Monday, May 23, 2022

This and that

We have had an election. At least those in power have won without having to go green or to a collection of female independents who were backed by a million/billionaire with inherited money. All I can say is what are we coming to. I am too old for all this, but in being old I have seen a lot of governance come and go, some good and some bad but have never seen so much nonsense written about women. Some photos from the last few days. Mad birds, drives around my beautiful area, they keep me sane! Now to bury my head and keep my thoughts to myself.

Monday, May 16, 2022

I have been playing

As you can see I have been playing, having fun in my sketchbook. It has been an interesting week. Flu shot on Thursday and having a potential nasty cut off my ear on Friday. I find these things seem to take longer to get over than they used to.

Thursday, May 05, 2022


It is cold and damp outside but comfortable inside so I took a couple of inside photos, the collection of knitted animals one will go eventually when the new great grandchild is born. My easter cactus are flowering and cheering the house up and I have finally finished the latest beaded heart, a green one this time, it has taken me ages but is now finished. I do have some problems seeing things these days. We had 27 mm overnight, more than most people but I am not ccomplaining the garden had got very dry but it is getting a bit late for the break in the season,especially now it has got cold.

Thursday, April 28, 2022


On our wanderings this week we drove over to Waitpinga in the late afternoon and what did we see but an echidna warbling along by the side of the road. Wonderful as we don't often see them. The next day dark we had to take the car for a nru as so ehow we had a flat battery and after the RAA had been out to start it we needed a 1/2 hour run to fix it so out to Parsons Beach we went and in the half dark saw another smaller and much lighter colored one. Two in two days. Wonderful. As my back has been not good I did not get out of the AR and I took the reading wave from the AR park. We had our house inspection yesterday, for some reason I do get into panic about it. I think the older I get the more things worry me. We did manage a short walk this morning, there are huge banks of sea weed which makes a long walk not possible. At least I managed it and my back is a bit better.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Blobby birds, cats and other things.

My back has decided it does not like me at all so I am sitting in my comfortable chair with my heat pad on and John has given me a Voltaren rub. Doing some bending exercises every so often and trying to amuse myself.I love doing these blobby birds and cats, they are all a bit different. The back of a page was a mess so I drew one of the indoor aloes. I finished their pants for the little bear and they are now on him. My aloe came in yesterday as it is flowering and I am enjoying the easter cactus that decided it liked being inside and is also flowering well. I have two others of different colors, pink and white I think that have also come inside, they have buds so will cheer things up. I am missing my beach walks but hope my back will get better soon. I am not enjoying old age.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Little bear has a jumper

The llittle bear I knitted for the great grand baby due in August now has a jumper and I have started on his pants. Then I need to get cracking on an embroidered blanket. We walked around the high walk at Pt Elliot a day or so, a lovely easy walk now it has been bitumised, I can cope with that. Only short beach walks at their moment as the sea weed has really built up. We did see three little plover on their beach this morning, I presume a chicken and it's parents. Lovely too see them. Neither of us have been feeling brilliant lately, change of season I think, hope! Another long week end, Easter last and ANZAC day this coming one. I am starting to get confused!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Still enjoying sketchbook revival.

What a wonderful thing sketchbook revival is. For someone like me who doesn't get out much. I think I am becoming addicted to blob birds and the odd cat.I also made a small origami pocket. These are just prototypes so I can remember for their future.