Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have been out and about

The first photo is of a very simple and delicious pie I made for odd moments over the week end, when one has friends staying and you are not sure of any ones movements, this with a salad is rather nice.
It is called an Impossible Pie

It said I bunch of english spinach washed chopped and wilted in 1 teaspoon of oil, I only had baby spinach and it didnt look enough so I added 2 small brown onions and a leek to 1 clove of garlic and cooked those seperately, I placed the cooked spinach and onion leek mix with 1tbsn chopped fresh dill, 1 cup of shreded tasty cheese and 100 gms of fetta which was crumbled into the base of a well greased 4 cup capacity pie dish, then whisked 4 eggs and 1 1/2 cups of self raising flour together, which was a bit lumpy and then slowly added 1 1/2 cups of milk which I poured over the spinach mix. Baked for 30 to 35 minutes in a mod hot (here 180 degree C fan forced oven) until risen and lightly browned. Yumm, I think I did add a bit extra salt and some ground black pepper, but it is amazingly tasty and easy.
Today I headed over to Pt Elliot to see the quilt show, rather by mistake and the embroiderers guild show which I meant to see, I walked rather a long way as parking was at a premium, but they were both good, so a photo down the main street, as you can see a cooler and misty sort of day and a beautifully restored cottage in a back street that was built in (I think, I cant see the date!) 1858.
The vase of flowers, John brought them back from when he buried my dear old dog Jake yesterday, they are mistletoe flowers, both red and yellow, from a gum tree out behind the house, a fitting place for a good old dog to rest. I have missed him badly today, as he got older he couldnt jump the wall into the garden and always stood at the gate barking at me to let him through, and in the morning to be let out and at night to be fed.
Only two old pugs left to feed now.
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A train ride and the wooden boat show at Goolwa

We were up early this morning going to the market and collect the papers and then on to Goolwa in the cockle train, which you can just see arriving at the station, unfortunately we dont have the steam train in summer due to fires so we had this one.
We chose to sit in the centenary carraige which had all these lovely fittings and was beautifully comfortable.
In the bottom right side you can see what some of the view is like from the train, it follows a lot of the beaches we walk on. There is a wonderful bridge that lets this little stream out to sea.
When we got to Goolwa there were boats and more boats, people and more people, it was a hot, sticky and fascinating day. You can just see the paddle steamer in the bottom center and above it a couple of steam boats, not sure about the one with sails, I heard them say this was found in the middle of the desert at Kalgoolie and put back together.
At one stage we owned and loved a Hartley TS 16 but as with all things wooden they take a lot of upkeep.
I have lots more photos but it was really hard to get good ones as there were so many people.
We finally found a shady table and chairs and had lunch and recovered before we caught the train back home again.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Walking this morning

I love making these collages of our walks, I can get a lot more in and I take lots of photos.
We saw a lot of birds this morning, two Ibis, a Murray Magpie, and two blue herons having an argument about whose patch this was.
A very small very dead shark, some mussels not many left I am afraid as people tend to collect them (illegallu) and the remains of a sea urchin in a pool of water. The tide was very low and it was very quiet and quite calm considering the amount of rough weather we have had. There were reflections of the Bluff and of Norfolk Island pines in the water by the reef. The sailing boat is still anchored in the bay.
Some how I lost the little leather cover for my camera so I have been busy making another one, as well as a spinach and cheese pie for dinner and I have stewed up the last of the lovely Lord Nelson apples.
My friend P is coming to stay for a day or so, as it is the wooden boat festival over at Goolwa over the week end. We plan to go tomorrow.
The house is as clean as it is going to get and I feel a little more relaxed than I did this morning, although the weather is still and humid and if it wasnt overcast would be very hot, as it is, its not too bad so long as I dont have to do too much.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The garden this morning and yesterday walk

