Thursday, September 30, 2021

Cold and damp

So I don't have to water the garden. I do enjoy rain. the first photo is taken from my chair in the sitting room and the view I see. I love it. We walked the cliffs this morning between showers and then went out to our youngest sons to fill the car with petrol, all looking damp, silage in and where it hasn't been cut so lush and green. No photos as by then it was really pouring down. I have finished Brock, the badger, still to do his clothes and rather sad that with my deteriorating eye sight and arthritic hands I didn't do a terribly good job of knitting him. I do love doing the patterns that Julie of Little cotton rabbits does. Very well written. Now to find a jumper pattern to do.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

This morning

Walking the beach this morning I found these shells. I don't collect a lot anymore and for most of the winter there hasn't been much of interest but I liked these. It was a lovely morning but cold and wet is for cast, not sure if we will get it as what is for cast and what we get can be two different things. The garden would like a drink though. I cut the first roses yesterday, just in case we do get rain. They smell gorgeous. Chicago Peace. I am being very slow and my hands don't much like me but slowly I doing some stitching. I need to sew up and stuff my badger too but at the moment am having fun with my pods from Dijanne Cevaals class.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

A drive over to Parsons Beach and Waitpinga

I have felt a bit off today. Very tired after yesterday's trip to town. I have done some sewing but a drive up the coast sounded nice. Lovely to see the surf beaches. Not much wind either which is great, it has been such a windy year. Love where I live.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

A wander around Nangawooka.

Just a few photos I took yesterday at our local flora reserve. Overcast and cool and not as many flowers out as we had hoped but still a nice wander around. Quite a few new plantings and the Lori keeps were having a high old time overhead in the big gum trees. Today I am tired,an early start to Adelaide for haircuts and to see old friend P and then my sister before going down to the sea, catching nearly every stop light as we went. So home and a short nap. On Monday week I will be another year older, perhaps that is why I feel more and more tired!

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Around the garden

Spring has sprung and my front garden is looking fine. Considering it was only lawn and gravel and some nondescript bits when we started renting now it is much more cheerful.

Thursday, September 02, 2021

Horrid day

What a day, over 30 degrees and high winds. My sinus are killing me, hay fever I suspect. A fire over near Parawa, and this is the second of September, I hope I survive the summer when spring is like this. I picked the bunch of nasturtium to cheer me up. Yesterday I drove over to see the foals at Sarah, three beautiful section a fillies, 2 out of mares I bred. So proud of the legacy that Sarah now has.