Monday, August 31, 2015

This and that

Our plum tree is more and more gorgeous, the weather has been kind to it. Orchids in the bathroom, a good year for orchids too, the yellow is a native dendrobium cross and the other is a zygopetalum with a glorious smell. we walked the beach this morning, low tide and relatively calm, and super special, blue sky. My collected shells this morning.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Beach walk and cliff walk

A lovely day today, not quite as nice yesterday. i spent a lot of this morning potting up some seedlings I had bought. The walk along the cliffs was exhilirating, in other words cold and windy but blue sky.walking the beach yesterday was freezing cold and not easy walking as there were great lumps of sea weed but we managed it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Spring must be coming

My 'fairy' plums are coming out, love this very simple plums blossom. we walked over at Pt Elliot this morning, as John said there must be a big pressure system far to the south of us, here the waves come right in from the antarctic and there were some huge waves, not quite so obvious until they hit the rocks, that one with the spray went way higher than I could catch it with my camera. Wonderfully stirred up but no where near as windy as the last few days. Still cold a good walk, I have been busy tidying and doing some dusting and mopping, clothes in from the line, dinner to think about, saw something of fb I might try, chicken with spinach and parmesan. Not a good night last night so a bit tired today, I have been doing something I have meant to do for ages, cut and paste. When I see something I like I print it off and paste into a large book, so many ideas to catch up on later, even just nice to look through them. Max is barking, its his dinner time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Blowy cliff walk

We had a lovely cold and very windy cliff top walk this morning, we still have an easterly wind, not usual for this time of the year and it is cold. The sea was looking magnificent. We were in Adelaide yesterday having to drop off eggs and go to the dentist and picked up a print at Willunga on the way home, that will be another blog post. In to see the doctor about my tests. Nothing conclusive but the gut ache is still there. If I remember rightly this is what happened last time. Feel a bit depressed.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wattle and orchids

We went the back way this morning and there is a lot of wattle out, had to take some photos although this is the start of my hay fever season I am afraid. We went over to Yankalilla to collect some of my stuff from the embroiderers Guild SALA exhibition and then on up to Noarlunga to have a look at the orchid show that was on, I think it was the cymbidium orchid national show, I am not a fan of the very large cymbidiums but did find a lovely pink miniature which I bought and also a cattleya, which I have been assured is a cool climate one, I have a few and mostly they do well for me. It was a funny drive, low cloud and drizzle made driving interesting, and yet here it had been fine. The cloud or fog was down to sea level in places. I am in the midst of blood tests and had a ct scan yesterday, same fellow who did mine 15 years ago, hope it has a good prognosis. I dont get any results until Monday and last time although different they didnt get a definitive result until 9 months later. I am trying not to be in a tizz about it all. Hay fever and a gut ache, what fun.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fog one day, clear the next

I took these a couple of days ago, John has been too busy to take me walking and today I had a doctors appointment, more tests. Oh dear. The weather has been rather bizar, freezing cold, windy and warm, I think maybe more is to come.I have been doing a lot of reading, and just a few household chores, really boring, do love the little hooded plover who were on the beach the other day. Hope I feel better tomorrow, although not looking forward to the ct scan.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stitched scroll

I started this in Gisella Warburton's class, I haven't been feeling well and rather slow for the last few days and getting this put together has filled some time. Between doing mundane household chores and reading. It has been so cold, with very overcast and damp days, not very conducive to doing much outside in the garden. Even our usual walks have been put on hold although Max and I have had several trips down to the stables. Thank goodness for the fire.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

This morning

As you can see a busy morning. double click to enlarge the photos. I think in doing the collage I may have cut off part of Millie's head, she was having so much fun riding her pony who is very much in her winter woolies! I had walked down through the mud to see if we had any foals, we dont, and saw these lovely clouds across the valley and behind me, we had quite a thick fog this morning. Then over to Pt Elliot to walk around the path which hasnt been finished yet so a short walk but I didnt feel I needed a long one after negotiating the muyd this morning. Over to see Tab and Millie was riding her pony, one of ours so it was lovely to catch up with all of that. I havent been feeling 100% so I am being a bit slow today, I have been reading some older diaries, trying to find some dates and boy I was doing an awful lot in 2002 which is when I had my eye operated on, not sure I am up ot all of that at the moment.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Around the garden with my tablet

