Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Small stitchery and morning walk

I have been working on this small stitchery for months, all hand done, even the squares. It was my go to when I didnt feel like doing anything else. Bits of old linen towel, running stitched to the backing and then free done embroidery stitches on top. Great fun to do, think I might start another as I always like to have something easy to take places to stitch. We had a short walk on the cliffs between Petrel's and Depp's. sand being washed in and out, a bit more on the beach. A lovely morning for walking, we left home in sun with very few clouds and came home in rain. One of those days. I washed and it has alternately been blown almost dry and then dripped on.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I knitted a lamb, George on a chair and photos of this mornings walk

My leg is still playing up and a long walk was not possible but I rather liked this short one we did along the edge of the Inman River to the mouth. I knitted this little lamb from a free pattern by Frankie Browne, easy and cute, there may be more. George was looking a bit scruffled on the chair but I havent taken his photo for a while and thought I should as he is heading for 1 year old. The weather was wet and damp this morning, low cloud on the hills and ducks flying low over the road. They are looking for nesting places and we dont want to kill one. Spine bills by the back door this morning looking for nesting materials, pinching bits from my hanging baskets, I tried for a photo but they flew off when I moved. I feel a bit annoyed as walking is so painful and there are things I want to do, perhaps tomorrow will be better.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Wet in the garden

It rained in the night, my leg is still painful so no real walk although I did go between showers and took a couple of photos, the winter buddlea is flowering, and perfuming the garden. I think this osteospermum is called black widow, interesting colour and shape of flowers and the little pink azalea I bought from Woolies last year is flowering well by the path to the back door. I have been re potting a heap of succulents and moving some indoors as it is still so wet outside. I am dying to get out and plant a few plants I have in pots in a new piece of bed I want something in near the clothes line I hope we get a bit more sun soon but I really dont min d the rain. We dont want it to stop early and go into summer heat yet. Almost September, I do not look forward to summer much these days, if only we had mild damp winters and mild warm with some rain summers. I am dreaming.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Parson's and Waitpinga beaches this morning

I seem to have pulled a tendon or something on the back of my leg and am having problems walking distances so this morning we went over to look at Parson's beach, it had altered quite considerably since the last time we were here, the stron g winter storms have exposed rocks on the beach where I have never seen them before and the waves were coming right up to the for dunes. The same thing had happened at the western end of Waitpinga, although there are always a few rocks there. All quite interesting, Parsons is the first couple of sea photos and waitpinga the last. We walked along the cliff a bit and some of the coastal eucalypt is flowering well and on another bush was a lovely golden bee, if you can see him/her. We looked it up and its seems its common name is teddy bear bee, looked rather a lovely golden lion colour to me.They are a native, solitary and dig burrows. When I came home I picked a piece of brown boronia which is by the back door and is smelling absolutely gorgeous and put it in with the yellow freesia on the kitchen table. So apart from not being able to walk far a good morning.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Wandering at Pt Elliot, and whales.

Sorry no photos of whales, they were there, about four I think, maybe a female and calf and a larger one. My little camera doesnt take very good whale photos and I am always too slow when a fin, head or tail appear. We dont seem to have many whales this year, I think the dirty water from the amount of rain we have had this winter has put them off and also we have had weeks of rough water so if they were there you couldnt see them. It was a sudden decision to go over and walk the point, I find the path rather challenging these days and we were surprised when we saw the number of cars, I did say perhaps there are whales, and yes, in two different places. We really go to walk but it is always a thrill to see them. A lovely morning too. I didndt just take sea photos either, love the yellow yam daisy and the textures and colours. We also saw a very angry tern dive bombing a pair of Pacific gulls. Possibly a dead seal, not sure about that, and lots of people on a walk where usually we see very few. Lovely to get out though. I also came back from the market with a couple of plants and looked in on the orchid show. bought a yellow epidendrum, or that is what I was told it was. Hope it keeps going although I dont see why not. Oh yes and some lovely scallops to put in the freezer for Christmas. They were fresh yesterday and if I dont get them now there will not be any later. Actually we had a very sea food meal last night, 1/2 doz oysters each, naturel, and some mussels I did in a tomato/ sort of sauce (actually it was left over sauce from first mango chicken, then sausages in that plus a can of tomatoes, that used with a bit of mussel juice and white wine with fresh baked bread and butter. Fit for Royalty.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Mares and foals this evening

