Friday, August 31, 2018

Evening walk, it has been warm, then a few showers.

It was shopping today. Yesterday we went to Adelaide to have hair cuts and see my sister and our friend P who gave us lunch. Very tired by the time we finally got home. The weather has been changing and there is a look and feel of spring in the air, blossoms on trees and bulbs are out. Getting light earlier too. Unfortunately both John and I seem to be feeling a bit full of hay fever as well. Oldest daughter Sarah who has taken over the stud seems to be doing well with the pony she took to Adelaide Royal Show, I hope she continues to do well. I dont think I will get there, much as I would love to. I will see how next week works out.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

some of my eco dyed wool pieces.

Some of my eco dyed pieces. They include a wool bag that I got in my India Flint class a while ago. I love the way certain eucalyptus leave such lovely colours.. so far not sure what I will do with them, perhaps more little bags.

Monday, August 27, 2018

The last few days

I had a lovely, but tiring weekend doing an eco dyeing workshop with Mary Heath at the Aldinga Eco Village we dyed wool with various various plants. Then we made some small bags and needle cases with wool already done by Mary. Great day but I was very tired by the end of it. Such a great group of women. My camera is misbehaving so although I took photos on our walk this morning so few more photo of orchids, a couple og cymbidiums and some dendrobium cross. Apart from a walk I haven't done a lot well apart from several loads of washing, it is after all Monday.

Monday, August 20, 2018

My latest great grand son Matthew.

We had a lovely cuddle this morning he is now 2 months old and weighs quite a lot. Gorgeous. I miss my other ones as well but now they have moved I dont see them much. We waked on the cliffs, the magpies were out and about must be getting close to nesting time, and possibly swooping if you are in the wrong area. A tiring walk, I am trying to get further but it doesnt always happen. I am using a stick again as it seems to help. but not my dignity. I made some muffins too this morning to take over to Celina, I hadnt made the recipe before, I think it needs a bit of tweaking. They were savory as I didnt have much in the way of fruit. The sea was full of lace this morning. I do like my near beach/sea walks. The Pacific Gulls are thinking of nesting too I think, I love their rather mournful call.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Ysterday and today.

The weather over the last few days has been interesting. Very cold, winds that blow straight through you and damp. Yesterday because it looked like a nice day to start off with we headed up to McLaren Vale and surrounds to see some more of the SALA exhibitions ( South Australian Living Artists) and although the wind came up and so did the rain we had a lovely morning calling in to about 6 or 7 art spaces. They are held in shops and wineries. Lovely stuff to see and we ended with a coffee and cake at the visitors centre before heading home for a late lunch and a snooze. Very tiring for oldies like us. This morning we just beat the rain in a walk along the cliffs from the Kings Beach car park towards Deps huge waves roaring in, not to talk about freezing winds and big clouds that looked as if they had at the very least hail in them. Nice to get home and warm up. We had gone to the market early and I bought a couple of plants and some fish. Caught up with some old friends too. Now I am hoping to get some sewing done, unless I have a small sleep first. What a life.

Monday, August 13, 2018

A series of 6, 10x10 pieces.

I have been slowly working on these for various things, raising money for good causes is one but I also thought they would look good on book covers. My back is slowly, very slowly getting better.I had a bit of a panic as I thought I was doing a week end with Mary Heath this coming week end but thankfully it is the week end after. So much to do and having a back that doesn't love you is annoying. I am being so slow. I did get back to a walk this morning, there were a pair of hooded plover on the beach. Nesting time coming up soon I suppose. At least the beach was easy to walk on this morning although I am having to use my stick again. It makes me feel safer but is a pain. Camera stick, anything I pick up off the beach. Not enough hands.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Oh what weather we have had.

A few days of an aching back, short walks, gales, rain and sun with some pleasant bits in the middle. I can only do a short walk mostly twice a day. We went over to Goolwa this morning in sun but freezing temperatures to see the studios that were open this morning I think they must have been the old stables behind the old police station. Nicely set out but freezing cold. Twice we have walked down to Sandy Bay at Pt Elliot and a couple of short walks along the cliffs at Petrels. I am using my stick (Again!!) and do find it a bit more easy to negotiate rough paths. I am enjoying the heat pad on my back and finally I think it is slowly getting better. Quite a bit of hand sewing being done too but I really have other things I want to get on with. Must not rush things.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Bit of this and that.

My back has been so bad that I have more or less managed 2 shorter walks in a day and then sat in my chair doing some sewing. Not finished yet but getting there. We had so much rain all my daffodil and Jon quilt bowed to the ground, so I pi ked them. The house now smells nice. The strange stick creature I found on the path we were walking on.not sure what to do with him but I rather liked him, certainly couldn't leave him on the path. Better get up and feed the animals (George has been trying to hypnotize me) and get dinner on. Casserole with sausages, I did one with chops last night and have some very nice sauce left over, easy.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Waitpinga Beach and on the way to Kings Beach.

Not a lot being done. I am hand sewing and trying to be careful of my back. We did a drive to Waitpinga in the afternoon yesterday, no one there but us, it is a famous surf beach and then on to Kings Beach, went right instead of left. a a partial rainbow. Wonderful skies and seas. I confess I am not able to do a lot at the moment but I suppose eventually my back will sort will eventually come good. It really is winter here at the moment, wind and rain and cold days. Lovely.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Feeling even more fragile.

Yesterday I dug a small garden bed, and my back hurt, today I planted a few plants in it. My back now has one hell of an ache and I casn hardly move. Remind me not to dig beds again, we did get 4 roses planted as well which was good. Today has been wild windy cold and wet. We headed over to Goolwa this morning to look at a couple of exhibitions, it is SALA this month (South Australian living artists) and there are always some interesting shows to see. One at Goolwa was excellent. Yesterday I had gone over to Yankalilla to see another very good exhibition, I drove over and back myself which is quite an achievement. While at Signal point the paddle steamer the Oscar W was on a short run going under the Hindmarsh Island bridge, It looked lovely, taken from inside as it was so windy outside. So were my other photos one of Bashams Beach at Pt #Elliot with high winds making for spectacular seas and the other over at Goolwa Beach, I couldnt get out of the car as the wind was so strong. So apart from y back, all in all a lovely day and a bit of nice rain to help along the plants I have planted. I really have to start admitting that I am getting old and slow and not really fit to dig garden beds. Oh well.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Feeling a bit fragile. Pelicans

I have just had a potential nasty cut off my face and am feeling rather fragile. We did walk this morning but yesterday, late afternoon we walked by the mouth of the Inman River and saw these pelicans. I was lucky to get the one where he was about to take off. Love pelicans. Going to sit and feel a little bit sorry for myself.