Friday, March 29, 2019

I have been a bit quiet.

I haven't been feeling terribly well. The stitches under my arm have been rather annoying, well where they were and it all opened up. Won't go into it but all rather uncomfortable and tiring. The little bunch of bright geraniums has given me pleasure. Picked from the pot by the front door. I must take more cuttings and get some more going. I am very fond of single flowers. We had friends staying over Wednesday night, worth all the hassle of clearing out a room for them to sleep. John and R were at school together and he and I were married a few weeks after us. All in our 80s but me and I am only about 6 months off. So children of like ages and although they live in Western Australia and we are here, because his family lives here we see him relatively often. We don't get to the West much unfortunately. Alovely time spent with friends even if my impossible pie went wrong and went very impossible but John mulberry summer pud was delicious. We have walked and I have done more stitching on my pashmina adding all my eco dyed circles and filling some in. We have had a blustery change and a tiny bit of rain, I wish there had been more as I hadn't watered out the front for a day or so as they had been promising rain, I rather think the wind we have had has nullified what rain we have had. So George is asleep in his chair (no strange humans are around to sit in it.) I am having a bit of me time. The car is having wheels done and half a day is turning into a lot longer. Just as well I shopped yesterday. The wind is rattling the fence and the wind chimes are sounding. I think all is well with my world.

Monday, March 25, 2019

George and a new orchid.

A slow day a bit of rain and gale force winds, an interesting walk, huge waves and trying to keep upright with unpredictable wind gusts. Fun.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

A great lunch out.

Today we caught up with an old school friend of Johns and his wife and daughter and her husband at D'arry's verandah in McLaren Vale. We included D'arry in the party and had the most delicious food, wonderful chats beautiful view and for those who hadnt been a look at The Cube. Tiring but great fun. D'arry likes to have new people to talk too and I think he enjoyed it. They were most impressed by The Cube. The food is always stunning but there was a new menu out. I was feeling a bit fragile as the stitches I had taken out yesterday had gaped, they told me they didnt want to put another dressing on as I had an allergic reaction to it. Now I have 2 band aids hopefully holding it together. We dont often get out to eat such lovely food any more so it was very special. I dont think I have much stamina any more, came home and slept for at least an hour until George made it very obvious that he needed to be fed.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

I feel I have been a very bad blogger.

I havent been ding a lot of blogging, or facebook for that matter. I think the dreadful shootings in Christchurch, I loved when we were skiing upset me, probably more than I realised. My stitches are pulling and I am aching and walking has not been fun. I seem to have read and slept a lot. We have still managed some walks on the beach. The tide has been low in the mornings and I love the way the water rushes past some of the rocks in the reef. So lovely early with a cool breeze. We were supposed to go to a funeral in Adelaide today but i whimped out, I get so tired and then the next day is a write off. I will write a letter for the girls later. I need to tidy up the spare room before the visitors come, but that is next week, a little bit here and there I think. Then it all has to come back in again so I can get down to work. I wonder if I will ever feel like getting back to work, I will be glad when these pulling stitches come out on Friday.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Beach walks

Feeling a bit out of sorts. On Wednesday I had a potential nasty taken off under my arm, about 7 stitches and this morning they are feeling sore. I havent had the results back but I was assured it would be ok. Yesterday we had a huge day, well it was for me. I shopped early in the morning and then put away the groceries. Then up to Adelaide for hair cuts and home again. We both got home and fell asleep. Is old age catching up? No probably for me the stitches under my arm. Thank goodness the weather has been cool infact positively freezing on the beach this morning. I am missing not being at the Grampians this weekend, but just ass well with all the health things going on at the moment. I am rather tired of feeling tired! I dont seem to be able to get motivated at the moment.

Monday, March 11, 2019

A lovely morning.

Over to friends farm where they also have a covered orchard full of fruit trees and some vegetables. We were picking plums but I took photos of some of the other fruit, apples, quinces and some of the vegetables. We had a great morning tea and then picked. This morning John is stewing plums and then packing them up for the freezer. Quite a lot of future breakfasts. Wonderful to have free food, although our little veggie patch here is producing quite well despite a lot being knocked badly by our one 47degree day. Still tomatoes, chilies, rhubarb and a new batch of cucumbers coming on well. So nice to catch up with friends too.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

A bit of this and that.

I havent been feeling terribly well, the wretched shingles has a habit of coming back every so often. We have still been walking, about half an hour on the beach in the morning and on the cliffs in the evening. I seem to do a lot of sleeping although yesterday I did make a cake for my sister and today an impossible pie for lunch for her tomorrow. I seem to find it all a bit stressful these days. Any way I thought these photos added a touch of brightness to our wanderings. I just feel at the moment a bit of why am I doing this but I suppose when the pain subsides I will feel more like getting on with life. We did have a lovely 4.4mm of rain the other day and it is pleasantly cool at the moment, bring on autumn.

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Such a tiring few days.

We have finally had a cool change but it has been overcast and muggy, although a lot cooler than the over 40 degrees of the few days before that. The sea has been calm, or a bit choppy, the gum tree by where we park to walk on the beach is flowering, but I think perhaps it got a bit heat affected. My pots by the front door survived thank goodness although I have been out very early watering. The funeral was good, although in a very hot church, there were fans but they didnt do much in a full church. As John was speaking he was in the front while I sat behind him, watching in horror as the white shirt he was wearing picked up a great brown area from his sweat and whatever they cleaned the pews with. Those speaking did a brilliant job, I loved Mary referring to "My Alex" and Johns bit about the fishing trips was really well done. We will always remember the 40 plus degree day, and our dear friend. I dont cope will with these very hot days so have been a bit slow over the last few days. Our walk this morning was so lovely with a cool breeze. It5 is past my nanna nap but had to get this done while John is having his. Now for the Gods above to give us some rain.