Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adelaide this morning and more 'stuff'

 I went up to the Quilt show in Adelaide this morning to see Dale and Ian of the Thread Studio, lovely to catch up with them both its been a while, and do a little bit of retail therapy. I had to park the car in a place I have never parked before, under the Convention Center, but the lift took me up to a lovely area of garden by the River torrens, the one over looking the Torrens shows the work going on at the poor old Adelaide Oval, upgrades!! They are the first two on the left. Below them is the lovely bird that I bought in the Melville island shop, he spome to me.
In the center is the lovely painting we bought out at Oenpelli done by our guide and aboriginal elder Simon Bedari, a lovely man and hos work was brilliant.
On the right are some of the books and pamphlets I bought, I am having a lovely time with them and the basket ones are brilliant.
I hope if you click twice they will enlarge enough for you to see them.
Off to have an afternoon tea, watch the final of the football and make dinner.
I am filling my days at the moment.
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Friday, September 28, 2012

A short break from the Darwin trip

 I decided that I needed to get some of these photos up, I took the flowers and the cutting of the silage yesterday while it was warm and still. Today it is cold and damp and windy.
Had to add a photo of the chooks as well but it is hard to take their photo as they like to stand around close to me.
I am not sure how well these will come up when you double click on them but apart from lots of weeds there are flowers in odd places. The blue iris is almost over and the dutch iris are at their peak. The tamarisk is looking its usual lovely pink and the wisteria is showing off, and so is the peacock. I think the quince blossom is in there but I am not sure what else. We had 6 mm of rain which is the most we have had in one day in September, a big worry and we just hope we get more rain in the next few weeks.
I didnt think that I had added the vintage lace cuff but somehow it wanted to be in on the act. Made from a very old hand towel with vintage lace and tatting on it. A fun thing to make while I was away.
John has just been out to try and cover the silage stack but the wind has got up and they were all very nearly blown away, so it has had to wait, a worry and annoying as the top grasses will dry out and blow away.
I have a horrible feeling it is going to be 'one of those years' where things dont go to plan.
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

a few more pictures of what I bought and saw.

 The top photo shows two twined baskets,the larger one I bought in Injalak and is made by Heather Nawirridj.
I do know that the little one is by a very well known basketmaker Roslyn Nayilibitj who is now 72, initially I bought it as it had the different dyes in it that are used. Such a nice  small thing and lovely to have.
She is also part of the Injalak art center.
There are also 2 sets of clap sticks, one painted and one polished wood, that one I bought at the markets.In the bowl are three strands of beads, one a shell one and one just seeds and one seeds but some are painted. Loved them.
Next is a painting I bought by RayFrith, just loved the colours and the way it reminds me of the country we flew over on the way to Darwin.
My favorite piece of weaving, a stingray made byAlison Gunanjguwanj which I bought at the Maningrida Art outlet in Darwin, lovely stuff there.
Finally the lovely door on a ute parked next to us with the Brolgas painted on it. I just had to take a photo.
We saw Brolgas in the distance, once I saw Brolgas here on our farm, a long time ago, now they are more confined to the tropics I think.
Off to bed, it has been very warm today and tomorrow they promise high winds and thunder and if we are lucky some rain.
Had a huge day today, shopping and up to collect oysters, I seem to have done nothing but drive.
Thanks to all who have commented, I havent finished with Darwin yet!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A few things from our trip

