Monday, September 28, 2020

Beach walk this morning

Quite rugh seas but ended up a lovely day. I feel very tired for some reason. Sewing at the moment. sorting out the on line class I am doing but still havent all the stuff I need so have been making some more brushes. I really need to get ging but until I get the ink I am a bit stuck.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Scott Conservation Park this morning.

A friend suggested we went to look as there were lots of the blue cockatoo orchids out and there were. A lvely stand of donkeys and a few, not many spider orchids. Lots of sun orchids but unfortunately no sun so they were not out. Lots of old gum trees too. A nice but tiring walk I seem to get more and more tired these days. So I came home and sewed up a small primitive doll. I have always liked making them and decided to go n with making a few. I am still slowly making brushes but not painting yet, I hope a friend who is going to Adelaide next week can get me some. We called out to see Tabby and John and Millie on our way home and talked to the Llama, he is quite magnificent. I think I am feeling a bit down at the moment, my body is giving me grief and I am not enjoying it. It will be my birthday next Sunday, 81! Unbelievable. Still I have the few days on Kangaroo Island to look forward to in a couplde of weeks. I did find this park a bit degraded and was surprised at how many people were there earlyish in the morning. We have left it a bit late to explore many more but it is good to get out. Yesterdays afternoon beach walk was lovely too. Just wish it didnt tire me out so much.

Thursday, September 24, 2020


On the beach this morning, John looking to see if he could find any sticks for me, he did find this sleepy lizard who a very enthusiastic puppy didnt see! Home and a short walk found this lovely gum tree and a very nice banbksia. I finally got out to take some photos. Very cold this morning and it has rained off and on all day. I have been making a few more brushes. I reeally need to get some ink but I think I will just have to use acrylic paint, perhaps watered down a bit. I have set up a table outside and it is now too cold to get started.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Bits and pieces

I have been in agony for the past few days with a bad back. It happens every so often and is a bit depressing. So I have slowly been making brushes. I am doing good an online class with Lorna Crane and I can see that I will enjoy it, just not up to much at the moment. Two little rabbits have gone off to a new home, I hope that they arrive safely. John has just booked us over to KI, a bit late for my birthday but in mid October for 4 days. Wonderful, really need my island hit. I Iknew I knew we wouldn't be going for Christmas but something to lookk forward to. The first roses from the garden, they smell divine.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Morning walk looking for native orchids.

We set off early this morning to see what orchids we could find at Mt Billy CP not too far from home. Trying one of my old cameras, still not brilliant but we did find some of my favorite Spider orchids and some donkey orchids and the blue glossodia I think. A challenging walk for me a rather up hill and a lot of litter on the ground. My stick helps but trying to see the orchids is a challenge, thank goodness for John. Came home totally exhausted but so pleased that we did it. Now to collapse in a heap.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Around the garden.

A few photos from under the back covered area. The orchids are looking lovely although they are nearly over. We had a bit of rain in the night. Not a lot and there should be more but I am never sure how accurate the weather bureau is these days. My joints are killing me ta the moment, not sure why but we did manage a reasonable walk on the beach this morning. After a wander around the farmers market. My walks have been rather a case of surviving the agony. I am slowly making clothes for a rabbit. My joints are complaining about knitting so it is all going very slowly. Frustrating too as I have other things I want to do, gorgeous new pattern from Jill Maas is waiting.