Friday, May 30, 2014

Wandering our town like tourists

This morning we haeded into Victor early to walk, we decided as it was a reasonable morning that we would head over to Granite Island, we havent been there for over a year, I hadnt felt I could manage it with my knee, but first we watched the horse tram head out, it goes over the causeway to the Island. I love the little sculpture by Silvio Epogny of the fairy penguins. The whale tail fountain is also one of his and looked lovely this morning with no one around. The Island is one of the places to view whales but we didnt see any this morning, just lots of lovely granite rocks and the view of the Bluff and the Islands from a different view point. The longest walk for a while and then I went to do the week end shopping and home. Quite a long day, especially as I am trying to write an article for a friend and it is taking a little research, more than I thought it would. Will tell more after/if it is accepted.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another heart and a walk

I finished this second heart today, I will try and make another as I have a couple of Birthdays this week and next. They do take a bit of time but I rather like them. The photos are from yesterdays walk, we did walk this morning but I forgot my camera, I have a couple on my phone but I need to work out how to get them onto the computer! Everything changes. Our green turban looks rather different to the one Robyn Gordon put up on her blog the other day, this one is broken and about as big as they get, mostly we see the smaller ones, I just liked the way this one was sitting on the sand with the remains of rivulets around it. Needless to say rock pools fascinate me. I am listening to Tommy, by The Who, John has just taken it off the vinyl and put it on a disk, sounds wonderful. Reminds me of our first trip to the UK and staying with my sister and brother in law (both now dead) in London, he introduced us to it. I know its not really a nice story but the music and voices are great. I have had a full day, I didnt have Millie as arranged but had made a casserole and Tab was down with a cold so I still collected her and took her home, delivered the casserole, raced home and put on our pot roast which we have just eaten, delicious. I suppose when I think what I did today it was quite a lot, but I am still not getting done a painting I want to finish.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wet and wild

Well not quite so wet this morning when we walked along the cliffs but it was high tide and quite spectacular, we had about 16.5 mm over night and since then more, pouring wonderful rain. It has got a lot colder too and the fire is rather nice. I am tidying up some boxes of lace that had got into a terrible tangle, looking of course for something to put on another embellished heart. I am having fun but not doing anything particularly useful. Back to feeling so happy that at last we are having rain and things are growing as it has been so warm. A great walk and a great rain.

Monday, May 26, 2014

My week in stitch and a visit to the next town

My week in stitch included my 5 hour trip up to Mambray Creek at the foot of the Flinders Ranges, between Pt Pirie and Pt Augusta. I was staying with friends. Tuesday we celebrated K's 70th Birthday with friends and cake. Wednesday was a relatively quiet day, stitching hearts and walking the dog. Thursday I packed up and headed off for the long trip home, not too bad but having to go from one side of the city to the other is tiring. Friday we went for a walk and shopped and I did a lot of mundane things like washing. Saturday we went over to Goolwa on the River Murray and I saw a large pelican, such lovely silly birds, all beak. Sunday was the local Riding clubs 50th anniversary which in the early days we had a lot to do with and three generations of our family have had connections with. A pretty full week. I have just come back from taking a load of books over to the next town, going the back way and saw this delightful scene of a windmill and an old cottage on the way home. We have had some rain and everything was green and there are some new lambs around. I should have stopped to take their photos too but it wasnt an easy place to park. Off to do a bit more heart stitching, a new one.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Another beautiful day

Really for this time of the year it is far too warm both during the day and over night but there does seem to be a promise of rain. Today we went out to lunch as for Mothers Day our son and family in Melbourne had given us a voucher at The Beach Hut, so lunch it was just as well we got there early as we were then invaded by a group on motorcycles. a group, not a gang, but there were a lot of them and they were a bit noisy. Our local Riding club was having its 50th anniversary and as Sarah was judging the gymkhana and we had had a lot to do with it in the early days, all the children were riding in those days, we went to join in and meet up with a few old friends. Such a lovely day but the speeches did tend to turn into quite long reminiscences. While I was up at Mambray Creek we made hearts, and this is mine, finished, I am now going to play with another one, I love playing with all the embellishments. Still unable to fiddle with my photos so this one isnt brilliant.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Busy day

