Monday, December 30, 2013

My week in stitch

Things have been a bit hectic here, and on top of that we had a power blackout for a large part of the day yesterday.
Now my printer doesnt want to work so I am having to use John's scanner and computer! Its not the same as mine.
My friend P arrived yesterday so things are moving at a different pace.
Back to my week, Monday we had a lovely lunch at the Dudley winery, Tuesday we walked and had drinks on friends terrace, we needed some shade!
Wednesday was Christmas day, we celebrated by walking and fishing at Pennington Bay and having a lovely meal of thai prawns for dinner (and a lovely bubbly).
Thursday we walked the beach and began to slowly pack things up, enjoying our day.
Friday was a mad panic, the rest of the stuff packed into the car, onto the 8.30 ferry, just, home and unpacked and off to a friends 87th birthday, he is the fishing captain of the crew with John and A and has a wonderful winery and restaurant, such a lovely lunch, just more food!
Saturday I shopped and we got Oscar from the cattery and I seemed to unpack and tidy all day.
Sunday I seemed to go around and around in circles really cleaning and got totally exhausted.
So that was my week. I see Penny Behrens of Tanglewood Tales blog has done some lovely stuff on her stitching, far nicer than mine!!
My excuse is that where she is it is winter so lots of time to sit and here it is hot and summer and visitors.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Last full day

 we had a walk around the bay this morning, a cool breeze and a blue sky.
the first photo is of the site of the kangaroo Island brickworks, if you zoom in you can see the lovely kangaroo logo on the bricks.
We walked down to the beach and went along it and back as one of the ferries came in, I love the gap under the hull as she comes in.
I am slowly packing things up. I have packed up all the painting stuff and put back the things I had moved around.
We are on the 8.30 am ferry in the morning so an early start.
I always hate to leave.
I had a bad bout of reflux last night, not being home I had to prop myself in bed, not madly comfortable and my nights sleep wasnt the best, sometimes the medication just doesnt work, it was probably the champagne and pud with brandy butter! I dont think the prawns would have been a problem.
Just wish my body would cope with me a bit better than it does!
Just been watching the start of the Sydney Hobart yacht race on tv, the harbourt looked fantastic, and also the 4th cricket test. A good way to spend Boxing day.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Kangaroo Island

 I hope all my readers have a lovely day.
We were up early this morning and headed over to Pennington Bay after breakfast.
Rock pools, surf and a lovely sandy beach. I walked and John fished, unfortunately a very excited asian gentleman got there first and pulled in a lovely big salmon, John had no luck, perhaps that was the only salmon prepared to sacrifice itself today.
we will have ham and raspberries for lunch and prawns and pud for dinner.
We dont need much I think I have been eating and drinking far too well all week.
Cheers to you all. Penny

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A few moments ago

 I know it sounds awful but we have spent most of the day looking at this view and not in it.
Domestic chores to do, washing, the house smells wonderful from bread that is baking.
I have been painting, mostly messy stuff on what I think is possibly the equivalent of deli paper, its baking paper made by multix, seems to work so long as the paint isnt too wet. Any way it has been fun.
I am not getting done as much as I thought I would I think the past year has been so stressful that finally we are  relaxing, and we know the Island so well that there are a few favorite places to visit and as there are only the two of us this year we are not racing off all over the place.
Drinks with friends tonight.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

My week in stitch and other things.