 The top photo shows what I made in Mary Hettsmanspergers class, mostly small samples to remember what we were taught although the little bird was fun and my design, well they were all mine but he was a little different. Using different connections, and different ways of making colour.
Double click to enlarge.
Next are three different dilly bags, all pandanus I think but showing different methods, the first made by a young girl, Amanda Djorlom, I love this different weave and the use of colour. I bought this at the markets at Parap on Saturday morning
The next came from Elcho Island and unfortunately the place I got it from didnt know the maker, such a pity as it is a lovely string bag and again the use of the coloured dyes is so good. I got it from a new shop at Northcliff called Aboriginal arts of NT, I think that was the name.
The third I bought in Oenpelli (Gunbalanya) at the wonderful Injalak arts and Crafts Center. beautifully knotted by Lillian Guymala.
I was so sad when we wwere there that I didnt get to see the women weaving and be able to talk to them about the dyes they use, but I did find a good book, of course none of them, or the pandanus is available down here.
I will put up a few each day this week of the stuff I bought. I am wading through so much information, it is almost like being back there again.
Looking at the wonderful book I bought I could buy so many more baskets, I am so glad I finally bought it, I will do more on that later.
Do you suspect that I love baskets?
Today the weather here is foul, hot and very windy, I can hear the small gum nuts off the lemon scented gum banging on the roof. Of course I went out with Max and came in hardly able to breathe, The dreaded hay fever has struck again!
Off to get some ironing done as I cant go outside.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Yesterday morning as we were leaving

 I had to go around E's wonderful garden taking photos, it is a magic place, 24 years in the making and this was just close and around the house.
My final sot was of a very brown and dry Darwin airport, if you can find it in the collage.
I loved the use of water and the tinkling sounds, the wind chimes, the bells the little bats live in, the magnificent palms, just a delight to be in and around.
W and E were fantastic hosts and we would never have seen or gone to as many places if they hadnt taken us.
I was surprised to find I hadnt put on as much weight as I thought, but all the aches and pains I lost in the heat have come back, it was only 11 degrees when I went in to collect the cat at 9.30 this morning.
I am slowly getting washing done and unpacking all the lovely things I bought, photos later.
I would hate the humidity and wet but I didnt find even the 38 degrees out around Kakadu too bad, but then I wasnt working, I was walking and looking and seeing so much, and I could retreat to an airconditioned car or room. The humidity was certainly going up in the last couple of days.
I havent unpacked the workshop stuff either, after tomorrow as I have a trip to Adelaide then.

The best holiday ever, so much to see and do and now to sit back, eventually and take it all in.
Thank you so much E for inviting us and W for being such an attentive host ( well both of you really but have to get you both in!)
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Last full day

I find that I havent taken a lot of photos today, we went to Parap markets and I bought but everything is put away, went a bit mad, but I will have lovely stuff to take photos of when we get home, which isnt until late tomorrow.
We went to lots of galleries, the best was called
framed, and several aboriginal outlets, bought more bags.
What I did take photos of was the paspali pearls door,. parliament house, and a decoration on a tree in the city.
We went to an orchid garden and nursery, this was just one orchid I liked.
At the moment outside a tiny frog is making a huge noise! It is night and very warm and humid still.
the last is the Australian Bustard there were a pair in the garden and I managed to get a photo, so pleased about it as I doubt I will ever see another.
John is muttering at me so I will close this now, probably not back until Monday.
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Friday, September 21, 2012

the last few days

 Best news was that I found my camera! Sooo pleased. It had fallen out of my bag as i got out of the car and amazingly no one had run over it.
So I had the shots of sun set and Mary Hets taking a photo of it, shots of us at breakfast by the lily pond and one of the mad birds, an orange footed scrub fowl or some such. A bat that is sleeping well normally but this time it was out of the bell, me taking a photo of the lovely work Jasmine does, she was in our class but also has a studio, oh I want a studio!!
Jan Mary and Estelle, last day of class.
today we have walked our fweet off at the art gallery and museum and the war museum.
The tide was out today, the night of the sun set it was high.Very big tidal variations.
Last night we went to the Mindle(not sure of the spelling!) markets, lots of fun.
Just had a dip in the pool and we are out for dinner - again. Could get used to this life/
Have a great week end.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The first photos were taken in Litchfiels Park on our way through to Howard springs where we are staying. Loved the
crockodile explanation. I think this was wangi Falls.
John being John wasnt going back the same way so we went on the dirt, very rough and dusty!
I have lost my camera, we went out to see the sunset in Darwin, John may have some on his phone, had dinner by the beach, such fun and it was beautiful, we even saw a dingo.
Went down to the docks and I know I had my camera there as I took photos but not now. Luckily I packed the old one but I am very sad.
Having a great class.
More if and when I have time!
John is off fishing and it was a very early start.
The Last photos were taken on our wonderful dinner cruise on the Katherine river, reccomend it to any one it was fabulous.
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jaburu to Katherine

