Sunday, January 31, 2010

Froth and bubble

We walked again this morning, a very different day to Friday, the wind had come up and there had been a very high tide.
Every where the waves were leaving trails of froth and bubbles were coloured like the rainbow.
I am walking much better too.
Home and I sorted out the geraniums in pots by the back door, it has been so hot of all things I have had them in some shade but we are being told we may have some rain during the week. Certainly the cloud along the east coast has gone almost all the way down but we will see if we get it or not.
It is much colder tonight than it was last night.
We had a good meal at the pub, not cheap, but better than normal pub food and the place was packed. I think we were almost the oldest faces there!
I am still playing with things, trying to sort out how to present some of my stuff for the show at Easter, the trouble is it is all fairly small I have nothing large this year at all.
I need to sell a few things but have a terrible feeling I wont make much as I realistically cant ask too much either.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wandering the back roads

John went off fishing early this morning so I went in to the market and collected the papers and decided to go along the back road to see who was selling their property and as I havent been up there for a while to take some photos. There are some magnificent trees up there and also in the first photo an import from Western Australia. I must admit to loving the flowering gums and have tried and tried to grow them but they dont much like frost. Any way this one was on top of the ridge in some ones plantation so I had to take it flowering in all its orange splendour, they do come in other colours as well, reds and pinks.
On the other side of the road was a magnificent and very old Banksia, unfortunately the photo I took of the whole tree, and although people think they are shrubs they can get to be a tree, was out of focus but the photo I took of its magnificent trunks was ok.
Next a yakka or blackboy, not flowering but I love their shape and skirt.
Then two different roads, although I suppose they look pretty much the same. The lovely very old big gums on the last one is on the old track that winds up the side of the valley (my valley) and the other is coming home on the unpaved end of the Back Valley road.
Once upon a time I lived in Back Valley, but now I live on the Back Valley Road a shame in a way as Back Valley now seems to encompass a part of the lower Inman which is not part of our valley at all.
I think I may do a bit of our family history every so often on this blog as it is a shame it is not better known and I have some wonderful old photos.
Some how in the middle of the night my poor peahen lost her chicks. She only had 2 yesterday and then at about 2 am I heard her call out and land on the roof and from then on she has been pathetically calling to her chicks all day. John said he heard the same thing the night before. She was roosting up high so I doubt it was a fox, perhaps an owl or some other night creature. I am surprised though as they gather underneath her.
She is a young mother so perhaps she will do better next year.
I do have to say I really dont need any more as we have about 8 any way and they do make an awful noise when they tramp over our iron roof.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Befor we went shopping this morning we left a bit early and went for a walk along the beach.
I try to get at least two beach walks in a week if I can.
It was a bit cold and cloudy with an easterly wind blowing.
When we arrived at the bit of reef at the corner we came back but not before I took this photo of the pools that were left as the tide was going out.
A pelican flew overhead but I was a bit slow with the camera so I have had to blow him up a bit and in doing so have lost a lot of definition.
There were a lot of these blue stingers on the beach, I really wouldnt want to be swimming with them as they had very long tentacles. Once diving we got into some and although we had wet suits on they still stung our hands and face.
You can see what a cloudy and dim sort of morning it was. The clouds have mostly burnt off now.
Finally this Funky chicken, these were popular quite a few years ago and yesterday as I was searching for patterns I couldnt find I came across this pattern and decided to spend a few minutes working out how he went. I was really trying to find a pattern for a bag cut from a square and wondered if this could be converted.
A friend has kindly sent me a copy of a different bag again done on a square, not quite what I was thinking of but one that I am going to have fun playing with.
He is a fun little guy.
Tabby and John and Millie are coming for dinner tonight so as it is a bit cooler I am doing corned beef with mustard sauce, traditionally this is served with boiled cabbage but I think I would prefer peas.
I had a laugh this afternoon as when I tried to ring Tabby Millie answered the phone and I did try twice, and each time the conversation went something like,' Hello Millie its Pen here, is Mummy there?', 'yes',' can she come to the phone',' no', 'can you tell her I am on the phone', 'no, Bye', phone put down, there were lots of giggles during all of this and I gathered that Mason was there as well. Only 2 but not quite up to relaying messages.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pt Stanvac