 My week in stitch is a bit lopsided and some of it seems a long time ago!
Monday I delivered presents. Tuesday I made biscuits, Wednesday it got very hot and my garden plants hated it and wilted, it has been so cool they didnt know what hit them.
Thursday in the heat we packed the ute, went on the ferry to Kangaroo Island and unpacked into the house and it was still hot!
Friday it rained and it blew a gale, and we went to do some shopping and visited friends and I bought a hat.
Saturday was a mixed day, rain in the morning, gallery visits and I bought a wonderful glass toadstoo, visited friends for afternoon tea and went out for dinner to celebrate Johns 76th Birthday.
Sunday was a wonderful day, we went fishing and John caught a fish, I walked a beach and all in all a wonderful day.
Today we went for lunch at the Dudley winery, we have been ever since it opened a few years ago, stunning view and the food and wine are good too, first the view.
Oops!! a photo fo the flowers in the house here, I am trying to paint them, not very well.
Then the wine and the food, well my food, a bucket of prawns, John had a very delicious beef pizza.
Now home trying to catch up, need my afternoon nap!
The day hasnt finished yet.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Such a brilliant morning

the skies over the mainland were incredible this morning, we haded off to the Chapman River where John fished and caught a nice sized bream which we will eat for dinner tonight, I sketched and painted.
there was some drizzle about but then we went on to Antechamber Bay where John caught lots of sea weed and I walked the beach and looked at the pair of hooded plover who were wandering along by the water, they are such lovely birds. Odd rocks to photograph and flowers too.
Home for a great salad for lunch, with a glass of wine and some chrtistmas cake.
Click on the photo to enlarge, I am off for a short afternoon nap!
Life is good.
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Saturday, December 21, 2013


 We had a very wild night last night with lots of wind and rain. This was the ferry berthing this morning.
It was Johns birthday but here he is at work in the kitchen making breakfast, such a dear man.
The weather got worse for a while and this was the ferry leaving, I am so glad I wasnt on it.
Things cleared up after lunch and we called up to see Bernard Stonor and I bought a piece of glass from him, lovely little toadstools, it is all wrapped so a photo later. I took a photo of this old man kangaroo and a galah just outside his studio.
We called up to friends with some biscuits to go with a chat and a cup of tea and then as we arrived home I saw these turkeys, I hope not some ones Christmas dinner, they tend to be wild on the Island as there are no foxes and the only predator would be goannas who might eat young chicks and eggs and perhaps an eagle or hawk.
It poured with rain all morning, not nice to go out in so I sewed and John was on the computer. It is still remarkably warm and a bit sticky at the moment.

We are going down to the pub for dinner to celebrate his 76 years, hope the food is ok, it was last year but you never know from one year to the next.
All in all a pretty restful day, but tomorrow I hope the weather is better and we can walk a beach.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Finally on the Island

 Yesterday! Well the least said the better in a way. The heat was intense, about 43.something C in Adelaide and not much better any where else.
Of course we were on the midday ferry, leading into the hottest time of the day but it was very calm and still and a lovely crossing. This is the twin ferry to the one we were on and we passed it on the way over. Saw dolphins too, but not following the ferry.
Of course having packed everything up at home we then had to unpack into a very hot house.
We had lunch around 2.30 and I still hadnt unpacked our clothes until this morning I was so tired.
A cool change hit the Island during the night and today is totally different, a gale warning is out!
I am glad we were not crossing today.
Second photo is of the ferry coming into Penneshaw where we stay.
The next couple I took about an hour ago of Pennington Bay, one of our favorite walking beaches, but not today, very wild and windy and quite spectacular, it is on the south side of the Island and we are on the north, but it is still blowing and the wind is quite ferocious.
The last photo is of the start of the decorations, I did manage to get them up last night.
We have done a shop in Kingscote today and visited some friends and are finally back for a well earnt rest.
More tomorrow when I hope I will have rested a bit, today wasnt exactly a rest!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My week in stitch

I have been so busy this week I can barely remember what I did and I also didnt do much that you could really stitch.
I ony managed one walk this week and that was around the farm to look at the ponies, pretty weird pony!
I went around and around on Tuesday, trying to sort out Christmas presents and wrap them as well as house stuff.
Wednesday I did more wrapping and a little bit of decorating and more baking, when will it ever stop!
John was sick all week so I also had to do the mail and paper run into Victor every day.
Thursday I could see some improvement and he tried to do stuff he shouldnt have, gotta love that man.
Friday I began to do a bit decorating for Christmas and finalising some small presents.
Saturday I had more baking to do, I seemed to do a turkey shuffle, around and back all day.
Sunday was a trip to Adelaide for my friend P's 80th Birthday with a lovely picnic in the park and catching up with old friends.
We were both very tired by the time we arrived home.
So my week in stitch, but who will know what it all means in the future!
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Rather busy

