Sunday, April 29, 2018

Morning walk at Pt Elliot

We had a brilliant walk over at Pt Elliot this morning, took a slightly different rout around Sandy Bay. Not too far but strenuous enough. I have been going through stuff trying to get stuff for my doll in Jill Maas class next week end.I am still getting over this disease, just feel tired a lot, nothing else and I seem to have a nasty skin problem on my face. I potted up some nasturtiums and John brought in a heap of cymbidiums that have flower spikes, poor things I am amazed that they have survived, nice to have somewhere to put them under cover. Love my walks.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Checking out a back road.

Great drive this afternoon checking out a house over near Yankalilla, taking all the back roads and coming home via Mt Robertson rd which I havent been on for ages. Lovely t5o be out and about.

Friday, April 27, 2018

An exhibition and my orchids

W and I made the long trip today to Tea tree gully where this exhibition was held, interesting, a great gallery but a long way to go.I found some fascinating dolls but felt the price of some rather over the top compared with the quality and price of others. Very glad I saw it and thank W for taking me. Interesting areas neither of us had seen before. As W said we were on an adventure. The orchids are coming out here, my moth orchids, some are really flowering and one of the native dendrobium crosses.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

One little pig.

I made this little pig from denim jeans. Not the easiest to sew or turn out the right way. This is for the latest great grand sons, due in a couple of months. I am still embroidering his rug but felt a yen to make this little fellow. Passed the rental inspection. Did the shopping. Tomorrow I am off for the first of a 3 day 'being there' class with India Flint.I am so looking forward to it, also hoping I survive driving to Aldinga and then home each day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Interesting clouds and sea weed

This mornings walk, we have gone from cold when these were taken early this morning to over cast and muggy which is what it is now. We have I think finished tidying up the house for tomorrows inspection. I have stuck my fingers with needles trying to sew up a small pig I am making. The pattern is cute but I think I made a mistake in using old jeans for the body. Very stiff and not terribly workable.Next time I will use a softer material. I am finding my half hour walks harder and harder to do, lots sof aches, I think I will have to go back to 6 panadol osteo instead of only 4 a day. I thought I was doing so well but obviously the weather is changing. Off to water some pots and then make dinner, chicken curry, I cheat and use a packet of simmer sauce, quite like the ones I am using at the moment. Passage to India I think.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Flowers and the start of the baby blanket.

I found a couple of little roses on one of my potted roses and some of the purple flowers, it has been hard to find find fresh flowers but I have been potting up pansies for later and there are some bulbs in the crisper of the fridge. I will wait an little while before I plant them. I have started on the embroidery for the new baby blanket. I am being a bit slow at the moment.So tired. We are deep cleaning the house, inspection on Thursday. Then a 3 day class at Aldinga with India Flint, just hope I survive!!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Nearly blown off the cliffs.

A bit more than 1/2 an inch of rain this morning. It has been blowing a gale for all of the day. We have had a late afternoon walk as it was too wet this morning. Wonderful waves and it is all really exciting. I havent done a lot, general tidying up and got on with a bit of wool embroidery.At least I dont have to water the pots. John still not feeling well so a slow day for him. Dare I say it but I think we are getting old. Still we are managing.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Finally some rain

After months of almost no rain at last here it is raining. I hope I am not getting too excited but at least it has cleaned the air a bit. There is a new zygopetalum orchid out and flowering and new flower buds are coming on my moth orchids. We had a long and tiring day yesterday in Adelaide, early start for our haircuts, then to lawyers, new wills and power of attorney done. Stuff to the accountant, a call in to my sister and lunch with friend P. Home through the hills which I enjoy, I did offer to drive as John not feeling well,too much smoke and dust in the air for him. With this very late heat we have had bushfire and north winds. Not much fun. I also had to do the weekly shop on the way home and it was all I could do to put it all away, at least I had sense enough to buy a cooked cook so that and a salad was an easy dinner. I am going to put the left over with bacon, leek and mushrooms I to a cheesy white sauce for dinner tonight. I don't think we have had much rain yet but it is supposed to go on for a day or so. I can sit and embroider more of the cot blanket, it was too hot before. The mattress we had ordered has come but it does take up a lot of room in my designated sewing room. I just hope it is comfortable. I was so pleased that the fit young man who delivered it helped John get the base in as well.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

After several very hot days.

The weather has been ridiculous for April, a few very hot days with the air conditioner running today was forecast to be another but it has been, so far, very pleasant with a breeze, I know other parts of the state have been awful. I havent felt much like posting, not sleeping well and aching and over tired. I havent done a lot either, a few early morning walks, a bit of sorting out, some reading and sleeping. Is it age? any way we had an early morning walk this morning and the sky and clouds were quite incredible, the sun was on the Bluff and there was a bit of a sea mist, with lazy little waves burbling in, talking to themselves quite a lot. I just couldnt enjoy it as much as I would have liked as I was aching so much. Partly I suspect as I tried to help John in with the mattress base and it was heavy. To day we are supposed to get a new mattress, it was supposed to come last week, I hope it arrives today.Adelaide tomorrow, I think that it is supposed to be cooler then. I do hope so. I just dont do heat.

Monday, April 09, 2018

The last few days

I am not sure if I have posted or not lately. We had a busy week end that ended in our old shearing shed for our grand son Ja of the valley. Yesterday we had a late afternoon walk on the cliffs. Today it has been un seasonably hot, 34 degrees, horrible. I did get all the washing done and put away. Hot again tomorrow. I dont like it, far too hot for thisw time of the year. There is some talk of rain at the end of the week. do hope so.

Friday, April 06, 2018

George. Bear finally finished.

A busy day. George doesn't think much of being busy. I have finally finished the little bear for Celina's baby. We are out tonight a farewell for our local MP he didn't stand again I think 12 years was long enough, who would want to be a politician.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

The last few days.

I seem to be rather slow at getting things organised since day light saving finished. The weather is, well to say the least, not what is ordered. getting over 30 degrees in the next few days, this is supposed to be autumn not still summer. We walked most mornings and I am slowly getting my little knitted bears clothes finished. Today we drove over to Strathalbyn to get some bread flour from Lauke's and then home through Ashbourne to have afternoon tea with friend R. We couldnt help remarking on how dry everything is looking. A lovely outing.