I went out early this morning and took some photos of the front bit of garden, with all the rain we have had everything is looking very luxurious. The gaura and sedums in particular are just coming into their own. I struggle normally with this garden as it is deep sand and fhas a huge and lovely lemon scented gum right next to it.
John keeps on threatening me with the gum falling on the house but it is such a glorious tree and the lemen scent is very powerful at certain times.
We walkeed this morning, a different walk but I cant put these up so I have a lovely one of the old groynes when we walked yesterday. I love the way the wood has weathered.
Still hearing terrible tales from Christchurch, I still cant believe it, I have been there many times, both judging ponies and a jumping off point for skiing, we always spent a day or so exploring or looking at the lovely botanic gardens, and really nothing much seems to be so far coming out about the area around Lyttleton where the epicenter was.
I think it will take years before they get back on their feet again and many may not want ot live their any more, and they relie so heavily on tourists. I love the South Island it is such a magnificent place, but obviously a lot shakier than we ever thought.
I sometimes curse the fact that here in the south of central Australia we are prone to droughts and heat, but I think in the long run even bushfires are better than floods and earthquakes.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Earthquake, Christchurch New Zealand

Such a lovely city, devasted by another even worse earthquake.
My thoughts to all of you in and around the city, we know it all very well.
Cant believe what we are seeing on tv.

Walking at Pt Elliot this morning

I thought a collage of this mornings photos might be nice. It was cold and windy but a lovely morning to walk.
the magpies were carolling in a tree and the pelicans were fishing in the bay, seas were rough and at times quite spectacular.
If you click and then click again they are easier to see.
Back to sewing.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Rain! and a bird

Well I hope the bird gets here I may have to do it seperately as it isnt showing, but the leaves on the lemon tree are showing dropws of rain. We actually had 55 mm which is a huge rain for us in February.
Last night John and I and half of Victor Harbor went to see 'The Kings Speech' and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a terrible time that poor man had, a stupid brother, a father with no idea, nannies who abused him. No wonder he stuttered. What a wonderful King he made during such adversity.
I have been playing around with a heap of textile stuff, and finally got this little bird made. The legs are supposed to be covered in brown florists tape but as I didnt have any I thought the red wire looked quite nice.
I am supposed to be doing so many things, none of which are getting done, oh well, we did at least go for a walk this morning, even though I forgot the camera, yes I who never go anywhere without it, forgot it. Not that there was much to see, just the usual beach photos and I probably could have fudged a few from my files but I didnt so you got two boring tree branches and possibly a bird!
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hearts and flowers

I did actually finish the little lace heart on Valentines day, it was fun to do but I probably should not have photographed it on the bedroom wall with the wallpaper dating back to the 60's!
The flower, well I am doing Dale Rollersons Holey Moley 2 online class and as a warm up she suggested we made these flowers, kusudama they are called but I am sure that some where I have made a mistake as the centers dont look right, and I needed 6 to make a flower not 5. I may have another go a bit later when its not so hot and I am thinking a bit straighter.
The flower is in with a tyvec one I made ages ago and in a vessel I made while doing my Playways classes with Dale.
I went nuts trying to find a decent description of how to make these and still made a mess of it.
I did finally more or less get how to do tubular herringbones stitch last night at beading. I dont know what is wrong with me, I am usually quite good at reading directions and working on them but not at the moment.
I knew that the minute it got hot and humid I would fall in a heap, I am trying not to but when my feet swell I find it diffcult to get much done.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In the garden

It is hotter today, after quite a heavy morning fog, such odd weather, they are threatening us with thunderstorms this afternoon.
Yesterday Mason and I picked apples and then I took some photos in the garden, my orange crucifix orchid is flowering, I have a lovely mauve one of these but it is always later. Next to it the orange canna with the lovely striped leaves is positively glowing and the yellow ginger is just starting to flower.
Mason thinks this is all a bit boring and is much more interested in the dogs and the pea cocks, here Maggie the black pug is trying to be friendly but Mason isnt too sure of her, she is quite heavy and has sharp claws.
We had a shorter day today which I am enjoying and trying to catch up on a back log of emails and blogs, then I hope a small rest as it is beading tonight and I have been trying to get my head around tubular herringbone stitch and so far it hasnt sunk in, may be I will look for a simpler pattern to do!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gaby's Birthday and the morning walk

Yesterday was Gaby's 19th Birthday so last night we went out to dinner at the Beach Hut, a family friendly pizza place, Tab, Gaby, Celina, Mason, Millie and John and I. I lovely night although it was all a bit noisy.
I couldnt get a decent photo of Gaby, this was the best of a bad lot with her sister Celina and Mason in the high chair,(before it got taken away for another child, even though we had booked it, a long story!)
This morning with aching joints we walked over at Pt Elliot, we havent been there for ages, a very low tide but rough seas.
It has still been cool so a nice time to walk over the rocky path. Definitely a cool weather walk.
I was going to do another mosaic but I may do that at another time.
I cleaned the house this morning, having washed the floors before we went walking. I have Mason again next week, so I need to be prepared!
As you can see from the photos, a rough sea and the rocks out there really exposed, the lovely colours on the granite and exposed weed covered rocks. I dont think I have seen such a low tide for ages.
On the whole a nice day, but I would like more time to play.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Morning walk