 I am rather behind with things but slowly getting there.
I havent done my daily stitch yet, I was a bit tired yesterday and today I have been on the go again.
Yesterday was a lovely picnic lunch in the park to celebrate my friend P's 80th Birthday, she isnt actually quite there yet as the actual birthday is the 24th but close enough. Here with her family.
It was a fun and joyous occasion and the food was good and the weather was brilliant.
John managed to drive up and back too so he is slowly on the mend.
today I delievered presents and had morning tea with friends who live about an hour away, two morning teas! but it was so lovely to feel I can drive again, and lovely to see them, it has been too long.
we are gearing up for 40 degree heat on Thursday, just when we head off for Kangaroo Island and with such lovely weather we have been having I am afraid the garden will suffer.
We are watering like mad and here is a gorgeous grouping just outside my workroom window.
the honey eaters have been visiting this fuchsia and loving it.
I am baking again and tomorrow I have several sets of biscuits to do and then I think I will have finished, I hope. I keep forgetting to take photos!!
I am also finally getting a few Christmas cards done, I think the overseas ones will be late, cant do everything and with such a horrid year it is amazing I am managing to get anything done. John being sick now hasnt helped either.
A few final deliveries on Wednesay, and the cat to the cattery, organising for those who will look after the house too, Oh gosh I hope I am still on my feet by then.
Then I will think abut packing for the Island.
I hope every one else is better organised than I am.
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This and that

 The mares and foals came in today, I had to go into town to get mail and papers and a few other odds and ends and couldnt get through the yard, I had to go through the paddocks.
My one opportunity to see some of them, this is not them all but a couple of lovely foals in there.
John is still in and out of bed and I feel a bit like death warmed up, he shivered and then got hot last night in bed, I should have moved out but was rather worried about him so didnt sleep well instead.
I just hope I dont get this nasty virus, some one said for some people it had gone on for 9 days.
I am still coughing from the cold he gave me.
My clematis has just gone on and on flowering, I suppose this damp weather is helping and for the first time ever my cactus in a pot on the front terrace is also flowering. Poor thing it gets terribly neglected but I like its cheerful yellow flowers and I see there are a lot more coming.
I have wrapped and sorted most of the Christmas presents, still some biscuits to make and really if the cat wasnt shedding hair all over the house I would be a happy chappie, but ... well some how I am not.

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Monday, December 09, 2013

My week in stitch and a walk

 So this week was a bit haphazard, Monday was Adelaide and a hair cut for me. Tuesday I was tired and made a  christmas cake, the first of five but some how trying to translate that into stitch doesnt seem to work.
Wednesday was a walk and a nother christmas cake, Thursday was a funeral for an old friend, and another christmas cake!
Friday I didnt bake, I shopped in the morning and went to the school where Millie goes end of year presentation, she was a roman soldier, and there was a nativity play, it was lovely and well done with the whole school taking part.
Saturday we both cooked, John made 10 mugs of pate and I made another christmas cake, we seemed to be in the kitchen all day but did manage a walk early in the morning.
Sunday, the last christmas cake was made, I also made some of these cute little polymer clay owl ornaments and did some gardening.
Whew what a week!!Tthis morning we went for a short walk as John had been getting cockles all day yesterday and his joints were aching so we did an easy walk around the caravan park near the mouth of the Inman river, havent been there for ages and I took a few photos, found these wonderful huge white poppies whose name I forget growing in a front garden just over the bridge on the river and had to take their photo, wish I could grow them but I have tried but they dont like my soil.
Loved the egret in the reeds.
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