Thursday, January 30, 2020

Not a lot going on. Too hot.

Today by the back door it has been 43c. Far too hot. We have gone from very comfortable mid 20'to this. Supposed to be humid with some rain tomorrow. I really do enjoy the air conditioner but get rather bored. My work room gets the sfternoon sun and is not comfortable. I am also suffering from a few problems medically in my nether regions. Another lot of creams, I just hope this sorts it as it is all rather depressing and tiring. The weather hasn't helped our walks but we have managed a few early ones. Not a good photo but we found these three sea urchins the other day, lovely colours on the big ones but not sure if you can see them very well. The doll is going to get some hair but at the moment it is only pinned on. I need to feel confident when doing that. Another cloth mad bird, will he or won't he have feet? Time will tell. Drawing mad birds as well and stitching some small treasures. Nice to do when I don't want to think! Well the dog is telling me (moaning)that it is time to be fed and George is lying, trying to hypnotize me so I suppose I need to stop this. A seafood salad for dinner tonight so easy thank goodness.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Beach walks

This morning the birds, a pair of Pacific gulls and an oyster catcher and possibly hooded plover. Being school holidays there were a few over enthusiastic dogs. This afternoon we went over to the mouth of the Hindmarsh river and I took a few different photos. We havent been walking over there for ages so it was rather nice.,

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Today I have been playing. Tiny fabric morsels, added to and feeling good. I don't really know what I will do with them yet. A backing, turn them into pins. Perhaps on a card. Time will tell but at the moment I am using up scraps and bits and pieces and enjoying doing it.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Growing vegetables in gravel.

We rent at the moment. Rather a daunting thing for us as we always had our own property. ( the farm) and there was not a lot of garden. The back yard is all gravel but John has managed to grow things in the past year or so. There are a couple of small beds, the one that the radishes are currently in, when we arrived it had small tomatoes but they have since seeded into the gravel by the clothes line. This year we have red runner beans just getting started. The Lebanese zuccini (my favorite) has gone mad and the cucumbers are producing well. One of last year's globe chilli is fruiting and new seedlings are doing well. Even the left over sweet potato is taking off. Magic and it keeps him busy L We has 1.2 mm of rain this morning. Would like more but it is cool and has freshened things up. I grow some of my herbs in amongst the flowers out the front. It is a shame about the apricot tree, 1 apricot and it has gummosis. We do like a garden.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

This and that

I have not been feeling 100% lately so thee are from a few days. Not many flowering gum flowers but enough. Tabbys pigs, they are mini ones. Seeds from a wattle tree and a crab found on the beach at Pt Elliot. Lots of sea weed, small shells in the cracks in the granite rocks. Several days of being out and about. I am making another doll, slowly and although the weather has thank goodness been mild it seems to warm the house up. I am being rather slow too. Max is moaning at me that he needs to be fed, wretched dog. At least George only sits and looks at me, I am sure he is trying to hypnotise me into feeding him. Better be a responsible dog, cat owner.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Our latest great grand child and other photos

Savannah Rose arrived on Monday, we went to see her today and she is lovely. All well after the disasters of the last one. So glad and relieved. The weather has been all over the place, hot, cool, muggy. We have walked but I have been rather slow I am afraid, with the easterly the other day there were small boats trying out their skills as well as other sailed devises. The beach on the whole has been lovely and we have varied our walks. We had a house inspection today, always a bit of a worry and although I dont think we need to we tend to clean like crazy. I think our usual clean is quite ok but when some one is inspecting your house it is a bit traumatic. I dont think I have done a lot, watering the garden, I do wish we would have a decent rain, making cloth dolls and birds, a bit of reading and not a lot else. The changes in the weather get rather tiring. John is busy getting stuff together with regards to the hospitals 100 years (in another 9 years!) Still if they dont get things done now they never get it done.

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Smoke haze today from the Kangaroo Island fires

Not a very pleasant walk on the beach this afternoon. We didnt walk this morning as we went into shop, I bought a new skirt. I find shopping for clothe and walking is far too tiring. You couldnt see the Bluff or the Island from the beachg. Our son who has a holiday house on the Island has been using a bulldozer to bury the many dead stock over there. Not a pleasant job but he is a skilled bulldozer driver. Something to help.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

The last few days, start of a new decade.

The start of a new decade worries me, how much of it will I see? Really dont like that photo either but I suppose it is a record of how I have aged and deteriorated in the past 12 months. That was on a walk on the cliffs, how dry it all is. The fires around Australia have really worried me, I have always worried, when we were on the farm but now. this year it seems that the worry of fires is so much earlier and far far worse. All the photos of burnt houses seems to get at me. I will be glad when we get some rain, the last few fires we had here were later and always followed by rain. Not this time.I think made worse by the fact that this is prime holiday time, so many displaced people.