Tuesday, July 30, 2019

This morning

I think I am getting over my cold, a trip into town and as parking is at a premium, lots of road works, we parked near the railway line and I remembered to get out to take a photo of these sheep. These are where the old stock yards were for the train and this is how the city has remembered them. We didnt have blue sheep but as far as I remember we were the last people to drove sheep from these yards back to the farm in about 1959. We then went to walk around the mouth of the Inman river. A white egret was there and some pelicans, I love the way as the tide comes in the pelicans line up at the mouth to see what fish they may catch. Yesterday while walking at Petrels we saw our first whale of the season, could have been one with a calf they were very hard to see as they were low in the water and only the odd bit of breath being blown made them vaguely visible. I am always so pleased to see the whales. The other photos were taken as we walked, the river itself and across the duck pond to the sea. The tide was coming in so not good for a walk on the beach. We live in such an interesting place and although it is not so easy to walk any more, I do love getting out.

Sunday, July 28, 2019


I think I am beginning to get a cold. That is the problem with waiting to see my doctor. Waiting rooms are not a good place at this time of the year and I don't like having a old. We have managed to walk, although not toy, it is cold and overcast and my nose is dripping and I keep threatening to sneeze, spring we call it. My doctor had a go at burning things off my shoulder and neck, not a very pleasant experience and now the spots look awful. Joys of an ageing skin spent exposed to too many Australian summers.. I watched Gone with the wind last night. A long time since I read the book and saw the film. I really frlt sorry for Scarlett,, she was a fighter in a world gone mad and I really decided that Rhett was a bit of a prick. I don't think I thought that before. George must think he is hungry, he is trying to hypnotize me but it is much too early. My indoor flowers are a delight. Sarah gave me the mixed bunch in a jug when she came to see me on Monday and the daffodils came out of a tiny bed surrounding the water meter in the front lawn. I knew I had double jonquils but didn't remember the daffs. I do like to have flowers inside and out.

Monday, July 22, 2019

A bit of sketching.

High winds today. Almost blown off the cliffs this morning. It is always different. I decided to do a bit of sketching this morning, not good but fun to do. I really will be glad when winter is over. I do find walking with a stick so tiring but hey, I am still here and the sea was the most beautiful colour this morning. Yesterday on our walk over at Pt Elliot we saw a rather lovely blackshouldered kite in a tree, I tried to take a photo but a bit far away. I do wish my old camera was working.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

A busy week

I always seem to have trouble getting my photos up, every time it is different. At the moment this is all I can get up. We have been pretty busy this week, household shopping on Thursday and could hardly walk. Yesterday we went as far as the Marion Shopping center to redeem a voucher, and spent a bit extra, we now have a new underlay on the bed which we have needed for ages and finally I remembered it. My back has been killing me but thank goodness for P who lent me her kindle with lots of books on it. I have read three but not sure where else to go with her selection. I am more of a who done it fan than historical romances. We did have some sun yesterday which was lovely, and although it is sunny today we have very strong north winds so our beach walk was not terribly comfortable. Sand blowing every where although the occasional big wave looked very spectacular with the wind blowing the tops around. No photos I am afraid.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

playing and a couple of book revues.

Not sure if I have put my finished Sophia up, she now has shoes and her elephant. No skirt as I liked her pantaloons. Still not sure about her face. I am also quietly making more of these felt things. Enjoying that. I have just finished a book set on Kangaroo Island called heart of the grass tree. I really didn't enjoy it. Too much going from today and back into the past. Very disjointed ND at one stage I really could not go on with it. No real ending and bits left up in the air. It could have been good but it wasn't. The one I am reading now, burial rights is so much better. Sorry, can't tell you the authors as they are on a friends Kindle, she lent it to me and I find navigating it very different to mine. Three days of house cleaning culminated in a house inspection this morning, always get uptight about it and so nice to be told but your house is always so lovely. A longer walk than usual when it was over. Dull and overcast for most of the day, and cold. This front room is lovely when there is some sun, warms up and the outlook is nice, the council planted a tree out the front, I think it is a pistachio, hope it grows.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Pansies and embroidery

