Sunday, September 29, 2019

Great but tiring day.

Yesterday we woke and John cooked breakfast supplied in the B & B and then we went for a long walk along the beach at Pt Willunga. Havent been there for so long but it was wonderful, a hard sand with no slope. A few shells but not a lot. I think I managed about an hour which is great for me. Then after tidying up we left and headed up to McLaren Vale where we were meeting some of the family, especialy the Melbourne ones for lunch at D'arrys verandah. D'arry was supposed to join us but unfortunately he was in hospital having a stent put in, all ok so far as we spoke to him last night. We had a lovely lunch but I seemed to get more and more tired as the afternoon went on. The food was fantastic but I do find that things get a bit much at times. Too used to a quiet life I am afraid. Still a lovely start to my birthday week.I love the beach at Pt Willunga, the old jetty is getting less and less and the cliffs are eroding too. I remember climbing up them as a 7 or 8 year old. I took the photo of the cube with the umbrellas up. Some of our party went in to look. The dog and cat were pleased to see us home and felt a bit put out at not having had breakfast yesterday but at least we were home in time for dinner for them. A bit of a lazy day today.

Friday, September 27, 2019

A different day

All starting to come together. At the moment we are collapsed in a lovely B&B in Pt Willing. Set up for two people it has a fire!! Not sure we will use it but nice to think about. The Melbourne family called in for morning tea this morning and Evie took a couple of bags of books which is great. I love it when the young ones look on books I have enjoyed with cries of glee. Any way we are here due to one of our children thinking my 80th birthday, which is still to come, deserves it. I think we will have fish and chips for dinner. Tomorrow we have lunch with some more of the family.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Around the garden.

My peace flag is flying. Thank you Fiona and Barry. Not that there seems much peace around the world at the moment. Sometimes I wonder what we are coming to. The garden has some nice bits at the moment. Spring is definetly here but the weather goes from warm to cold, sunny and damp.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

This morning over at Parsons Beach look out.

A stunning morning, cold, showers a bit of sun and all these natural rock gardens with flowers just coming out in the scrub surrounding the car park. The sea looked magnificent. I love coming out here, reminds me of the walks at the farm. Not a lot out but enough and unfortunately my little camera doesnt show stuff up but with any lu7ck if you enlarge them something will show.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Fabulous day

I am tired, too much excitement for an old lady!! The start of birthday celebrations. Our friend from Queensland Jill and her friend Pat were on the Indian Pacific, train from Sydney to Perth and had a few hours in Adelaide so we collected them and took them for a walk around the Botanic Gardens, unfortunately the coffee shop had stopped, and it wasnt even 4 pm. Oh well a walk through the big conservatory and then a quick tour around the city and down to the Glenelg marina where we had booked a table at the Wharf. We were early but that didnt matter, had a drink and nibbles and then mains. I had their sea food chowder which was very nice. John had mussels which he said were fabulous. Jill is allergic to sea food and this was the one place I felt gave a reasonable selection of other foods. John and I are of course sea food addicts. This was Jills treat for my up and coming birthday and Pats past birthday. Both 80. Unbelievable but I think I felt it by the time we got home. Such a warm still night, the weather bureau got it wrong, supposed to be raised dust and high winds, not while we were there. Perfect. Dropped them back to the station full of food and headed home, We are not used to driving in the city at night but we managed it with no problems although we are both very tired today. Such a lovely fun filled evening. I hope the rest of their trip goes well. Off to have a small snooze.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Rock pools and the beach this morning.

A cold morning and a cool breeze but some sun. A low tide which we havent seen for months and a lovely walk on sand, not falling over the banks of sea weed. Water running between the rock pools. Lovely. Nowhere as tiring on the hips either. I really am rather sick of feeling tired all the time but slowly trying to get things together.I ordered another copy of Slow Stitch which came this morning. I am sure (I have this some where in Tabby's container but after lots of searching I cannot find it. So lovely to browse through it. I have been looking for months and finally decided to order another one. Thinking of dying some hand threads if, a, I can find them, and b, if I can find the alum. Still cant find my India Flint dyeing book either. One day!!Love mornings like this.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Today and yesterday.

There was some sea fog this morning. I think that the last few days took rather a lot out of me, We were in Adelaide on Thursday and what with that as well as the big trip away last week end I havent felt much like doing anything. We have managed to walk and the weather is getting warmer so the pots have needed to be watered but apart from that, and sorting out food I seem to have done very little. The girls are very busy having foals, I think it is 3 each so far, must find some energy to get out to see them. We have also had good results at our local Horse of the year show with our ponies who have been sold or are in the hands of other people. Very pleasing to know how good our stock is for children and the show ring under saddle, not just as led ponies. A busy time for all. I just hope that the rain has not stopped, we need feed and hay for the coming summer. Such awful news of the early fires in Queensland too. I am not a great fan of summer.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Around the garden.

Yes I was away for three days and then time to recover. A long 10 hour drive to stay with friends and catch up with new ones, collect two mares and another ten hour drive home. Saturday was a fun day, looking at beautiful ponies and being driven through interesting terrain in a Polaris. I survived. I had photos but with my aching back it is easier to use these.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Shells and another dottee doll.

I was so pleased when I found these, not often that we find a big whole whelp with no animal in it and this must be one of the largest lovely (can't remember, be it's name!) Oyster. They have so many lovely different colours. I also finished playing with some embellishment on this little Dottee doll, I had a few bodies made up but not finished. Quite warm and very windy today. Down to the river mouth and saw a pelican.I am packing, leaving early tomorrow morning for north east Victoria, it will be a long drive, just hope my back survives. Home on Sunday and with any luck I will blog on Monday. Hope everyone has a great week end.

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Walked for nearly an hour this morning.

Longer than I have walked for ages, half an hour is usually my maximum so when we arrived home I was pretty pooped. Lovely morning and Pullen Island at Pt Elliot was standing out in the sun. Clouds, no whale today but a bunch of spitter caterpillas on a branch of a tree, I was glad John took the photo. Lots of birds around. Feeling rather relieved as we have now got another year in this house. All a bit worried as if we had to find somewhere else it would all be happening over my birthday, not that there is much being said about what any one is doing but still it is nice to think I dont have to think about packing up this house around it.

Monday, September 02, 2019

My Donatella is getting there

This lovely Jill Maas pattern has been such fun to make. I have been making her very slowly but have now ironed on her pattern, a Denise pattern and a bird so I can slowly get on with them. Sarah and I are off to North eastern Victoria on Friday , only for the weekend, just hope my back copes with such a long 3 days.It will be Lovely to catch up with friends, we are collecting a couple of ponies. We walked this morning but I have also been tidying ND dusting. I have a chicken, bacon, cheese and leek casserole in the oven for dinner but decided against another walk. It has been very cold with showers so typical spring weather.

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Walking, saw a whale inb the distance.

Yesterday we did two walks, one on the beach in the morning, fantastic clouds and one at Pt Elliot where we saw a whale way out in the distance and some of the native clematis was in flower. Today we had a quiet fathers day. Nice to have phone calls from the boys. Not all that impressed with fb messages. We had a bit of rain early this morning but since then it has been quite sunny. Two walks today too.I dont think my fitness levels are up much though.I have lined the dolls hat and given her boots, the soles are still drying. Now for some wings if I can find the fabric I want. Spent the last couple of days looking for things I know I have but cant find.. Frustrating.