Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Little rabbit has a dress

I have finally finished my rabbits dress. My arthritic fingers have not been working well so took me far longer than it should have. Wondering about knitting her a collar, I have a pattern so will think about it. Now that winter is here I am slower than ever but we are managing the usual morning walks. Not as far as I would like but the beach is rather restricted both with tides and sea weed build up. I think I am becoming a rather boring old woman. I do a lot of reading, thank goodness for my Kindle. I am also trying to do a bit of sketching most days. Really more of a doodle but it keeps me amused. There are more of these zygopetalum orchids coming out. I love this really dark one. They have an amazing perfume too.

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

New rabbit finally finished

I have finally got this one together. Now is it a boy or girl? I think a girl but I am not madly keen on knitting dresses. I will think about it for a day or two. Today has been wet and cold although we did manage a short beach walk. Short because the tide was high and I was not walking well, this weather is playing merry hell with my aches. We had 19.7 mm to 9 am and more rain since, well up to an inch in the old language and the biggest rain in 8 months. About time as it is getting later and layer for crops. 7 degrees at 10 am this morning and John said we had snow clouds. I hope my aches get better soon, I need to walk.

Monday, June 07, 2021

A late afternoon drive along the coast

I got cold and a bit wet taking these photos, we had a very windy day, then a very noisy thunderstorm with a lot of heavy rain. I was up early for a bloodtest which put me out for the rest of the day. I have finished sewing together a knitted rabbit, photo tomorrow. Saw our younger son, so lovely to see him. It is his birthday, he has been very busy seeding and looking forward to a few days break.

Saturday, June 05, 2021

The last rose and some pots.

Not a good day. Not sure if it was because of the long car trip yesterday but today at times I have been in agony with my back so apart from a short walk on the beach and calling in to the market to get some fish I have not done a lot. Just tried to survive. The last few roses before the bushes are pruned, they have been lovely this year. Do love my pots.

Friday, June 04, 2021

Not exactly finding my free spirit.

Yesterday was the start of a free taster on line class with Louise Fletcher. I am not really an abstract painter and I don't use acrylics a lot but I needed something to do. I really like the idea of using a limited palet and dividing a large sheet of paper into 6. My tape is old and was not terribly cooperative. I was too heavy handed with the paint but it has started me thinking. I may have a go at this with watercolour on smaller paper. The first photo is one way up, not over impressed and the other the other way. I can see a bit of potential in some of these. All about having fun.

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Kings Beach yesterday.

My back/hip are killing me. I am obviously into my winter aches. We haven't had much rain and the nights have been cold, down to 1 degree the other nights. I am trying to do some doll making and have started on a short week long course of painting. I will give it a try but am not sure about doing abstracts. Crawling around is not much fun. Still I have made a casserole which is in the oven for tonight and I am sure it will last for tomorrow as well. Our haircuts will be on Friday then on Saturday it is small Nathan ( great grand child) 2nd birthday. How time flies. I look forward to seeing them all. John cut back the sage bushes that the honey eaters love and they are not pleased! For this online class I have tidied up my outside painting table and gesso ed two large sheets of watercolour paper. Not being sure what we are doing is rather interesting but I have plenty of paper etc.