that idea. Friday Sarah and I went driving to near the Melbourne airport via Ballarat for the Welsh AGM, a very long and tiring day, actually all the days were tiring, the AGM and dinner were only just ok! Then on Sunday the long trip home, we had thought of going to see a couple of studs but as the forcast for Monday was awful we decided to head home on Sunday, at least the weather was reasonable, not much wind and some fog and rain but not too bad. The photos I took on our quick walk along the cliff tops, no rain while we walked but we had thunderstorms through the night and very strong gale force winds. The sea was spectacular. I am still getting over it all and trying to sort things out here.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My shouder

I am sending this from my tablet, haven't worked out how to get photos! I am off to Victoria for a few days early tomorrow morning. I have just been told that apart from possibly a shoulder transplant there is nothing that can be done for my shoulder. I have to manage the pain, the ligament over the shoulder is displaced, the cuff looks like a series of mountains and generally it is a mess and badly arthritic. Could be worse I suppose. I hope I survive the next few very long days. I will report in when I am home.

Monday, June 16, 2014

My week in stitch

Here is my week in stitch, including our trip to Wallaroo and back and Saturdays market, with a few incidental bits like walks and the kestrel we saw and some leaves, a lot of which have been blowing around. House cleaning and getting rid of a few more books. Actually a quite satisfying if tiring week.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Invigorating walk

As we hadnt walked yesterday we thought we should today, we couldnt walk on the beach as the tide was too high and there was a lot of sea weed to try and negotiate so we went along the cliffs, the nankeen kestrel was on the bank of the dam, a bit far away so it is a little fuzzy. there were huge waves crashing in and going high over the rocks at the base of the Bluff, a wonderful wintry walk. We were lucky too as we avoided the rain that seemed to be covering Victor. I am trying to tidy things up as I am busy for a fair bit of this week and then S and I are off to Melbourne for the Welsh Pony AGM. i hope I survive it all!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A few days away

John had a conference in Wallaroo on Thursday so we were up at 4 am to be there by 9 am, a long drive, and then a longish conference but we had booked an apartment for the night that was right on the marina and had a lovely view. I sat through some of the conference and then had a wander along the foreshore, Wallaroo had been a copper mining town in the 1800's so this was one of the chimneys, now there are prawn boats and a big marina and lots of smart holiday houses. I had a lovely walk, back to the apartment and sewed, in to the pub for a quick meal and fell into bed early. We woke next morning to pouring rain and gale force winds, so no wandering around and sightseeing, a long and at times terrifying trip home, with huge trucks throwing up so much water you had problems seeing. We came home to no rain or wind! Just very tired. I cant imagine how tired I feel now, I think it was being tense for so long on the drive home.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Week in stitch and a different beach

This morning we went over to see children and grand children and drop off a few books and then over to Yankalilla to drop off more books, have a walk on the Normanville beach towards Carackalinga, not an easy walk as the sand was a bit soft and lots of sea weed. We had a coffee and cake and came home the back way. My week in stitch is not very good, my stitching has got even wonkier, and I have felt tired and a bit depressed, grey skies and not a lot of sun and my shoulder is not good. Any way we have managed a few local walks and I have even wandered around the farm a bit, there have been a lot of toadstools around, I collected some shells off the beach, it rained a bit, I sewed a bit, went to the Doctor, walked and had a coffee and then felt tired on Sunday as I hadnt slept well (lying on my shoulder is not comfortable) and my sewing of poor old faithful Max is woeful. He hates it when I hardly get out of the house although John walks him, its me he loves. ;Grey, overcast and freezing cold so I am retiring to the sitting room and the fire.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

A little stitchery and a walk

I finished this little stitchery today, what will I do with it? I dont know, I just like to have things I can stitch and this had some old lace and a silk heart and some buttons on an old table napkin base. We had a lovely walk this morning over to Crockery Bay at Pt Elliot, the she oaks were in full flower, and in the sun a lovely buttery yellow. This blue crane kept wandering just ahead of us on the path, such a handsome fellow. We had some rain over night and the little stream that follows through the granite rocks to the sea on the beach was burbling away and leaving lovely marks in the sand. We hadnt walked for a couple of days, yesterday was full of shopping and doctors appointments, I need to have an ultra sound and possibly a cortisone injection on my left shoulder, the same one that I had that done about 3 years ago, it is back troubling me and I am at the stage of hoping to get a bit of pain relief for it. To day it has been a mix of sun and cloud, but still quite warm for June. Bread is being made, olives are being brined and it is my youngest sons 51st Birthday, he is busy, this time of the year is always full on but some goodies have been sent up for him to enjoy later. Seems only the other day he was born during a very wet winter, the creek was up and we were not sure if we could get into the hospital, he was 3 weeks late and huge, 10lb 4oz and John had a bogged tractor and his older brother was in the same hospital in traction with a broken leg! Such busy times. There always seemed to be dramas when I was having babies.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

finished another heart and a walk

I have finished the other heart that I needed to use as a birthday present, another little face and different fabrics, they are fun to do but do take rather a long time. I think I will make one more and then that is it. This morning we went for a walk, low tide and a rainbow and incredible skies. It rained just as we got back to the car and I was glad we had decided to cut the walk a little short. Winter is here, although it isnt as cold as it can be, but very grey skies and showers just when you dont think they will come. It is however incredibly still as you can see from the sea this morning and my clothes on the line are just sitting and sogging. ;The hens dont much like muddy yards either but I have no where else to put them.

Monday, June 02, 2014

My week in stitch and a grey day

Here is my week in stitch, on Monday I went to deliver some books and on my way home saw this rather nice old cottage. Tuesday we went for a walk on the cliffs, the waves were thumping ashore and it threatened to rain and out to sea was a lovely rainbow. Wednesday it rained all day and we had a quick walk and then I stitched up one of my hearts. Thursday I washed and I cooked a pot roast. Friday we went for a walk over to the Island and saw the horse tram. Saturday it rained again and I stitched some more and on Sunday we walked in the morning before the rain and watched the football in the afternoon. I am doing a lot of walking and stitching and a bit of other stuff that is pretty boring. John brought this lovely cattyleya orchid in from the shade house, it is magnificent this year and has a rather nice perfume. It is in the sun room at the moment. I am moving books around so the sun room is rather a mess at the moment. This morning we walked, finally on the beach, it has been an incredibly grey day and the two boats were at their moorings. Not a lot to distinguish between the sea nad the sky and it has been like that all day, very humid but cold. Strange. Off to try and get a bit further with another fabric heart.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Walking at Pt Elliot this morning.

There was rain coming in at home so we went over to Pt Elliot to walk as we hadnt managed one yesterday. tI is cold and damp and quite wintry which we are very pleased about, grass for the cows. I have dusted and mopped the house and done a bit of washing while probably wont dry for days but it will be well washed. John is pickling more olives. I am sewing by the fire and watching football but just dived out to this cold part of the house to put this up. Hope every one had a good week end.