Saturday, June 30, 2018

This and that.

Picked some small vases of flowers, a rose out of a pot and a tiny ti tree from our walk this morning. My strange little doll has a hat and a bit of lace underwear. Now for a coat. A couple of bad days, my a he's have reappeared. We did manage a walk but there was a lot of sea weed on the beach. Over to Tabby and saw Mason and gorgeous Lachie (no photo) collected a few things from the container, found the fur fabric I had been looking for. We had a lovely dinner of gar fish in batter with salad and followed by blue cheese and a great buerre Bosch pear.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Finished my Autumn pages.

I know it is winter here but I have finally finished my Autumn pages. Quite pleased with them. My tiny book was made using paper I had made leaf transfers in an India Flint class, in autumn. The lovely red leaf was one I picked up off the ground at the nursery at Delamere. Funny sort of weather, almost a frost this morning and then cold and clod. I shopped this morning but had rather an off day as I didn't sleep well. My replaced shoulder hurt all night and kept me awake. We have now put a wool blanket on the bed as George keeps taking the small one off the bed and I think the metal in my arm makes me feel cold. Poor John has had to go to the physio today as the one who is dealing with his shoulder has set off something around his waist so he has been a bit unhappy. The joys of getting old.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The last few days

My computer has been misbehaving. Not good photos of me and small Matthew, then a walk at Pt Elliot and this morning over at McLaren Vale. We looked at paintings. Very cold early and then cold but lovely. Hope this works. As I said things were abit slow. Oh and we went to afternoon tea to hear our candidate for the local by election. I hope our girl gets in as the other one has been telling the most dreadful untruths. Personally I cant stand her but she has quite a following I believe. I hate the really nasty things that politics seem to throw up these days. Time will tell.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Just some photos

Wonderfully wild seas this morning, and cold. I had to take the blue cranes photo again, and I did ask if he brought the new baby boy, but I didnt get a reply, just an enigmatic look. I feel terribly tired today after all of yesterdays excitement. Interesting having messages coming through on fb as to the progress of the birth all day and then the photos after the emergency c section. It is interesting that both her mother, aunt and sister all had to have emergency c sections. They all ride and the belief is that their muscles wont relax enough or some such thing. When I think I had over 10 lb babies (ok, 3 weeks late) naturally, but my first was under 7lb, bit of a shock I can tell you. I would not have been left to go that long over my due date these days.

New great grand baby

We have a baby boy to put into those booted. Mathew Wayne, 8 lb 8oz by emergency c section at about 7.43 after trying all day. My poor grand daughter is very tired so I will hold off seeing him for a day or so.I was glad we spent the day with friends as it kept my mind off it all as the day went on and on and still no news. I was kept up dated pretty well at the end. I now feel nearly as tired as she does. Lovely walk this morning g, huge crashing waves but at the moment the computer is playing up so no photos.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A couple of journal pages.

Thought I was up to date with my pathways and wandering journal. Suddenly autumn has gone and it is WI term. So I am now working on autumn before winter goes too. Nice to be playing again. Now to work out how to make a couple of I cords to use in the boots I have just finished, well they still need to be sewn up

Monday, June 18, 2018

The last day or so.

It has been very cold and damp. The knitting and some embroidery have come out. Felix the urge to make some booties for the baby when he arrives. John bought me a lovely cyclamen and the orchids are a joy at the moment. Beach walks have been cold but enjoyable and the odd art show has kept the brain alive. I have just decided to do a class with Ines Seidel at the Fibre Arts Australia to be held in October in Adelaide. 5 days of live in fun and not far away. Just hope I survive it! It is also cooking weather, soups and stews are on the menu at the moment. Just wish I had a fire. The a/c is not the same.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Cold but some sun., big seas.

e had about 12 mm all up yesterday, most was the 10 mm in under 10 minutes. This morning it was sunny but a freezing cold wind. We walked the cliffs, yesterday was shopping so no walk. fJohn has gone to a funeral. I am trying to tidy up all my recipes into plastic folders. Something I tend to put off but it is much easier ones they are filed. A bit of housework done, why do I hate doing it? I do feel so much better when its done but these days I am tired all the time. I was given a couple of actual books to read but the type is so small I have trouble reading them. I like my kindle these days. I made a fish pie last night which went down well, tonight I think I will try pork medallions, actually they were marked down scotch filet in ginger beer. Not how it will go but I have some ginger beer in the frig so I might as well try it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Morning walk.

The sea weed is banking up making walking difficult. I have not been feeling 100%, some sort of tummy upset but I did manage the walk. Sarah dropped in today too which was nice, brought me a couple of books. I have re done the underwear on my doll and the coffee colour looks better. I am hand sewing which is taking time to do but makes me feel better, I feel I am doing more than just sitting. Definetly winter clouds around and I tend to wrap a rug around me, trying not to use the a/c as it uses up electricity trying to be economical!! John is still shut up here in his office though I shooed him out so I could use the computer. Dont seem to get terribly motivated although not seeing well is rather annoying.We are experimenting with a piece of venison back strap for dinner tonight. Hope it is ok, should be good. Nice when youy are given something like that to try. There are too many feral deer on the peninsular and it is nice to think it is being used.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Struggling, but walking.

I am struggling with my doll. I dont really like her and I think I will put her away for a while and think about her. We had a lovely walk over at Pt Elliot this morning it was quite free of wind, dont you love the sign, none around at the moment, too cold. some flowers were ut and there were no whales but a good walk. Home tired and tried to get my head around this doll. It is not working, so I read instead and fell asleep.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Last few days

We have had interesting clouds and weather, the weather bureau kept on telling us we would have rain and wind, well there was a bit last night but on the whole just interesting clouds and good walking weather. We went to Adelaide yesterday, hair cuts, visit a few people and deliver some historical stuff to the State Library on John's family. We came home totally exhausted, there is a lot of road works going on in the center of the city. A lovely morning this morning and a great walk along the cliffs. Since then I have been playing with the doll I am making. Why is it that the faces never seem to be as I want them. Now struggling with her clothes, I am not the best doll clothes maker. I will be glad when I see my eye girl and hope she can do something abut my eyes. I really am struggling at the moment to see what I am doing. All I have wanted to do is fall asleep. Not good, must keep going. Oh and that is me walking up the path on the cliffs. John was saying I had quite a neat backside. Hope you think so too because I think it is a bit large!

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

orchids and a head.

The head looks a bit odd but we will see how she turns out. The orchids are doing well here which amazes me. We had a lovely walk this morning. A cold night but rain is forcast thank goodness, we need it but the days have been beautiful.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Late afternoon walk

Amazing what you see on the Bluff. I just hope he got his landing right, you wouldnt want to come down on those rocks. The clouds were sort of promising rain but none so far. John had hoped to go fishing but no luck again. Not sure if he will ever get fish again. I have sewn up a little body, well not quite but she is under way. A lovely sunny day but I seem to be tired and thirsty all the time and a lot more sleeping is done than I would like. GP doesnt seem to be worried. Lovely to walk at a different time of the day, the light is quite different.