Monday, July 31, 2017

Morning walk

Feeling tired, lots of rain and a bit of sun and its cold. Had a not terribly satisfactory meeting yesterday. Really not sure I like some people who like to be dictators. Any way it is over and I may never go to another AGM again. My ability to see the best in people has been dislodged. It waws a very cold walk, and fairly breif this morning, the Inman River mouth was re aligned by the council, I think it is doing its own thing again. There was a lovely big egret on the bank. I think this cold weather is annoying my joints. I have made a casserole for dinner, nice to have something I just have to slow cook and then eat. We are now over our average for rain for July, infact I think we are now over our average for the year. Two very dry months, May and June were a bit of a worry but now things are getting decidedly squishy underfoot. I should have been packing up stuff, instead I searched for some fabric that I must have packed. Oh dear. I think I will go and read a book. I found a Kay Scarpetta novel I hadnt packed up to sell and it is a while since I read it. Should keep me amused. Oh and my football team, the Crows after a bad start yesterday, they should have been much better, finally on the bell managed to have a draw. Better than losing.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Threatening skies this morning

It was terribly windy this morning but as the wind was from the north it flattened the sea out. The skies were pretty interesting too. It has blown off and on all day, after a warm night it is now quite cold as the wind has turned to the south. we had a shortish walk, difficult over wet sea weed but we managed it. There were two oyster catchers but I only managed to photograph one. I love their red beaks, legs and eyes. Home, people through to look at the house and property. I keep hoping some one will come up with a reasonable offer. So depressing. I made a batch of ginger nut biscuits. Have been slowly sorting through a few thins as I had a bad night last night and didnt sleep well. I dont think my stomach likes oysters any more, so I will not indulge again. Quite a nice day to sit by the fire and do a bit of embroidery and sort through things. I bought some fish at the market this morning, N has lovely fish and I do like Coorong mullet, no fishing for John and his lot as the weather has been too rough, so I am off to crumb them and make a salad.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Very few flowers to pick.

I went out to look for some flowers this afternoon, it has been very wet today but there were a few jonquils and the yellow African bulb whose name I ever remember. I went for a drive today after about 8 weeks. Very wet but a lovely winter drive over to Yankalilla to sell more books and then up to McLaren Vale to have a chat and collect my oysters. Then home. Feeling good.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Yesterday cliffs today the beach

Yesterday we walked the cliffs towards Depp's beach from the Kings beach car park. Early and cold but no one around and the water an incredible colour. sheep and sky from the path and the lovely cottage on the far hill. A lovely walk but my repaired knee is playing up and I was so tired by the time I got home. This morning we walked back towards the mouth of the Inman River, we had noticed the council working there yesterday and had a suspicion they were trying to re route the water flow to the mouth as there had been a lot of erosion along the for dune where it had decided to go. I am not sure how long the river will decide to comply, water has a mind of its own. Huge banks of sea weed had been moved too so it was only a short walk. My knee is still playing up. Saw a report in the paper the other day that doctors had decided that the weather plays no role in arthritic pain. I have news for them. Today I am doing some washing, and yesterday too, the sheets were dry yesterday but not so sure of the towels today, it is windy but could rain any time. I am still trying to sort through 'stuff' what a job I think I make more mess than ever. Well back to my work room.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cliffs at Petrel's

Not a long walk, I seem to be aching again and my repaired knee not liking me much. Over to see what had come out of the boxes that had been packed up from my mothers 2nd to last move. Rather nice to see some familiar bits of crockery. not seen for I am not sure how many years. I think I am feeling rather depressed about it all but I suppose I may get over it. It has rained off and on all day and instead of cleaning out more cupboards I am reading and falling asleep. Then I feel really naughty and feel I should be working hard. tomorrow!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Aloes at Pt Elliot

I love it when the aloes are out. John thought he should sell my old skis and would I take a photo I think they are too old and he has buckleys but we will see. I should have taken a photo of the stuff T and J took out of the shed today. They took a heap of stuff yesterday and were back today. I know it is junk but rather nice that some one else appreciates my old bent wood chair, a lovely old little fire that I have loved for years (in the shed) and other stuff. One persons junk is another persons well junk, but it is nice to think it is going on in the family.They did find my very old typewriter which I have rescued. I am afraid there is so much more to go. Millie tells me she now has two drawers of socks after yesterdays effort and no they are hers, not Mummy's. Yesterday some of the family were out to go through clothes I no longer wear (including socks) and the shed with boxes that came from my mother probably over 10 years ago. We did have a problem in that some of the boxes had got wet and some were full of ants. Still they all went home with something. It is also a bit depressing as I now no longer even feel that I want to re do stuff but T does.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Exciting day, we saw a whale

Some where in the first photo, about in the centre if you double click to enlarge you should see a black blob which is a whale. we wa;led the cliffs at Petrel's Cove this morning, not really thinking of whales although there have been a lot about, they come back to calve about now but they have been a bit further along the coast and not here, so a lovely surprise. Not that it was doing much, a few dolphins with it, a few blows and every so often a tail or a head. My little camera doesnt have the capacity to get close enough and it was a bit of a point and shoot and hope you got something. It was a lovely walk, after all the rain things are greening up. Some areas where there were some slips last year are showing a bit more activity. Home and I am doing some house work, a bit of sun is out at last. I have sent off my money for next years Grampians Texture classes, I look forward to my week end away, could well be my last, the bank is getting rather nasty and with only a buyer that would cover what we owe them and nothing left over it is all rather scary and depressing. I slowly pack things up and try not to think about it too much. The knitting I have been doing is not satisfying me at all.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This mornings walk along the road at the base of the Bluff towards the Bluff jetty.