Sorry they are all a bit far away, they have only just been moved in here, a few little problems with the foals and much safer back here where we can keep an eye on them. So far 3 colts and a filly. A help call early this morning meant John and I had to go up the back and try to help, not that we are much use, but the foal had walked away from the mare and she was trying to mother her afterbirth, so into the stables they had to come for a few hours while they managed to mother up and he learnt to drink a nice big healthy foal like the other two Section B's by the stallion awe were lucky enough to borrow from a friend. I think there are 9 more to foal, only one Section B left and the rest are little Welsh A's. So a busy day.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mouse, sea and around the garden.

I have finished this little mouse using Briony Jennings photos as the base for them I dont think I have done them the way she does but I am having fun. Another is on the way. We walked on the beach this morning, a flat sea but the beach has changed and is sloping so difficult for my knee and Johns hips, maybe not so much beach walking for a while. I wandered around the garden, so many weeds and I am upset that I really cant get to them but my body rebels and there isnt any one else. The big dendrobium speciosum out on the front terrace are going to have a big flowering year this year, still coming out. The early blossom is out, various flowers hidden away and a pot full of succulents that is doing well outside. Love my pots. We had another foal last night, a Section B welsh black filly, dramas as she was a maiden mare, not her problem but the foal didnt want to drink so S had a busy night until finally it got the idea. That is 3 foals so far, 2 colts and a filly, a very nice little Welsh A colt, might be a keeper to replace his sire who is getting old. More foals to come in the next few days.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Busy day

Cant say I really did an enormous amount but I am soo tired. Two walks in one day. One on the beach and another to see another new foal, that paddock is up a hill and far away and as soon as I got there she took off so only a baby in the distance, so took a photo the tree leaning over the fence, I also saw a fox who was too fast for my camera and Max gave chase but he is too slow. I re arranged the succulents in the sun room to get more sun.I am still working on my mouse, one arm to go and to cover his tail and add a bit more here and there, eyes. Oh and some washing done, I suppose it is a fair amount but I have got other things that need doing. Painted a mouse. Now to think about dinner. Or perhaps a quick snooze.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Gorgeous morning

Almost felt like early summer, but there is a way to go yet. Lovely walk along the beach near Kent reserve and then on the way home a photo taken from the road of the amount of sand washed around the shore of the Back Valley creek, could be good turtle nesting area later on. At home a few of the shells and an egg casing (ray?) in a bowl. I have no doubt George (cat) will probably take them all to play with later on. He loves playing with shells and then hiding them under the hearth rug. At last I feel like doing some cleaning and tidying, after what seemed like a long cold and wet, (normal?) winter the days are lengthening and its time to prepare inside and out. Have a lovely day, I intend to.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Walking at home this morning

We had the first foal of the season born this morning, not sure if its a filly or a colt but always exciting. John and I walked up the very steep hill behind the house, it was damp and a bit overcast. To think I once used to race up this hill with no problems. Now I tackle it with a stick and frequent rests. It was lovely to get up there and see the in foal mares and the green paddocks, even if some of them are now no longer ours. I have been sorting through some books and took some over for Millie and Mason, natural history books and references for birds and plants I thought they might find useful. Millie tells me she has glasses and it makes reading a lot easier. So glad they have sorted out that problem.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pt Elliot this morning

We havent walked for a while, not a decent walk any way, and I had missed it. The sea was quite spectacular too. We have had some wild weather and finally this is showing up here along the south coast.Those lovely South African aloes are in flower, always such a bright spot along the coast in winter. People have a thing about introduced plants but plants are always evolving and something to brighten up a dreary winter day is always to be appreciated. We came home, I put a load of washing on the line, windy and bright blue sky and then it rained! Not really a problem as they are now inside on the clothes horse. I am trying to make a mouse, its not working very well. Back to the drawing (sewing) board.