Wednesday, August 25, 2021

This and that

I am not sure if I have used these photos or not. We have had a blast of winter lately and my body doesn't appreciate it. I seem to be continously tired. I am doing two on line classes, one that opens every month which I would be enjoying, yes I do, but at the moment it is about making clothes, from old clothes and since we left the farm and had a big clean out I don't have much to play with. The second is an 8 week, take at your own pace one that I am enjoying but am being very slow about it. The photo of some collage and drawing is from that. I am not terribly good at collage, never seem to get my head around it but I quite enjoyed doing this. We have walked but the tides have not been very cooperative. Went to see a whale, too far off to photograph and quite a long tiring walk for me. The garden thinks spring is not far off, a few sunny days with very cold mornings but there are flowering prunus in the streets near us, daffodils are nearly over and I treated myself to a small flowered yellow cymbidium orchid at the local orchid show. I have applied to another on line course which I hope will keep me sane, sewing pods with Dianne Cevaal. What would I do without on line courses at the moment. This wretched virus is not going away and although we are not in lock down in this state, those around us are and I have the uneasy feeling I is just waiting to hit us again. At least we are fully vaccinated and don't live in a large city. It makes me feel uneasy.