I love the way the little pansy faces look out in the garden. Still cold and windy. We went over to Goolwa this morning to look at a rather nice exhibition of small paintings by various artists. I almost got the paints out but ended up doing some of these little embroidery things and cut out a heap more. I have also cut out the freezer paper patterns for a new doll. Another one of Jill Maas called Donatella. I don't think I can shrink this one as she is pretty small. I am afraid I like small dolls but they are more difficult to make. George is trying to hypnotize me so I think it is time to feed him and Max.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Storm Boy

Last night I watched the original Storm Boy on tv. I had forgotten how it showcased our area so well I havent seen the modern version but loved this original one done in 1975. I remember when we were at I think a vintage wine club dinner at the motel up the hill when the film crew were there and being most impressed with a rather beautiful young Gulpilil. ( may not have that spelling correct) I have always had a soft spot for him and feel so sad that now he is so ill. This morning was very stormy and fronts with sharp showers were coming through regularly, we nearly got soaked when we walked and I took these photos of the pelicans on the Inman River. I love our big gorgeous black and white pelicans. They always look so majestic. So glad I live in an area like this and can enjoy both my wonderful surroundings and our wildlife. If you ever have a chance to see the original Storm Boy, do.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Orchid and sketches.

Well the orchid has just hit the floor thanks to George, wretched cat, at least I took its photo earlier. For some reason George is having a roar around and throw things on the floor few moments. I have been doing some sketching lately. I haven't been not doing any sewing as my hands are not liking me much. This afternoon we had an audio appointment, looks as if we both should have hearing aids in the future. Not sure if we if we can afford it but for pensioners there is some help so we are thinking about it all. Perhaps I would like to go for a silent world! Actually it was quite interesting working out which ear heard what.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


We collected these shells while walking yesterday. I was so pleased to find the cowries as I have been looking for weeks. The tides have not been good either. I am also very fond of the larger pheasant shells. They have interesting and different stripes and colours. We had a quick trip to Adelaide for dental appointments. That really didn't help my aches and pains. I was so glad to get home, just as the storm hit. Not a huge amount of rain but cold and very windy. I am tired.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Around the garden.

I am very tired and aching today. A short trip to a meeting in Adelaide didn't help. Cold grey and windy outside. We did a beach walk this morning, pleasant but flared up the aches. So a quick wander outside to take photos on my tablet. So hard to get at my photos as John is working on the computer. Still a bit of colour around, love my marigolds, I know they have another name but I have always called them that. I have another trip to town this week, to the dentist, as well as an appointment down here for hearing tests and my annual eye check up. Too many in one week. I do hope the weather gets a bit better soon. It has been so cold and my fingers don't work terribly well, need to get back to some sewing.

Friday, July 05, 2019

Morning walk

Our walk this morning was on another piece of beach, closer to the Yilki shops as it was easier walking. Not so easy getting up from the beach but nice to walk on nice firm sand and not falling over quite so much sea weed. The sun was out but it was still cold and brisk. Not a lot done today, although lifting a pot full of dirt and plants was not quite such a clever thing to do.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Ingalalla Falls this morning

Last night as we had no appointments today (as against yesterday and tomorrow when we do)and it had been wet I suggested we drove over to look at the Ingalalla falls near Normanville. I had never seen them and it seemed a good time to go. We took Max with us. Interesting as we drove up into low cloud and rain but it had cleared a bit by the time we got there. Not being terribly steady on my feet there was no way we were going further than the base of the falls, I think there is another tier to these cascading falls but there was no way I could climb the steep and muddy path to get higher. It was really rather nice and Max enjoyed himself. Home damp and tired but another thing crossed off my list.