Monday, September 30, 2013

These photos go with the last post

 blogger and picasso playing up.
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My week in stitch, and Masons 5th birthday

 The first of my week in stitch is actually the last day of last week and on the Monday I didnt have a lot of time so I tried out a few different stitches.
Tuesday we walked the cliffs near Petrels Cove and there were lots and lots of butterflies, a lot were drinking the nectar from the sour sobs, so that is that one, I have had bad hay fever off anbd on all week, hence the sneezing one.
Thursday we went to Adelaide to the dentist, what else but high rise and a tooth!
Friday was shopping day.
Saturday, a walk over at Pt Elliot and a lovely surprise of a mother and calf whale, really quite close in, closer than I have seen them all season. They must be taking practice swims before heading down to the antarctic.
Finally my great grand child Mason had his 5th Birthday, here a representation of his cake and then an actual photo of him and his aunt who made the pavlova and his mother, Mason was about to blow out the candles.
It was a lovely get together.
My last photo was taken on Saturday, just a nice way to finish off with another photo of the sea and part of the breakwater at Pt Elliot.
Very strange weather, hot this morning, then wind, now cool and rain, I like the rain.
A visit to the physio where they had mucked up my appointment! I thought I was right but had wondered if I was going dotty, but the card when I found it did say 9.30 am but their books said 10.30, a bit annoying but we sat at the mouth of the Inman River and read the papers!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Making ear rings and this mornings walk

 Only one made so far, they are a bit fiddlt but another one is on the way, fun ideas from Elinor Peace Bailey.
This morning we walked at Pt Elliot again and surprise surprise there was a whale and her calf not far down from where we had parked. So exciting but my photos were not terribly good.
The sea was a lot rougher than whne we were here last week so some spectacular swirling water and wet rocks.
a lovely walk but now I am inside as I helped John outside to fit some pipes to the tanks and have a bad case of hay fever so I will sit and watch the football finals. I hope the Dockers win.
Oh yes and we had a lovely gorgeous colt foal today, 3rd generation of my breeding. Photos when he has unscrunched.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Photos from a few days ago

Please dont forget my give away, scroll down to the post and leave a comment and which doll you like best.
 We went walking on Wednesday and it was lovely out, the sun was shining and the sea was very clear.
Things changed in the afternoon and we had wind and rain, such changeable spring weather.
It doesnt come out very well but there is a butterfly on the soursob flowers on the last photo, if you double click it may enlarge enough for you to see it. They were every where along the walking track on top of the cliffs.
Yesterday we spent most of the day in Adelaide, nothing exciting, going to the dentist on the tram, having to walk part of the way back to the car as the tram was a driver under instruction. Up to my sister who gave me an early birthday present, up to P's place for a very few minutes, a coffee and yummy lemon tart at the shopping center and John bought new jeans on special and I finally remembered to get my make up.
We go to Adelaide so rarely these days I find it confusing and as I walk so slowly these days, a bit intimidating as well. There is a lot to be said for a stick on these occasions as people realise you have a problem, but of course I didnt have it with me.
So we both came home over tired.
This morning I did the weekly shopping on my own, that is also very tiring and as school holidays are about to begin there were lots more people around, to make matters worse I was an hour later than usual so I had to negotiate the super market isles with a wonky trolly and peope!!
I think I am getting to be a grumpy old woman.
I hope tomorrow is better.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A day late for my weeks embroidery. Dont forget my give away!

 This week saw me finish off my friendly bug for the doll I made in Jill Maas's class.
The bird we saw when walking, it was a reef egret.
Going over to a friends place for some tea and a chat.
Those strange things are not bee hives but poly rainwater tanks which were being put in on Thursday.
I cleaned the house on Friday and on Saturday we went to Adelaide to the native orchid show, and I bought another orchid or two.
Finally we walked again on Sunday, a lovely sunny day, just right.
I must be feeling better as I have walked, done some baking and seen the two new foals that were born this mrning as well as a bit of sewing.
Better feed the dogs, they are telling me they are hungry.
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Give Away

 Here are three little maids, I will tell you about them in a minute but first, I will be giving away one of these dolls and will make the draw on the evening of my Birthday which is Friday 4th of October, South Australian time.
All you have to do is tell me which one you like and pass on to others that I am having a give away.
So let me know in my comment box with your email by then.
Those on the other side of the world will have to work out timings!!
So the first little girl is Agnes who told her mother that some sea anemones had attatched themselves to her dress.
The second is Robyn who was dreaming of dragonflies and African maidens when she realised she was supposed to be collecting the children from school.
The third is Rebecca who sat in her cold flat and dreamed of warm tropical Islands with bright fish and flowers and starry nights.
I am afraid they are all dreamers.
One of these will go to one new owner, just tell me which one you like best.                      
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Morning walk