Oh look there is a Welsh Cob at the bottom of the orchard. A few early blossoms are out but I nearly missed the earliest. I went looking to see what had been wrecked by the frosts. I will not have any aloe flowers this year which is sad as I lo e their red pokers brightening up dull days. my bright red camellia always pleases me, such a clear red, called Firefox if my memory serves me well. Graeme, the cob (pen-nant primetime) enjoys his yard over looking the paddocks. Very low cloud and mizzle this morning, a bit of sun when I went out so changeable, we never know when it will be freezing cold, wet or sunny.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A little bit of stitching

The weather has been absolutely foul, gale force winds and squally rain. John has gone in for his colonoscopy, a routine 3 year check but still not very nice and I am home worrying until they ring to let me know I can collect him. I have been tidying up and found the kantha stitched piece while doing so. Felt it needed something good so I added the bird which has made it look much better. I am also playing with the other small stitchery not finished but something nice to play with. I will be so glad when this weather clears and I can get back out in the garden. Still the house is getting a bit of a clean up.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Clear seas and wind

We have had a very rough day and night, some rain, about 6 mm but we managed a cliff walk while the sun was out and the sea was incredibly clear. Home and when I go out I just about get blown over. Leave you with these photos.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Week end wandering

double click to enlarge. We had another week end where we walked, this time around the point at Pt Elliot and then today we went over to Willunga, Mclaren Flat and McLaren Vale, looking at studios and SALA Works in various wineries and other places. We also called on D, the captain of the boat John goes fishing in, he has had a skin graft and has not been well, I took over biscuits and we had tea with him, so nice to catch up. It was a cool day but sun and clouds, all the vines are in their winter sleep but the area looked magnificent and we saw some lovely paintings. I came home full of enthusiasm. I love wandering over there and the bonus of good paintings is fantastic. I think also what I love is going to artists studios and Leslie Redgates' was one to remember, saw a painting there I would love but out of my price range so i bought some lovely cards instead. The house I photographed is hers.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Orchids and baking

I did quite a bit of cooking today, but my peanut paste biscuits were a hit. I wandered around the house with my notebook and took some photos of the orchids in the house, my lovely pink moth orchid, a pink native dendrobium hybrid and also a lovely green cymbidium that came many years ago from my mother. I don't think the photos are great but as I haven't posted for a few days, I thought I had to come up with something. I have been staying in Adelaide with P too see some of the SALA (South Australian Living Artists ).work. If you look at my other blog on my side bar you will see what I wrote about that. We walked this morning, a better day than the last few, no whales but that is what happens, one day they are there and the next it gets a bit rough and they have moved.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Yesterday and today

We went looking at galleries yesterday, one was at the Marina on Hindmarsh Island, a couple of shots of boats, the weather was lovely early and then got worse as the day wore on. Saw some interesting stuff, and then some not so interesting stuff, always the way with SALA offerings. This morning we started out on the beach in not sun but ok skies, then it decided to get wetter and wetter, we had our jackets on so only got wet legs, it was cool and brisk and quite fun but as it showed no indication of lifting we went on up to the bike track and home. I did manage between showers to plant a couple of pots of pansies that I had bought at the Goolwa market on Sunday so I hope a little more colour in the garden. I have spent most of the day feeling a little 'off', not sure why, and doing mundane household chores. A generally grey and dull and damp day. I am looking for some sun.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Playing with sari silk

I didn't feel terribly well yesterday, so no walk and all the things I was going to do didn't get done. Instead I ironed three pieces of sari silk, plaited them, sewed them together and added a button and some charms. Fun to do, might like to get another colour of the silk and play some more. Hope I have a better day today.