Monday, August 31, 2020

Poking around in the garden.

Yesterday Sarah took me to Adelaide for the AGM of our State Regional Promotion Group where I was to give a talk in my involvement with both the parent Welsh body and the local one, this spans back for 40 odd years so was I think a bit of an eye opener for some. Any way I survived it but it did become a long tiring day. Today I recovered. The garden is coming together and with the occasional warm day things are looking reasonable. I have just made a chicken casserole I haven't made before sometimes it is nice to have a change.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Yesterday, walks and over at Tabbys

fYesterday we walked the beach, did a drive around and went over to Tabbys late as it was her Johns birthday. Jessica the kangaroo was there with her joey and their bull dog. The waterfall was running well. On the beach we had a better walk as the sea weed has moved a bit and the clouds were quite impressive. Not much rain but plenty the day before. Cold and I am having to rug up. My sugar levels have been playing up and I am on a different insulin, just makes me tired all the time but at least the beach walks have been lnger. I am supposed to walk but at the moment it is not keeping things under control. I must nopt be impacient but see how it goes in a week or so.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Around the town yesterday

Still cold, wet and windy. I took these photos yesterday as we drove around the town, and there are 2 little additions. Well only one, the christmas deer sitting next to his friend the fox. I can find the photo icon on the main pc but not on my tablet. I though this new blogger was going to be better and easier to use on a phone or tablet. I guess like all things they, like me are too old. I am finding this weather a bit difficult, we walked on the beach this morning but the sea weed has piled up again and the sea was rough and surging so only a short walk. Every time I thought I might go outside it rained on me. I think it will warm up later on in the week. I hope so.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

This and that

It is still cold and damp. Walks have been happening and a few flowers have been gathered from the garden to brighten things up. Mostly I have been knitting little animals and their clothes. The latest is a little deer who is looking forward to Christmas in his red scarf and pants and a white jumper. Next will be to finish a rabbit but my arthritic hands need a rest. I have been enjoying reading some of Val Mcdairmids books. Our Woolworth order has just arrived, better go and put it away.l can't find insert image thingy bother bother.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A grumble.

 I really am having problems trying to figure out this new blogger. I do wish these young IT boys would just leave well enough alone so that thos3e of us over 80 could just quietly do what we have always done. A pox on them.  still managing to walk with very achy joints. Port Elliot late yesterday afternoon, if I can manage to get the photos up.

Friday, August 07, 2020

This mornings walk.

 I am not sure how this new version of blogger works. I am using text first, then see if I can add photos. Not quite as cold as yesterday on our beach walk, but cold enough.