A small mosaic of photos I took this morning on our cold and windy walk, there were small yachts in the bay having a lovely time buzzing around. Not too many walkers with dogs, not too many walkers at all.
I had been to the market and John had collected the papers.
We came home windswept and cool, I even heard currawongs calling this morning and in some places the belladonna lillies are flowering, does this mean an early autumn?
I have no doubt we will have a lot more heat some time, but oh I would love it to be cooler and pleasant.
I am playing with things but not a lot of them are finished, and I dont feel like pushing it too much.
I am not having a lot of luck with what I am doing in one of my on line classes and I am finding that pretty frustrating.
Now I have the new computer I hope tomorrow to get in to see what I can do with Gimp, not today, I am still recovering from the last week.
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines day weaving

This is part of Jude Hills class, a Valentines day weaving, it has taken me ages to do, but here it is finally waving in the breeze in my garden under the vine where we eat.
the close up shows some of the hand stitching I did better than on the large one.
The background was mostly from my beloved cotton Yukata bought at least 15 years ago in japan, something I have worn and worn and now is falling apart so what better place to use it but in a Boro cloth.
Some of the flowers have faded to almost white and some hidden in the seams are almost as new.
The heart is silk and dyed cotton and cotton velvet.
I am thoroughly enjoying this class but I am very slow and that is what I like about it, so lots more to play with in the future.
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Mason at play this morning

I finally remembered to take some photos of Mason this morning,He finally saw a peacock outside the window, he is fascinated with them and had been waiting for them all morning. He drew, he looked at the dolls house, the cars and trucks.
We had a fun morning.
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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Anniversary lunch

Where has yesterday gone! Looking after small Mason who at 2 is into everything is making me tired and last night was the first time I have been to beading in about a year and then there was mason agin this morning!
Any way a few photos of my lunch, the stuffed fig, my stargazing fish, and my affogato with frangelico!
The last photo is of the view we saw as we walked back to the car, trying to get rid of some of those calories.
I have not very much to report, I have been so flat out tring to keep a 2 year old entertained, he is very sweet but doesnt stay still for more than half a minute, and talk! Not that I understand a lot of it but he doesnt stop.
Gaby drove me to and from home today so she is getting a bit more driving in, I only put my foot flat to the floor once today. It is so long since I went through this with my children, hard to believe that Simon will be 50 tomorrow, it seems only the other day he was a tiny baby.
The weather has been kind to us for the last few days, cool and pleasant. I have had a bit of time to play around with making paper casts and making utee moulds and making a few disasters as well. (The embossing enamel did not do what it was supposed to and went every where!)
At beading I managed to get 2 pairs of earrings made and started making up a ufo that would have to be at least 12 if not more months old. Going in once a week does at least get me motivated. I will try and take some photos.
I am also doing a sketching class with Ailsa Burke and have finally worked out how to see her videos. I was getting a bit frustrated before that I couldnt get them to work.
Now to find time to do a bit more needle felting, that is what one of the paper casts is for.
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Monday, February 07, 2011

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Near Mundoo and the River Murray mouth

This morning was cool and lovely so John and I went along to look at the Mundoo Channel, across to Clayton and the Murray mouth from Hindmarsh Island.
John was going fishing but the wind was a bit too rough so it was called off, I was so pleased.
We had a lovely walk through the samphire flats and saw birds, and grasses and sandhills and it was absolutely beautiful. I took lots of photos but one of the best was seeing this large flock of Cape Barren Geese who are native to the area grazing in a paddock.
It was so lovely to see so much water in the lake and the river, of course with so much rain and water in the north it will soon be flooding I think.
My computer is going in to be fixed tomorrow so I will have to use the tiny one, so my blogging may be a bit patchy. On top of that I will have Gaby and Mason out this week to help for an hour or so each day as Sarah needs some help with the ponies.
It is also our wedding anniversary tomorrow, 52 years! Oh my!
We are going out for lunch.

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