I do like winter so long as it isnt raining all the time. No one about asw we walked this morning, the sky was magnificent and although a bit cold the road is sheltered. We did see a seal fishing but he was moving very fast. such a pleasure to still be out and about. I have spent most of the rest of the day sorting books and trying to remember how to knit some fingerless gloves on four needles. I didnt think it was terribly long ago that I made the last lot but it would have to be 2 or 3 years. I panic a bit, I have all this sock wool to use up too and I think it is using all those needles that puts me off. I havent mastered using a circular needle. I suppose its a bit whimpy but it would be easier if some one sat with me instead of trying to work it out on u tube. I am making a casserole of left overs for dinner, that is in the oven, so back to the gloves.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A little something.

I stitched this up to send off for a fund raiser being run by Elizabeth D who runs the Berry Quilting retreat, she asked for small squares. This was cut from a slightly larger piece that hadn't quite worked. I think that this has. A long day, Adelaide early for hair cuts and deliver eggs, saw my sister and had quick lunch with P. Quite a rough day for driving and we hit a very heavy rain storm at the worst possible place on the way home, road works, changed lanes we couldn't see. So glad when we got home to would you believe it, sun shine. It has got cold and damp now. It is amazing how tired one can get doing a lot of sitting.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Around the garden yesterday

To day it is freezing cold, we have had a thunderstorm very heavy rain and strong winds. I am glad I took these photos yesterday morning, the afternoon wasnt very nice either. I have my new glasses, better but have to really peer at the computer screen. We did have a quick walk and just made it to the car before a very heavy rain storm came across. I love the cootamundra wattle when it is out, it always used to mean we were off to the snow skiing, long past I am afraid but the thought is there. The winter cheer red hot pokers and the big aloe bring a bit of colour to a rather dreary landscape and of course the jonquils are out. Just had a huge but short thunder storm, overflowing gutters again. I am inside packing up things off the walls, textile stuff. Rather tiring work but it is a start. Over to see wee Lachlan this morning, dropping off the sewing machine for G and Mason and Millie were there with Celina, they were playing cards! Lachie was not happy on the floor but smiled and gurgled when picked up. He is a fat gorgeous little boy. So all in all quite a good day, if you dont have to go outside.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Nangawooka flora reserve

This morning we needed a walk but it was cold and blowy and threatening rain so instead of the beach we headed to Nangawooka, this was sheltered and is a lovely little Australian flora reserve near Victor Harbor. No one there but us and quite a lot of flowers out or coming out even if it is the middle of winter. Some lovely big trees as well. It was a very pleasant walk and I am glad we did it when we did as it has got much colder, more rain and strong winds. Not a time to be out fot the moment/. I think we are due for a couple of typical winter days. Nice to sit by the fire. Yesterday I delivered the baby blanket and saw my latest little great grand child. She is home but no photo as she still has a tube to help her feed. So glad all seems to be well. Such a worrying few weeks for them and all the rest of the families. I tidied up 2 drawers yesterday, so much more to be done. Still no glasses, I hope on Monday. I have also been making sure my lovely old Pfaff sewing machine works and organising anything that goes with it for my grand daughters. I will be very sad to see it go but it will be one less to worry about.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Baby blanket done

I seem to have been doing this forever, it seems much bigger than the last one. It is OK but I feel it should have been better. Trying to get it done through all my eye problems has been a bit of a nightmare, along with trying to sort through drawers, cupboards and boxes, I need a lot of sitting down to try and get my eyes to calm down. Let alone having the house clean and tidy for people to come through. I am afraid they will have to put up with things in boxes, oh dear.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Yesterday near the bluff, today at Normanville

Yesterday we walked the cliffs, saw a pod of dolphins but too far away to get a photo, havent seen them for a while, we were later in the morning, perhaps they get up late! Apparently they were seen playing with a mother whale and her calf yesterday at Middleton. To day we went over to the other side of the gulf to sell a few books and went down to Normanville and walked the beach. Saw a white egret and not on my photos but about 4 little plover on the beach. the river had wandered a lot further to the south and I dont remember it being so far down, but then I dont remember the little plover on the beach when I was a child either. Photos of what is left of the jetty, there are photos of me aged about 1 year sheltering from the sun under this jetty, it was a lot longer then, now bad winter storms have almost finished it off. A lovely morning that finished with some distant cousins of Johns calling in to see us. Now I am house cleaning again, people coming to inspect on Friday. I do wish that something positive would happen. It is all getting rather depressing, but sunny days like this do help.

Monday, July 10, 2017

A needlecase

l have been doing a bit of hand sewing. This took longer to do than I expected. John has been to see the specialist and he doesn't have to have a new hip yet. So pleased.