 we had t get some fittings to plumb the rain water tanks so headed over to the big hardware store near Port Elliot and then headed over to walk alng the walking path around the point. This bird really yelled at me as we went down the steps, I imagine it had a nest some where near.
We reversed the way we normally walk which was interesting as you see things from a different perspective, like these rocks in the third photo.
The sun was out and the African daisies and soursobs were all out. Such a lovely day.
The tanks are almost put together, now for some rain!
I actually sat outside in the sun for a little while and then pulled a few, very few! weeds.
I am now tired as I did quite a lot, finished off more little dolls, talking of that I think as my birthday is not far off I will have a give away of one of them. I will try and get that all organised tomorrow.
Blogger is not co operating, well it wasnt, I just hope this one loads properly.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

More little girls

I am still making these little people, there are another two under way as well.
I have been having trouble with our internet connection being terribly slow so I hope this gets through.
the first of these little girls is Anthea who couldnt make up her mind. did she love the fish button or the yoyo?
You can hardly see the yoyo as it is on her wrist, they are more commonly called suffolk puffs here in Australia but I made yoyo's with the American teachers at Coffs Harbour so at the moment in my head they are yoyos.
The second little girl is Frith who was surprised when she looked down and saw a lizard had thought her dress was a wall.
These are such fun to make and even more fun thinking up little stories for them.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Morning walk along the cliffs

 A bit overcast but al was green and the sea was lovely, we saw a bird we didnt quite recognise, I will look it up later.
Swirls of foam and every so often a larger crashing wave.
Such a lovely place to walk and blow away the cobwebs, although my knee is still telling me off, according to my physio I am doing well so that is the best one can hope for.
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Monday, September 16, 2013

My week in embroidery and Tulip finished.

 here is last weeks daily embroidery.
The flowers on the trees in the orchard are out.
 We walked at Pt elliot and saw some whales, although they were a fair distance away.
I made dolls and then drove to Adelaide, my first long distance drive.
A group of us had gathered to make a dol at a friends place, hence tea and chat.
When I came home I had to go every hour down and make sure that the foal whose mother had rejected it, was having a drink, not that in the end it helped as she dried herself off and we are now hand feeding it.
Sunday saw us going for a walk and having coffee and it was sunny but by the time I walked in the late afternoon it was thundery and raining.
I wonder what some future person would make of my heiroglyphs (spelling!).
Today I have been into the physio for a fair work out on my knee ande I came home ready to finish Tulip and her bug, more fun was had. I had made her shoes last night while I watched the tv thing on Mallory who lost his life climbing Mt Everest.
Today I put her bug together and found some fancy yarn to use as roots on her tulip bulb hat.
Thank you Jill Maas for such a fun doll pattern and class.
Now what will I make next?
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jill Maas Tulip class

 I drove up to Adelaide on Thursday for a 2 day class with Jill Maas, I love her classes and as usual we had a very happy time.
Three of us decided to shrink her tulip doll, not sure by how much as we did it on the printer, not as accurate as by a %.
First photo is of Jaslyn, Jill and Gabby.
Next photo is of the full size doll and then I drove home early , left about 3 on Friday and I had got my little girl to this stage, undies, leggins and hat.
By last night I was at this stage, she just needs her shoes and her funny little bug, hope to get her done today.
She was such fun!
I have been walking and we have a foal whose mother is rejecting him, so we have to try and get him on her every hour or so, I have a horrible feeling that as it is now day 4 we will have to hand rear him as well. I spent most of yesterday afternoon making sure he had a drink and she didnt kick his head in. Fun!! (in a different kind of way).
Off for a coffee.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My weeks embroidery and whale watching

 Here is my last weeks embroidery, JOhn went fishing on sunday and I sat and did some sewing, hence a fish and a threaded neddle.
These al llook terribly primitive!
The trees are beginning to blossom in the orchard.
I made a large casserole in my lovely big crockery pot.
we walked by the sea in the sun. I ran out of time so some embroidery stitches. friends came to stay on Friday and Saturday was the election, Sunday more embroidery stitches as we stayed inside and played with paper and stitch.
Must do better!\This morning we went walking and looked for whales, I havent been walking on that track for ages as it is a bit rough but I managed to do part of it and we saw a few whales but they were a fair way out, the one in the third photo is what looks like a rock.
the little bay looked lovely, lots of clouds and it is cool and overcast.
There were two of these birds playing but I only managed to get one, I think they may be balck cheeked honey eaters but I am not entirely sure.
Trying to get enthused to go to Adelaide on Thursday for 2 days of class with Jill Maas, I am not sleeping well as my shoulder joints hurt when I am in bed  at night and I havent done such a long drive for a while, but I am intending to get there, and whats more enjoy it!
click or double click to enlarge the photos.

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