John had to go over to Goolwa this morning as the minister was announcing some new fish steps for the barrages there. These help the fish get from one side of the barrages to the other for breeding. It was especially useful when the drought was on. I took some photos of the general area of the River Murray and what was going on. We then went down to the Number 19 beacon and there was a pelican. No Coffin Bay this year and I miss the pelicans. Home and we have been pretty busy just doing things around the house (washing being one) as it has been incredibly warm over the last few days but we are supposed, hope, to get showers in the next few days. The garden is looking pretty dry and would love a drink.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Home from Mambray Creek

I left at 7.50 am this morning and was home a little after 12.15. a long and tiring drive but a wonderful few days had up at Mambray Creek. I couldnt believe how green it all was, usually the Flinders Ranges are rather blue looking but this time it was all green. I drove up on Monday, had a wonderful 70th for K with a lot of the other 'bag ladies', I dont get to see them very often so loads of food, lots of laughter and some strange and wonderful crafty stuff was done. More later but it was lovely to be away for a few days. Off to feed dogs etc and hope that there are not too many more fleas in the house, came home to one!! Must de flea the cat, again, it is so warm no wonder they are still hanging on. I havent had one for so long but I was a little suspicious before I went away.I hate fleas but Oscar has been out more than usual and we have new cats over the road that he may have been talking to.

Monday, May 19, 2014

My week in stitch and 2 walks

My week in stitch , well on Monday I sorted out books, after we had a walk and took them to the 2nd hand book shop. Tuesday I fell while walking. Wednsday I did a short walk and John blew leaves from around the house. Thursday I finished a scarf made out of this silk and wool. Friday was a trip to Adelaide, a hair cut, and a cup of coffee while waiting for John to finish his meeting. Saturday I cooked and Sunday we walked again and I began to sort out my trip away this week, I will be back on Thursday. We walked over at Pt Elliot and also along the cliffs at Petrel's cove and on to the beach where I loved the look of this rock. I am supposed to be off in half an hour and am not packed!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

And then I fell over.

We thought we might go along to Kings beach as we havent been there since before my knee, it is always more difficult than the other cliff top walks we do but I was feeling relatively fit. the only problem is I cant see as well as I once could and I missed a step and fell, heavily, on my good knee, hit my nose and wrenched my bad shoulder. It took a while to get myself together and I felt very sore and sorry for myself. I havent done a lot for the rest of the day, a bit of house work and ironing and finished off my painting which is on my other blog, see my side bar. I dont like getting old!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

My week in stitch and this mornings walk

A busy week, we walked, I washed and vacuumed, then headed up to Adelaide to stay with P and went to look at some art galleries. I came home and met John and we walked It rained and blew and then we had another walk with a lovely morning and sun shine and then a rainy afternoon and I potted up some plan Sunday was mothers day, John took me out for lunch and 3 out of the 4 children rang which isnt bad. this morning we went in to walk on the beach but it was quite a high tide so we walked the cliffs instead. Another lovely walk. I am still cleaning out bookshelves, so took another load over to E at Yankalilla, a glorious drive along through the back road sun shining and autumn leaves blowing. Saw a gorgeous little vignette but was passed it before I thought to stop and tale a photo, golden elm trees, a windmill going and a very old abandoned cottage, must go back but I dont suppose the light will be as good.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A glorious day

I have just finished another bit of knitting, a small hat for Millie I hope she likes it. You cant rally see it but instead of a pom pom I made a button following Kate Davies instructions, fun to do and effective. We walked this morning, even though I am having a few problems with a windy stomach, it was lovely although the clouds came up and we have had sun and showers, not amounting to much, all day. I loved the patterns in the sand, and there are rocks exposed where last time we came here there was only sand. It seems to have moved around quite a lot. this is the little beach at the end of the Petrel Cove cliff top walk. John is taking me out to lunch tomorrow for Mothers Day, not sure who of the rest of them will remember!

