Sunday, May 29, 2016

Making small things and a walk

I made a couple of small things while I was away, a tiny teeny elephant, or two, and a tiny teeny mouse. I had fun making these. We went for a walk this morning along the cliffs. Lovely morning, but still quite cold, I am enjoying the fire. About to sit and knit for a while, still trying to get sock no 2 done.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Brr it has got cold.

Below 10 degrees out side, the coldest all year. I have done the shopping, and bought this interesting chrysanthemum while I was at it, probably won't like the warmth inside but just for a day or so. John blew leaves around yesterday as rain was forcast for today, and rain it has. I rather liked the wheelbarrow full of wood for the fire. George has been quite clingy and made it clear he didn't like us going away even for an hour or so. I have done a load of washing, in to the dryer with it, and finished unpacking. Not going to do a lot more, I'm feeling rather tired and a book by the fire is tempting.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sad goodbye to the Island

After yesterdays storms and wild seas, one ferry took an hour and a half to make the crossing which is normally 45 minutes, we were so pleased to wake up and find calm seas. Sunny and a lovely crossing although we have been cloudy with a bit of rain since we got home. Max was wild with joy to see us and even George seemed pleased. I have almost finished unpacking and cleaning up the mess that George had created, and John has, once more, blown a huge amount of fallen leaves away so all looks vaguely respectable. I think I will sleep well tonight, packing up one house and then unpacking again takes its toll.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wild day again

A bit of an interesting day,first of all the water went off early, no showers, they have been working on the road below us and they cut the water main, then they got the wrong fittings so it wasnt until mid afternoon until it came back on. So windy and horrid we stayd in until I couldnt stand it and we went over to another of my favorite beaches, antechamber bay, no one there, the sand was a bit difficult to walk on and then it began raining so there are a few spots on my photos but it blew the cobwebs away and was lovely. Slowly packing up as we go on the 10.30 ferry tomorrow, I hope it is calmer than today!! so sad to be going but life rolls on.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wandering again

A bucket of fish from yesterday and today we braved the very bony roads down to D'estrees Bay in the ute. Half way thete we remembered neither of us had our phones, thank goodness nothing disastrous happened to two fairly elderly ladies on their own. Lots of sea weed on the beach and the tide was high and the roads really were bone shakers but we managed it and up to the honey farm where we bought chocolate and an ice cream each (delicious) over to American river where we had a coffee each and half a blt each and watched the fellows come in, caught up with them and then home where I am typing this. The wind is up... again. Oh well there are fish for dinner. Off to do some sewing, a teeny tiny elephant.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Walked down to the township to get milk this morning. Not a lot going on in Penneshaw.

Not a lot going on on my early morning walk to buy milk, the sleepy reflection of time gone by on the wall by the oval and down to the beach from what I call the main street. Its the one with the shop and the post office any way. Sun and a much nicer day today so I am doing a bit of sketching and sewing. I dont have to go and do anything if I dont want to. Only thing is the sound of earth moving equipment as they repair the road along the front, it got washed away in the storm a week or so ago. Some how I dont mind the sound, some one else is working! I am on holiday. Just hope the fellows get some fish.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fun on the beach this morning

Very wild and windy weather again this morning, I went down to the beach early, photos really dont show what it was like but the last photo of the ferry coming in shows a very rocky looking ferry. I caught the terns flying, as I walked up the beach they moved along with me, Not sure if this is the best photo but it shows them all taking off. I rather liked the rope on the pole and the first photo was as it was just as I stepped onto the beach. I came off the beach feeling slightly sea sick, it was battering. we went to lunch at Dudley winery today and had a great lunch, the boys did go to the Chapman River and fished, they got about 3 bream and of all things a salmon trout. At least that was sheltered. I think they were a getting cabin fever.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Odds and ends from this morning

It was too windy for the fishing fellows to go out, so a grounded boat, the bay, the lovely sky line from the end of the road and our neighbours lovely fish sculpture. Hard to get every one moving this morning, so disruptive, M and I are used to doing our own thing without them around!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Yesterday and today.