Yesterday we collected a hamburger and a wrap and took them down to near O'Sullivans Beach to eat them and look at the Pt Stanvac area once the oil refinery, now where they are going to have a desalination plant.
We had been to Adelaide to have our hair cuts and for me to see my mother and were heading home and had a late lunch.
I did drive a bit in Adelaide and I wish I hadnt, it was white knuckle stuff and I was glad I only had a short way to go.
This morning I dashed out early to get this shot of the clouds by the back gate, I had seen a golden glow but I have to say that by the time I had found some clothes and shoes I was a bit late for the best display.
I have been to the physio, sent off the atc's for the Birthday swap I am in and came home to do a few household chores.
Ever have one of those days? I wanted a couple of patterns I knew I had somewhere, well I turned the whole workroom upside down looking for them, I found two but the third has still eluded me. Of course then I had to put everything back again. Trying to look through files of patterns with a very wonky eye was also frustrating, I really think I probably did know where it was but just didnt see it.
We have an exhibition over Easter and I didnt think I had very much to put in it this year so I need some smart but quick things to get done in a month.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day and as a while ago John was an Australia Day recipient we usually go along to the ceremony.
It was a lovely morning, and as you can see some people like to dress up. In the first photo there is our Mayor in her robes and in the front row a lass who was about to be an Australian citizen, she was dressed in all the things she could find made out of or having on it the Australian flag.
Then I could only take a back view of the elderly couple dressed as perhaps they would have been at Federation, I think his was an Indian army outfit but I am not sure, they didnt change uniforms much from the Boer war through to the first world war.
I was near the back and had to take my few photos from between peoples heads.
Not the best place for the halt and the blind!
We had a short walk and a cup of coffee and John came home to a meeting which didnt finish until 2.00, so a late lunch and I was glad of that coffee.
I have done a few odds and ends, including some washing and tidying up, and fell asleep in a chair reading a book.
I am having problems with my tantrum for Dale Rollersons challenge, I cant work out how to bind or back it, I was originally going to place it on a black background but when I measured it I found it was larger than it should have been so am having to re think and as it took forever to do I really dont want to start another one!!
A few ideas are rolling around in my brain but I think I will try them out tomorrow.
Off to put on a few hoses and feed the barking pug who is telling me in no uncertain terms that his food is late.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Books and snakes and birds and textiles

This post is a bit of everything.
This great book I had ordered a few weeks ago arrived today, 2nd hand but so interesting. I love what Robyn of Artpropelled makes and this book lets me understand a lot more about her country and now I know a bit more about what she is talking about.
The next was at the race on Saturday, a fellow with this absolutely lovely 2 year old coast python, she sat like this after the race, I presume the vibrations of the cycles going past made her so alert. Her markings were fantastic as she had changed her skin not long ago. I think these are the ones we see occasionally when we go to Rainbow beach in Queensland in Margot's garden.
On our walk along the beach yesterday morning this young sea gull was having a go at the barnacles on the cuttlefish, he wasnt going to fly off when we walked past. That cuttlefish must have been in the water a long time to have grown so many barnacles before it floated ashore.
Finally a bit of Holey Moley, this is layers of cut up fabric topped with polyester and a grid stitched on top and then burnt through with a soldering iron. I have left a bit on the right hand side unburnt.
Now to think of something to do with it.
I have been to the physio about my back and I hope that will feel better soon, no more lifting heavy garden pots for a while and I have managed to get an early morning appointment with the eye specialist on the 25th of March so that is better than mid May.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tour Down Under at Pt Willunga

