Monday, July 30, 2018

Wandering around our local flora reserve this morning.

It is a bit early but still flowers to be found. I love the Banksia bushes. We will go back a bit later on to see what else is out.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Quick post to prove I am still around

We have been walking twice a day, not such long ones, just as well as it is freezing cold and drizzling again. This morning large waves from the cliffs on the track to Depp's beach from the Kings Beach car park and this evening a walk with lots of birds, even a little grebe and a pelican around the mouth of the Inman River. I seem to cope with these shorter walks at the moment thank goodness. We also went over to the poultry show and met up with Tabby and Millie who were excited about their wins but rather despondent as their little Jack Russel had gone missing. They found him miles away and finally at the animal shelter. If people see dogs on a country road, why on earth dont they ask at nieghbouring houses. To have to go so far to collect him, and no doubt pay beggars belief.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Flowers and George.

Sarah came to see me today, she brought me some lovely flowers and George seemed to think they were OK. We passed our house inspection, I always find this rather stressful. What happens if we don't pass. We had a late walk, such a lovely afternoon. Then I must have hit a vein while I injected myself. Blood every where and I now feel a little shaky. All OK but one of those things I don't need. I wonder what tomorrow brings.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Interesting weather

We had to be at Pt Elliot to see our GP this morning but went early to walk. We nearly got blown away and almost drenched at the last moment. Nice to be home and listening to the wind and the rain. My GP thinks I am depressed. and my diabetes is not behaving. Oh dear, but I dont want more pills for depression so I said no thank you, and Oh well life goes on. Although up to a point I like winter, I dont really like grey depressing days either. We are cleaning the house, inspection on Thursday.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Another 15x15 cm piece.

I like hand sewing these little pieces, scraps of ribbon and bits of hand cut felt. I also picked a tiny vase of wattle and a jonquil that came up in the front garden, lovely smells. Now clouded over but this morning a later walk for us, lots of dog walkers on the cliffs and in the far distance a whale breaching, too far for my little camera. Exciting though. I have just realized that my comments for this blog are not coming through as emails. I am now reading them but any comments I make you have to go to the blog and look. I don't like it, but I do like blogging and my blogging friends.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Another lovely morning walk.

We have been walking when we can, it is winter after all and sometime the tides have been against us. Also rather big surges but this morning was quite nice. Different types of sea weed on the beach and this one with its curly stem and deep purply, grey caught my eye. Love those curls. John is still doing family research and thinking of writing up a few articles. I have been hand sewing and trying to find my metal and stuff for the class I am doing soon with Mary Hettmansperger. Should be a fun class. Just need to find the tools etc. Must be in the container as they are not here. Soing more hand sewing too, relaxing my back, I hope.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The sea was quite interesting this morning.

Not much to tell. I had to be in the town by 7.30 to have a fasting blood test. Home and I was so hungry. A walk on the beach, the sea birds were feasting on a very sandy and very dead octopus it was quite large. Surges were coming in frm the low to our far south. I have baked a cake and generally tried to tidy up, we are both still aching. Not at all interesting'

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

One of those days.

Wet wild and windy, and now the sun is out! We have had thunder, wild squally winds that blew the empty rubbish bins down the street. Heavy showers with the squalls and then it all calmed down. We went to look at the sea, supposed to be big surges but when we went there was a notherly blowing so everything was flattened out. The sea was high though and the beaches were all covered in sea weed. No walk as John is still having problems with his back and I am not exactly mobile either. Thank goodness I got the washing done and in yesterday. More hand sewing at the moment. I think I need to use up some mince meat so shepherds pie for dinner. I am trying to eat our way through the deep freeze. No where near as cold as it was earlier on this week thank goodness.

Monday, July 16, 2018

we are both aching.

I am sitting doing a bit of embroidery, a 15cmx15cm piece. John is not well, and both of us are aching. Airports and planes??I hope it is no more but I haven't hurt like this for ages. Back on the pain killers. Our aged bodies are not as good ad they once we're. I spent the morning washing, normally John puts it on the line but I had to this morning. Floors swept too. With any luck with the wind the washing will dry. I think we expect rain tomorrow but it is sunny at the moment. John had been handing out how to vote cards for the bye election but has had to give up as his back is killing him. Normally I would but just can't. Not much fun getting to our age.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

We are home.

After a stressful day yesterday where every thing seemed to not work ( air port check in, stupid and a night mare, not enough people to help and the so called kiosks not working) a long walk lugging suit cases and then an accident on the way home holding up traffic. So tired, then this morning supposed to be in Adelaide for haircuts, early. That was a muddle but thank goodness didn't have to go. So shopping, back killing me. Washing on. Rain in the night and sun today, lovely. Grand daughter and her 2 gorgeous boys called in. The garden looks good and George has been pleased to see us although he wasn't sure about us last night., think I will come good eventually.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Where am I?

I am not sure when I last blogged. We suddenly had a call to be at Brisbane airport at about 12 noon last Wednesday. Good friend J's brother had died and we were needed. We new her brother well too. A very traumatic few days, trying to get last minute air fares, sorting who would look after the dog and cat. J collected us and on up to Noosa Springs, and the trying to manage grief stricken friends. A beautiful service, a good wake and all very traumatic. A long trip down to the Coast the next day. Catching up with friends. We go home tomorrow, today a walk on the beach. I think it has taken a lot out of us but photos of J's beautiful garden and her cat, that was a trauma in itself as at nearly 12 he nearly didn't come out of an anesthetic he had yesterday. The weather up here has been superb, stunning and I am not really sure I want to go back to the cold. Love it here at this time of the year. More when I get home.