Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Making hearts.

I have been quietly making these over the last few weeks. Satisfying and relaxing to make. Made a fish pie for dinner yonight. Smoked cod and prawns. Very nice.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Yesterday a walk at Pt Elliot, a baby sleepy lizard and this morning skies.

It is warming up. On yesterdays walk there was a very small sleepy lizard by the track. Sleepy lizards are quite big and have live young, I dont think this one was very old.There have been some quite big swells as there are some lows way down south even though the weather doesnt look much like it. The flowers around the steps were all in bright and glorious bloom. Th is morning on the beach we had some interesting skies. I have finished my bundling project and they are now in a large jar with the dye liquid. I hope it doesnt decide to ferment. I think I did all the right things. Fingers crossed. I saw my GP yesterday and have had some nasties burnt off my face so now look rather leperous. I hate having it done but better off than on and a few days looking rather disgusting is better too. I seem to be getting my sugar under control and I suppose I feel better. It just is that things still seem to go up a bit and then down but not too far down. It is all a new and sometimes worrying experience but they seem to think I am managing it well. I hope so.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Little bundles

The start of an adventure. I have joined India Flint's online class. In reality to be done in February but some preparation to be done. 29 little bundles. So far I have 20. Thank goodness my daughter did flowers for a wedding over the week end so I snaffle a few leaves that should dye we.. It is amazing how long this takes. I hope to finish them today but have just had a collection of potential skin nasties burnt off my face and feel rather fragile.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

A new camera.

Well it is not exactly a new camera as I think I bought it at least 2 years ago but as my old one decided to be ok I just hadnt got around to getting it going. As well I needed a new sm card but as the old one has been increasingly having problems I have got this one out. It is a bit bigger and heavier and has lots more bells and whistles that I probably wont use and a longer zoom which may or may not be a problem, camera shake might be a problem. Any way I bought a new sm card and have tried it out. The color looks a bit yellow and I am not sure I can see all the tings I can do with this. So much and really all I use is a point and shoot. This one is the panasonic lumix tz80 which is one or two up from my old one. As I tend to have a camera with me all the time they do get some pretty hard use. Interesting reading down the track comments about this camera, should I have bought it? Well I did and I have it so use it I will. I am having a bad day full of aches. I was supposed to go to a lunch but for some reason just didnt feel up to it. I am still feeling better but do have good days and bad ones. A beautiful day outside but starting to warm up I am afraid. Sometimes I think that a summer of about 22 degrees would be lovely, perhaps up to 25 but no more. Not looking forward to the 30+ and into the 40's.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Two walks today and a bit of gardening.

Morning a long walk on the beach and this afternoon on the cliff tops. Both were lovely but I was pretty tired by the time to make some rissoles for dinner. I also pulled out more of the plant in the front bed. I am just leaving a bit. I will try to get the other side done tomorrow. Then to dig and fertilise. I have joined India Flints new on line class for February. Busy cutting out 19 circles I cant find any wool so it may have to be all silk. Well I hope it is silk, Ages ago I was given a bag of silk offcuts from a place that made wedding dresses. Busy busy. Oh also there were 2 little plovers on the beach and one up where it has been fenced off, not sure if they have nested or quite what goes on. One in the first photo.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Garden pots

I have been playing with pots again. It is warming up, summer will be here soon and I am a bit worried about things drying out. So far it has been quite cool and damp, but we have also had a lot of wind. Trying to work out how to water, so far I tend to hand water

Friday, October 19, 2018

George and the lovely Cecile Brunner rose.

George showing how lovely he is, he sits on the coffee table waiting for John to brush him. The rose I picked yesterday yesterday at my friend P's place. I love that rose but don't own one. Very windy, a horrid day. I had to visit a doctor today too as I have a rather nasty little infection on my face. I feel it is one thing after another, any way I have some ointment now and I hope all will be well.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

a flying pelican

We walked by the Inman River this morning and a large and boisterous dog put up the pelican I was filming. A bit far away but still pleased with the photos. Very odd weather, cold and windy and damp all day. Damp enough to get quite wet. Not what I was expecting at all. Adelaide tomorrow for hair cuts, later than usual so we will try and see an exhibition I was hoping to get to and perhaps a bit of shopping. Visit my sister and friend P who has just had her second cataract done. Not quite as tired as I have been so hopefully the insulin is starting to have some affect.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Gorgeous geraniums

I love these colours mixed together. I took some cuttings from the school and have just planted them. I do hope they grow. Thunderstorms, wind and a bit of rain, quite warm and humid with it. House cleaning as an inspection tomorrow. A walk along the cliffs, remarkably smooth sea. Not sure it will be like that tomorrow.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

class photos.

Home from my 5 day live in class in Adelaide with the lovely Inez Seidel from Germany. So lucky to do this class using paper and wire to create a cabinet of curiosities. You could let your imagination run wild, play with paper and paste with a great class of fun people. Loved my time away, OK the body didn't much but I have come home very tired but quite fired up. Workshops are such fun and I just hope I can get into the next one. No read that as I hope my body will still cope enough for me to get to the next one. L did make more this is just a small selection.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Sorry I seem to have lost what I wrote. Love my very cheerful pansies, given to me by the very nice fellow who runs a stall at the Saturday market. We had a lovely walk over at Pt Elliot this morning. The light was incredible. I will be off line for a week. Off to a workshop in Adelaide. Wish me luck that all goes well and the insulin works well.

Been a bit tired

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Things happen.

Well as of last night I am now on daily insulin injections. I feel pretty depressed about it but I suppose I am lucky that I have gone for nearly 20 years without it. Now I am according to my health carers one sick woman. They assure me that I will feel a lot better when we get this all sorted out. I hope so. I also hope that the classes I am doing next week in Adelaide will be ok. Just sad I cant get to the doll club reunion on Sunday but I dont need to be any tireder. Still trying to walk, very slowly at the moment, I hope all will be well soon as I feel like shit. These photos are a couple of days shots around the area.

Monday, October 01, 2018

Interesting skies this morning.

This mornings walk produced these interesting clouds. It was quite warm and the tide was a bit difficult but found these interesting colours in the plants near the board walk back to the car. I have been trying to sort out what I need for my class with Ines Seidel next week, we went over to Tab's to see what was in the container. Also going through various bags and boxes. I think I have found mostly what I want. I will be away for 5 days so no going home to get things. I am still recovering from my 3 day class so it will be interesting to see how I manage. I would love to recover some energy but that may not happen.