Yesterday we drove over to Pt Willunga to have lunch with friends and to see the cycle race which every one in South Australia loves. They go flying past at a terrific pace and we can see them 3 times if we are lucky.
It is not just the cyclists, it is the police who put on a huge show, the support teams, the people watching.
I have to say that at times I have really loved it when they come down into our area and you can sit and watch them go by all on your own.
Of course picking out individuals is almost impossible, and the noise that the peleton makes is incredible.
So just a few shots to show what it looked like, the background of the sea behind, and the rate they go at, I had my camera set on action shots and in some they are still blurred.
Even John standing there gets involved which is saying something.
After all the excitement we had a lovely long lunch and came home just wanting to fall into bed!
Today we have been having on going problems with our server so I am lucky to get this bit of my blog up, trying to read emails and see other blogs takes so long it has not been worth it.
A lovely beach walk this morning.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Summer stalwarts

Very hot and sticky no rain and a bushfire not too far away, not near enough to be a worry unless they really let it go but still a worry.
It is cooler now but the wind has changed.
I have had hoses on as it was cloudy and while I was outside moving them I took a few photo of those plants that really dont care how hot it gets.
The agapanthus are a delight, they steadfastly bloom all summer through, although on well over 40 degree days their leaves do burn, something I had never seen until the last two summers. I have several varieties but these are the hardiest ones and I have them all through the garden. some people call them weeds, I think they are wonderful.
I have a few succulents in a front bed that doesnt grow much else it is so dry, and I am going to plant more. I am not sure how some will last with frosts but I know that the grey leaved one does and is such a wonderful foil to other colours.
Turning on a tap that is under the mulberry tree I thought you might like to see how the light was shining through the leaves and on the mulberries. I am afraid we have not had a summer pudding this year as the poor old berries fall off again when it is over 40 degrees and suddenly the birds are hungry and eating all fruit in sight.
Lastly I pointed my camera to the sky for a shot of the clouds, unfortunately the best clouds were where I was pointing the camera straight into the sun but these are quite interesting non the less, we have had the odd thundery boom and a few drops of rain but nothing really to get onto the ground.
After yesterdays bit of bad news about my eye ( see my other blog here) I was a bit depressed about the fact that the blurry vision wont get better, or at least not for a while, so I have been sitting sketching and sewing. Nothing finished yet but a bit more of an incentive to get things done!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ATC Birthday swap

We managed a walk along the beach this morning, a hazy soft sort of day and the tide was way out, I love the way everything seems to blend in together, and here the shrubs on the dunes give a lovely contrast.
I got quite a fright when the cockle train came roaring through, having been on it I should know that this is when it arrives but I had forgotten. Quite a different perspective of it.
A lovely morning.
This is the first of the ATC's I have done for the Birthday swap, this one went to Sheila in the UK. I have done the next ones but am not quite as happy with them as I was with this one, they are not quite finished yet so we will see what they look like when finished. I think my background for the new ones is a bit busy. I do love the flower foot and these were done with a twin needle, I had never used one before and was so pleased with myself.
I have got almost to the bottom of the ironing basket, there seems to be more washing to do but I have had a relatively quiet day as tomorrow I have to go to Adelaide. I cant go through the hills, which is my preferred route as the big cycle race, The Tour Down Under is going through one of the towns I would normally go through.
We will see it on Saturday when we go for lunch at a friends place at Pt Willunga.
Off to feed the dogs, the cat and the chooks and sundry wild fowl.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I have done a lot of ironing all day but the basket is still full!
Of course more went into it tonight after I had taken the clothes off the line.
The first photo is of the path up to one of the enclosed gardens, this one has the line in it and a very old pug dog. I am growing tomatoes, chillies and herbs in pots and in the garden at the end.
this afternoon when I came out I found that there was a pea hen with new chicks by the house. I dont know how good a mother she is, if she is a young one she may lose her chicks but the older ones are good mothers. Oscar always thinks a pea chick is good food.
Robyn over at Art Propelled(see Robyn in my side bar) had a thing about bookcases, I tried very hard to take a few photos of the very many that are all through this house, but in some cases I couldnt get far enough away to take the photos!
The first is the one I was trying to get a book from the top shelf when I fell off the table, you cant even see the table but believe me it is high.
Then the top of the one in the hall, this is an ikea bookcase and I am afraid that with the weight of books the lower shelves are falling down so you only got a very bad shot of the top of this one. Of course right on top are a few of the odds and ends I make, a couple of dolls and an epb rooster and under that the wooden hammer I used in Japan to broach the saki barrel and was given as a memento.
The last one is in our bedroom beside my bed, I am afraid the flash went off so the bear collection looks a bit startled.
Apart from that, every room has a bookcase or books on the floor or books somewhere. Will was heard to say the other day that I had an awful lot of books, he isnt madly keen on reading and I think he is afraid I will suggest he reads them all. As it is to his horror I kept finding books with his fathers name in them.
We have had blissfully cool weather and it is so much easier when one doesnt have to worry about going outside into the heat.
So to celebrate we are having slow baked chicken legs with lemon and thyme and onions and garlic and wine.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I walked this morning