for some reason my computer over rode things and has gone to windows 10, which I didnt want but its done now. We walked the beach yesterday and found odd dead things like the dead spiny toady (fish). Then today we had another wander and dropped into look at a little cafe that had a lovely garden. Cactus and succulents do well here. It was very still today so the fellows caught fish. I am tired.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A day of wandering

A busy day, boys had caught fish yesterday which we had for dinner, not so many today and they went in around to American River, we wandered around, in and out of the beaches and caught up with friends. I had walked to the end of our street to look at the gully there and picked some flowers, not sure what they are, a lovely red. We went to Baudin Beach and I took a photo of the rather nice piece of art work there, in to Browns and the Island Beach where we caught up with Branka, an artist I have known for ages and her lovely house,it has a B & B for a couple if any one is interested. Went round in circles there and then walked down to Strawbridge Pt, on a sandy track with scrub on each side and discovered the beach I had caught a fish on on our honeymoon, so many years ago. Finally around to American River where we had lunch on the wharf, coffee and a toasted sandwich very nice and a lovely view of boats and the water. Called in to see Indiana James and Linda Jenkins, Linda was not there but I bought a hat anyway, and Indie showed us what he was working on, a kookaburra 4 times life size. Fabulous. Home in drizzle to get the towels off the line, Help! Retrieve a long over due loaf of bread, but done in the bread maker so no real harm done.Off to do a few rows of knitting and figure out what to do for dinner.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Early morning ferry arriving and Christmas Cove a bit later in the morning

Looking out early this morning here is the ferry arriving with the light behind it. We had a wander around this morning, and a cup of coffee each and saw that the fellows had launched the boat from Christmas Cove earlier on. There had been some discussion about where they would go and what the weather was like. Interesting if they get some fish.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Heading for KI this morning

Loading trucks, this was full by the time we finished and were off. Windfarm on the mainland headland. An exciting trip as a whale was sighted, breaching and blowing, not a photo I am afraid as the ferry was rocking and rolling trying to let us have a good look at it. This one was really breaching, so I wonder if it was one of our local right whales which dont breach a lot or a different one like the ones that head up to Queensland. Having packed up the car and sorted everything for those who are looking after the house and animals and packed the car, off by a bit after 8 am and arrived over here around 11 am and then the mammoth task of unpacking and re organising. We are both really tired but now to wait the other three who arrive around 4 pm this afternoon. Looking forward to a great 10 days.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Workshop with JoJo Spook

I had a lovely day over at Goolwa today with several other woman at a workshop with JoJo Spook, sponsored by the Alexandrina Council and in conjunction with her exhibition at the old police station gallery. JoJo works with metal and was a great teacher.I have done a lot of this before but it was a joy to play. The only draw back is realising my arthritic wrists don't do what I want them to do, still I was pleased with the two little objects that I made.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Still wild and Windy and a small quilt

Too rough to walk the beach, sea weed every where so again around the base of the Bluff.There were fishermen on the small jetty at the end and a pod of dolphins were working the area, the odd smallsalmon was being caught by the fishermen. The first photo is of Shark Alley, there were some surfers out there, more fool they, but the surf was interesting when the wind caught it.Lowering sky and the terns have moved from the Island onto the rocks by the boat ramp, more sheltered perhaps. The quilt is a small one I have finished for a swap. I lost George last night, he must have gone out when John came in from a meeting. I didnt sleep at all well last night as he has never been out before, but thank goodness a few minutes ago there he was by the side door. Looking none the worse for his adventure and demanding food.

Monday, May 09, 2016

WEt wild and windy

It was a bit slow coming but finally the deep low down south started to influence the weather. From my bedroom window before it got really wild. Then we went into Victor to get mail and papers and it got much wetter and really blowing, it has got worse for most of the day but has finally started to slow down a bit. Every time John went out to measure the rain he got wet. We havent had a gale like this for a while and I am just glad that nothing large fell on the roof although there was a continuous hail of small hard objects from the liquidamber. I sat and did a bit of hand sewing, a small quilt for a swap that I now see is not the quite the size stipulated. Damn. I thought I was being so careful too and my arthritic hands dont like the fact that I may have to pull it apart again. double damn. I have a roast of pork on for dinner and I have just made up some red cabbage to go with it. A good night for a roast.