 We had a really long day yesterday, went out early to the Anbangbang billabong, lots of birds and waterlillies, and warnings of crocodiles by the walking track, so I was pretty careful. It has been so hot 37 to 38 degrees most of the time during the day and not much cooler at night.
Then we went to see the start of the Mahbilil aboriginal festival at Jabiru, lots of stalls and lovely art and 'stuff' I came away with another small basket but it had almost all the colours of the dyes they use on the pandanus, made by a very old lady I was told, a very special little basket, and a print of a long necked tortoise done in a special print workshop by a student at the school.
We then headed down to Katherine, a long dry smokey trip with the vegetation changing as well as the rocks.
Finally found our way to the Nitimuk chalets, in the campground airconditioned and fine for what we want and the steak we had from the kiosk by the poolside was the best we have had. So tired we fell into bed early and were up relatively early this morning to look at the Katherine river and have a short but hot and rough walk, only about an hour.
tonight we are going on the river cruise with a meal.
we had a very acceptable lunch ande have crashed!The wallaby was by our cabin this morning, there are lots of them around, the snake is a black headed python which was in the information center.Leaf litter and ant hills.
Double click to enlarge, sorry P too many photos to put up individually.
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Today we saw....

 Rock art, oenpelli, brolgas and we didnt climb a bloody great hill in 37 degree heat.That is the hill second from the top on the left. Double click to enlarge.
we went out to Arnhem land to climb this hill and see the rock art there but today, suddenly mens business was going on so we couldnt go. I would love to see the art but think the hill and the heat may have been too much for me.
We went over the east alligator river and there were people fishing off the ford and we saw 3 huge crocodiles in the water right near them These big crocs are terribly dangerous and people have been taken from there
.I bought some lovely stuff at Oenpelli, a dilly bag and a basket and several books and a lovely painting by Simon, whose hands you can see describing how he makes a brush for the very fine cross harching on the painting he was showing us. Fascinating.
The rock art we did see and the best so far was late in the afternoon when we went out to Nourlangie, still hot but such interesting stuff.
I am tired and tomorrow is another big day as we head down to Katherine.
Sorry I could expand on this but John wants the computer.
Have a good week end.
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Crockodiles, lillies and birds

 This morning we drove out to join the yellow water cruise at Cooinda.
We took the 9am one as the breakfast one was just too early. We were so glad we did as we saw things the earlier one hadnt including buffalo. I also saw a fesh water stingray which apparently is pretty unusual. Sorry this is in italics I am not sure how to turn it off.
Any way it was hot but a brilliant cruise and so exciting to see what we did.
Called into the two aboriginal interpretive centres, brilliant but no photos allowed and I really would have liked a booklet on them but nothing to be seen.
think we will go and look at rock art later this afternoon Now how did that happen? I must have hit something.
Trouble with using the lap top I am not used to the key board.
Any way tired but fascinated by it all.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

across the red Center of Australia to the Northern Territory and Kakadu

A very long day many thanks to P who looked after us last night and then an early start for the airport, a 3 1/2 hour flight to Darwin and after collecting a car and calling in to friends, another 3 or so hours driving.
but we are here safely, very tired it is very hot but bearable, and interesting things are ahead of us.
I loved the photos I took from the plane and the pink lotus and birds I took on the way. Lots more to show but...