Thursday, May 08, 2014

This and that

I finished off the vest I had been knitting, not a terribly good photo, easy to do and very warm. I went up to Adelaide yesterday and stayed the night with P, we went to several art shows in her area, always a delight to see paintings, good and bad. We also went up to see if we could get a catalogue for the recent Bonython auction of fine arts, which meant going to the lovely old house and we then parked the car and went walking there was a really nice park in the area. Out of order, the boat this morning when I met John for a walk on the beach, I rang to tell him where I was on my way home and we met, really nice but I have to say that having battled traffic and then a walk I am tired. a lovely day with P but I do find it all a bit much to do in one day. Sorry this is such a scrappy blog post but it is freezing cold out here where my computer is and as I said age is catching up, it was an early start for the last couple of days too.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Week in stitch and some odds and ends

Here finally is my week in stitch along with a photo I took while walking this morning, autumn clouds and the sea are always different. I picked the little vase of flowers and autumn foliage this morning but then couldnt crop it satisfactorily so you get the kitchen table disaster as well! Monday last week was a bit of a hotch potch of things, Tuesday we walked and there was a partial eclipse of the sun, it also rained a bit. Wednesday John blew some of the leaves as a lot are falling at the moment. Thursday we went to Adelaide to go to the dentist, a long day. Friday was very wet and a shopping day, too wet to walk. Saturday was very windy and there were showers around but we did manage to get a walk in and Sunday was our local state Welsh Foal show, we went without high expectations this year as the foals were very hairy and not in the best condition, then as it had rained all week they hadnt been out and had been boxed, have never seen an indoor arena and were quite naughty but for all that, with 2 judges (interesting as they very rarely agreed which meant a very interesting final for the Best in Show awards) But for all that we went supreme with the little Section A colt foal under one judge and daughter Tabby went Supreme under the other with her lovely Cob colt foal who went Best Welsh in Show and our part bred welsh filly went Best Part Bred in show, so all in all a very good day for the two sister studs. (ours Rivington and daughter Pen-nant. It was very cold and a long day, hoping for some photos of my little colt soon. Today we are back to autumn drizzle, not quite as cold as yesterday but I am enjoying having a fire keeping the house warm. a long beach walk and I am trying to get clothes at least on the line although heaven knows when they will dry. Cleaning out drawers in the spare room, what a job!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Wild seas

I wanted to get some seedlings this morning so we went over to Pt Elliot to the hardware there and then on to walk around in the less windy area of Frenchmans Knob. The seas were spectacular, I took photo after photo and these are only a few of them. Very cold today but we have both been at work in the garden, we have had a bit over 2 inches of rain so the ground is easier to work. i potted up a heap of pansies as well. I am now waiting for my bulbs and pansies to do good things, but I suppose it will be a while. I probably wont post tomorrow as we have a foal show in the hills, undercover but I imagine it wont be very warm, yesterday was the coldest in 30 years, sounds like a good old fashioned winter to me. Double click to enlarge all photos.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Damp and cold

This splash of colour is welcome. The leaves on the glory vine are starting to fall and as quick as they fall John blows them away. We have suddenly turned from warm days to cold ones and trying to find time to walk between showers is not easy. Yesterday we had dental appointments in Adelaide but also took the time to go to the Art gallery and see something I didnt like called I think ( shows I really didnt like it!) Dark arts, I find looking at anything in poorly lit rooms difficult as my strange eyes dont like it and walking up and down the stairs with dim lights to see by is ok for the young but not for me. I did enjoy the Netsuke exhibition but do think my sister has a much more interesting collection. The less said abut the dentist the better, however much I clean my teeth the more he finds to complain about. I do find going to Adelaide terribly tiring these days and was so pleased I had thought to make a casserole the day before so we had left overs last night. No walk today as it is raining but i did get the shopping done, and I may just sit by the fire and do some more knitting. I have the back of my sleeveless vest done, now to find the wool for the front! I think it will be rather a patched vest but I dont mind as I only intend to wear it at home.