Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wet ANZAC day

John gave me this lovely orchid yesterday, he collected it at the same time he collected the wreath he laid this morning at a damp underfoot dawn service. It actually didn't rain while the service was going on, but we had 24 mm until 9 am and a further m7m or more during the day. Wet and cold and quite windy. I am still feeling frustrated, tired and sore but am really having to remember it is only 10 days since the operation and take things slowly. I am enjoying being by the fire but can't do much more than read. So much I want to do!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

I am home

A bit woozy and sleepy due to the pain killers I am on. Since I left the glory vine has dropped a lot of leaves and the ones on the ground look rather like the bruising on my arm.Max has wanted me close, and here he is, dear boy with his crumpled ear. Oscar likes the plastic chair but doesn't think much of me when I am inside as I am not feeding him. The lovely cattlyea orchid is sending it's spicy scent through the house. It is almost cold, we had more rain and the fire is keeping the house warm. On the whole, so far the experience of having reverse shoulder replacement has been interesting and on the whole pain free. We will see what the next few days brings.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Autumn in the garden and THAT fairy again.

Things are changing colour in the garden, the glory vine looks lovely but dropping leaves fast. The blue sage looks misty and lovely and that fairy, well I love her and had to put up another photo. She is enjoying her time here. Tomorrow is surgery day, scared stiff but just have to put my faith in the surgeon and his team. I doubt if I will be posting for a while, at least not until I get out of hospital I think Saturday or Sunday. We did have a walk on the beach this morning and since then have been trying to get some semblance of order around the house. Have a great week.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fairies, people, more fairies and Samantha Bryants class at Ballarat

I am home from a very exciting but tiring week at Ballarat in Victoria, part of Fibre forum. W and I drove the about 9 hours over on Easter Sunday, I was up at 4 am and then we had a full day or driving, arriving and settling in and then sales that evening. My class with Samantha Bryant was amazing. I was slow, I got tired, I had to go and have a rest every so often, didnt sleep at night but had a ball. I wasnt sure I was going to get done the fairy that I had envisaged, and at the last moment she wouldnt fly and had to have a tummy crutch with a wheel on it to help er deliver her fairy heads, but I was so pleased with her. I know you shouldnt copy the teacher but I wanted one of Sam's dolls with a flying helmet and goggles (the hardest thing to do on earth when you cant see well and have arthritic fingers but she was a bit the same but different. Quite plump but I love her. Her tag sid she was "Martha of" and under it it said Martha was always late making her fairy head deliveries. We had lovely people in the class and it was such fun. I have another body nearly done and another started. I dont know when I will finish them as my shoulder surgery is Wednesday but eventually... Whoops I forgot to say, double click the photos to enlarge and the first photo is my fairy, then the class, I am in the blue shirt 2nd from the end, grey hair and glasses, then one of Samantha's fairies and our table set up for the exhibit and finally Judiths lovely little fellow. Today I have raced in to shop, not sure how much food we need to lay in but have enough I think and then over to Yankalilla to the Festival there to collect my Mix it up stuff, didnt sell much but there are plenty of presents, and look at the embroiderers guild exhibition in which I had 4 pieces, Im afraid mine all look a bit primitive compared to the others, but then that is me, and another exhibition but I didnt stay for the opening, I am so tired.Off for a short nanna nap!!

Saturday, April 04, 2015

a fun stitchery and we went to the river today

I hd fun getting this little stitchery together, I think it worked finally but it took a while. this morning we went over to The River Port town of Goolwa to see their Rotary art exhibition, it was big, all at Signal Point, and although there were some very nice paintings I do find these days that with so many crowded together it is hard to view them objectively. I did see a couple I Then back to see Millie and Mason and hand over their Easter treats ( told not to open until tomorrow!) spent a little bit of time chatting as John MCG's parents were there too. Home and I have most things in the car, I will be up at 4 am and then off I hope by 5 for our trip to Ballarat. I go extra as I go over to friend W I am trying to remember last minute things and sort out for John what he has to do. Probably wont post again until I get home on Saturday, or even Sunday if I am too shattered. Had to go off my anti inflamatories so hope I survive. dont forget to double click to see a larger photo.

Friday, April 03, 2015

A little bit of stuff and nonsense.

Busy finishing up a few things, the first is a little Easter Chicken that I made using the tutorial on Gina Ferrari's blog (google it)and another of my little wrapped spirit dolls that I make every so often. John had gone fishing, I am trying to sort out clothes to take for next week, and not getting far, tidying up and suddenly feeling tired! I think I will go and sit and do some hand sewing.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

three morning walks

All in the morning, two along the cliffs with different seas and skies and one along the beach with a very yellow sky. I love the variety of these walks. We had some rain last night, not a lot but enough to settle the dust and put some water in the tanks. I have been pretty busy and with Easter nearly on us finding I am not sure what day of the week it is! I shopped yesterday and was so glad I did as this morning the town was a nightmare. John took me over to Yankalilla to drop off stuff for the exhibition over the week end and we came and went different ways. The country certainly looks dry. Off to try and finish my chicks from Gina Ferrari's blog.