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Monday, September 10, 2012

A busy day

 I have been packing for Darwin, organising the last minute things and realising that actually we have a day and night in Adelaide tomorrow!
I walked around the garden first thing this morning and took photos just in case by the time we get home it will be all over.
The wisteria is about to come out and some of the bulbs are looking good and the big plum tree in the orchard is in full flower.
The native dendrobiums are all about to flower, a lot of the big dendrobium speciosum are out alread, that is the one with the long white inflorescence.
A crow called to me as I went to walk Max, they think they should be able to eat the dog food.
Double click to see a larger picture.
A trip into Victor to get mail and papers and I bought a new pair of linen pants and a top to take with me. Have to have something new!
Cant remember if I said that yesterday we ended up with Champion show hunter pony, the little mare worked well and there was huge excitement in the camp or team Rivington as they are known.. Her name is Rivington Royal Hiccup as she was born while the girls were at a Royal a few years ago and I had to deal with it all.They also ended up winning the pair of ponies with another little grey pony.
John has appeared to do things to this computer which is going with us so I have to get off it!
Better go or he wont be pleased with me. Any way I have to leave lists for the house sitter.
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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Adelaide Royal Show

We were up early this morning and off to Adelaide Royal by 8 am.
 One would think we only looked at flowers! I was there in time to see one of our ponies get a 2nd in the novice hunter and was told one we had sold was 1st in the open, so great news for our stud. Lovely for those who rode them too, apparently two of our young riders got 3rds in their rider classes yesterday too. Fantastic for a 6/7 year old and a just 8 year old.
The flowers were lovely and I loved some of the designs that had been put together for gardens.
I did go and look at the poultry, noisy and a little disapointing this year, hardly any of the breed I am interested in were there.
Had a quick look at my nephews partners dogs, sharpei today, the pugs are not on until Monday so I wont see them.
The wood chopping was just finishing but I took a photo any way, and I passed the cattle jusging but it is all under cover and rather dark so took these being prepared outside.
Had to get a bit of some of the side shows but in sideshow alley there were too many people but this little group by the exit were not so full of people, and probably not doing as well!!
Double click to enlarge.
We went in to see the Fred Williams exhibirion at the Art Gallery, a wonderful collection of his painbtigs, there may be more of him later as I bought the book and want to read it.
Home calling into see Tab and the new foal, and to give Millie her tiger hats, I also bought one for Mason but his is a leopard, they are all the rage this year at the show and were quite fun and the sort of thing Grandmother/great grandmother should buy although John seems to think they were an expense we didnt need. Men! Forgot to take a photo of Millie in hers.
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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Wild and windy walk this morning

 Wow I think picasa loading to blogger has been fixed! It would be nice if they let you know.
We had a terrible day yesterday and the winds although not as strong are still there, I nearly lost my footing walking down the hill in the house paddock this morning as the wind suddenly gusted to a much stronger level than it had been.
The weather bureau tells us that the low is higher than normal and we havent had this sort of weather for 10 years. At least they are not telling us that it is unprecedented. To those of us in our 70's there is nothing new regarding weather.
My new foal seems to have survived the night, well I suppose Welsh Mountains should be used to awful weather but the only paddock available to her hasnt a lot of shelter.
It is so wet, we have had another inch or so of rain in the pasdt couple of days and the races are full of slippery mud and ruts full of water that almost go over the top of my rubber boots so getting around to see the mares is not easy.
That plus the fact that I cant see terribly well doesnt help.
The paddock where the little grey stallion is has a dam in it and also the black wattles which are in flower and a golden willow that is just bursting its buds.
His is a sheltered paddock but not safe for new foals. I also put up a female kangaroo with a large joey in her pocket but we both didnt see each other until the last moment and she was off and I was telling Max not to chase, so no chance of a photo. There was also a little grebe on the dam but the only photo I got wasnt good enough, it spent most of its time under the water.
I have a busy day ahead so off to get some jobs done now I have had a short rest from fighting the mud on the track to get back inside. Thank goodness at the moment for the walking stick which acts as a third leg and a stabilising unit.
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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

On line paper doll class

I did a lovely 5 day on line class with Carla Sonhiem a few weeks ago, it took me a while to get it all together but it was a fun exercise using cardboard cereal boxes etc. I thought I would put up a few photos, well one photo but I managed to get two up. It has been a simply awful day, gale force winds, trees down and a foal born in the middle of it. He is ok but I will be glad when this wind stops. I have just burnt the green veg we were going to have for dinner as a friend rang, oh well there are always frozen peas.