I was supposed to be at a pony show today but decided that it was all too much and a day of rest was in order. It turned out not to be quite a day of rest but I felt better for doing what I have done.
The yellow crocosma by the bedroom door is looking lovely and bright. I have the orange one as well but really like this yellow one.They can become a bit of a weed so I have to try and control them.
It was quite cool today and we had a little bit of rain not a lot but a bit which helps things along. Some of the clouds were quite spectacular and I couldnt resist this photo.
This is the latest foal now I think 2 weeks old, we are not sure if she will go grey or stay cream. she is a real cutie and to think that her father was not supposed to be any where near the fillies when he got out.
Coming back to the house this peacock was sitting on the table by the bedroom door, I couldnt resist taking his photos.
Finally as the children were leaving last night I took this photo of the plane they were on, Adelaide airport with the city and hills behind.
We did very well at the show today apparently, a Cob I bred was Supreme Cob (D) in both rings, our Section A colt and filly were both Champion in their rings and the filly was Supreme A in one and the colt Rivington Ascot was Supreme A and then Supreme led Welsh of the whole Show so quite exciting for Isabelle who led him and whose pony it is.
This was our Welsh Youngstock Show which also combines with the Riding pony Society.
I have washed bedding for most of the day, dusted and tidied up and John did most of the vacuuming for me so now I have a relatively clean and tidy house and two rather had it people!
I have to say I am not looking forward to the ironing, there is a massive basket full.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wonderful book arrived

This very inspirational and absolutely gorgeous book arrived in the post yesterday and I have spent far too much time going through it. In fact after seeing Robyn Gordon's post about her books (see my side bar) I have been exploring amazon and have ordered a couple of other books on African art so I hope they are as good as I hope they will be. The children have left and the house seems a bit quiet and empty although it was rather a marathon trip to the airport and then had to wait for ages before we made sure the plane had left.
Home and a phone call from them, great excitement as they now have a new puppy. Will has been hanging out for a dog for ages, they have a German short haired pointer. I hope it all works out well.
I am not going to the show tomorrow as I am too achy and tired and I just know if I go I will end up minding the children and that is not a good thing. I need to be fit and I think the only way is to take things a bit more slowly than I have been. Not that there is much hope of that as there is a huge amount of house cleaning and bed washing etc to be done but slowly slowly (never my forte but then perhaps I am not too old to learn some new tricks!)
I have been doing some sewing but so far none of it is fit for publication, Dale of The thread Studio has set us a task called textile tantrums and at the moment I am having a few tantrums with what I hope to be doing. Time will tell.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Granite island the cockle train and a night sky

Today we went over to Granite Island after my physio appointment, we walked across on the causeway and came back on the horse tram. We saw cormorants on rocks and then I took the view from where I was sitting on the horse tram.
The next photo is one I took out of the window of the cockle train at Goolwa and an interior shot of the seats and the back of the childrens heads. We did the cockle train on Tuesday.
The last photo is of the spectacular night sky on the evening when we had the rain, I wasnt sure I got the colour but it came out well.
Both rides were fun and the children hadnt done them before so at least that was one up on when their parents come.
More excitement tonight as there was a black snake around the chook house again and finally John managed to shoot it, we dont like shooting them at all but this one has been hanging around and they are quite venomous and with children who dont know about snakes, dogs and the cat it was better not here. Also instead of eating mice it was eating eggs.