Sunday, January 09, 2022

Warming up

These photos are from the last few days, shells collected from the beach, a trip over to Goolwa on a damp day and the bits of blue crockery I have collected on the beach. None today but quite a lot of glass fragments. Not good for bare feet. It is amazing how much we find. We have had some lovely damp and drizzly days, not many but nice to have some. Now it is warming up again so early beach walks. We avoid going where there are people as at least 80 odd people have covid in our area, more and more. My Woolworth grocery order cannot be delivered until Thursday instead of Tuesday and quite a few things were not available. Goodness knows what my order will look love by Thursday. Little things are getting AA bit of a worry. Thank goodness the garden is giving us vegetables and we make our own bread and the freezer has a reasonable amount in it. We have been warned that deliveries are being affected. I will be glad when this is over.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Christmas Day

Now Boxing day. Watching the start of the Sydney Hobart Yatch race. Yesterday was interesting. We had an early beach walk. I have been struggling with an infected spot in my groin which decided to finally burst. Not a terribly good day as I am also recovering from the effects of my booster shot. We did manage prawns and salad followed by raspberries, we don't eat much these days.I seem to sleep a lot. It was a shame to miss friend Ps 88th birthday on the 24th but we just couldn't manage it. That booster really hit us. I hope all my blog friends had a lovely Christmas. This wretched plague is really making things difficult for us all. We did a late drive over to Parsons Beach yesterday. The southerly winds have made for a lovely view of the beach. A bit cool but much better than very hot. Sorry I can't manage any more.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Angels wings and cards

My angels finally had their wings attached so they are now finished. I also started making some cards using some papers I had painted cutting out trees, easy and fun. I am feeling very tired at the moment,not sure why, we had quite a long beach walk this morning which was lovely but more tiring than I expected. Trying to tie up presents and work out what more I need. We have had lovely cool weather but it is going to warm up over the week end. I am afraid I don't cope very well with the heat anymore.

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

It has been a while

And on top of that John had reset the Google password and not told me. So many frustrations. I am once more making Christmas cakes. I have finished off the little knitted rabbit, he is now all dressed. Fb has had a few painted gnomes as a theme and here is the one I did and I am also making, or rather embroidering more birds for my file fowl book. A trip over to Waitpinga beach, late Sunday afternoon. I love those lines of waves. A visit from the nurse from the local doctors surgery to make sure we old people are coping. I think we are but it is good to be checked up on. I am heartily sick of this recurring covid drama. We are booked in for a booster in a couple of weeks. No Melbourne family again for Christmas I would imagine with all the uncertainty over border closures. I am slowly getting presents together but I am so much slower than usual. I will try to blog a bit more.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Around and about

I seem to get worse at posting, a lovely few days wandering. We went across to Normanville on Wednesday and to Pt Elliot today. Days seem to be going fast and I think Christmas will be here before I know it. At least I have more or less organised the sea food for Christmas day. I am watching Love Actually again and John has gone off in disgust! I am finishing off the latest rabbit. I have nearly finished sewing up the latest knitted animal. I will start cooking cakes next week. Busy, busy.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

A cold few days

George has spent a lot of time snoozing on his chair. We tend to add more clothes, it is almost summer and 12 to 16 degrees has been the norm. Really windy with rough seas, walks have been intermittent with John finding the wind difficult on his face. They say it will be 6 weeks before it is fully repaired. I have been having a lovely time gathering flowers from the garden,, the pink rose is a carpet rose that has lots of flowers and bits of sage of many colours plus other flowers make up my posy. They are in a mug I love that we made in one of our visits to Yasuka village in Japan how long ago was that? At least 20 years ago. I am finding that now I am 82 I Am so much slower, annoying but part of the ageing process I suppose. I am a bit like George! Still hand sewing, I have nearly finished my birds and have started knitting another rabbit, I thought I had stopped knitting with summer approaching but it is so cold I got the needles out again. I have been a bit hit and miss with my blogging, I tend to put more on Facebook these days but feel my blog is important too. So many people I have met through it over the years. Enough of my waffle off to make a curry for dinner.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

This and that

HeaOspitallth wise life is boring lyrics predictable.L hospitalget pital spitals over one thing and another rears it's ugly head. Enough! I have finally sewn up my badgers clothes. Once on a time it was easy. Not now. I think this David Austin rose is Abraham Darby but I could be wrong. This is the first year it has looked happy, I hate to think what the soil is like here but I am happy with this lovely flower I think that aso annoying but we seem to have had so much wind lately.Upt the moment I am as usual suffering from a bad case of hay fever. This coming week is going tobe a bit fraught, John has a colonoscopy on Monday, which means odd food and then as he says taking poison to get rid of it at least that is in the local h only a few hours but on Thursday he has to at the QEH by 7 am and in for them to do something about nasal pOlyps and hopefully, all going well out late the next morning. Thankfully our youngest daughter has taken on all of that as I couldn't manage it these days. Sorry I am having problems with this posr so I will stop.